Ore man gets 4 12 years in student loan scam

first_imgTACOMA — Federal prosecutors say an Oregon man who devised a student loan scam and preyed on Russian immigrants in financial difficulties has been sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for bank fraud.The U.S. attorney’s office says the loss from the scheme exceeds $900,000.Prosecutors say 35-year-old Alexander Sviridiuk of Happy Valley, Ore., was sentenced Tuesday in Tacoma, Wash.Court records say he advertised in the Russian immigrant community, saying immigrants could get cash by applying for student loans, without needing to actually go to college. He and his cousin applied for loans, saying each immigrant planned to attend Washington State University or the University of California at Irvine. Email registration was used to convince the bank funding the loan that the person was enrolling in school. Once the money was delivered, the applicant would quickly withdraw. Sviridiuk took a percentage of the loan money.He was convicted last October. His cousin has pleaded guilty.last_img read more

Deputies arrest 2 after Keys drug bust

first_imgKEY WEST, FLA. (WSVN) – Deputies in the Florida Keys arrested two men, Monday, after noticing the men acting suspiciously.Officials said 29-year-old Jacob Ortiz and 23-year-old Matthew Myers are now behind bars after deputies reportedly noticed their 2013 Volkswagon Jetta pulling into the loading dock of a CVS in Big Pine Key.Their Jetta was then searched by deputies who found marijuana, LSD, cocaine and heroin inside.Myers was also charged with giving a false name to police.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Boil water notice issued for parts of Lauderhill after water main break

first_imgLAUDERHILL, FLA. (WSVN) – City officials have issued a precautionary boil water notice for parts of Lauderhill after a water main ruptured.Officials said Florida Power and Light crews working in the area accidentally caused the break in the area of Northwest 26th Street and State Road 7, Sunday.Homes at risk include the following areas:Northwest 41st Avenue from the 2300 block to the 2500 block.Northwest 26th Street from State Road 7 to U.S. 441.State Road 7 from the 2400 block to the 2700 block.Officials advised residents in the affected areas to bring all water used for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth or washing dishes to a roiling boil for at least a minute.The boil water notice will remain in effect until the problem has been corrected and bacteriological tests show the water is safe to drink.Residents may call 954-730-4225 for additional information.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Plastic Bag Ban ReOpened By Homer City Council

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Homer City Council, with the passage of Ordinance 18-43, will again address a ban on thin, single-use plastic bags within the city of Homer. Public hearings on the ordinance will be held October 8 and October 15 with a second hearing and vote scheduled for October 22. Homer’s council approved an initial ban on retailers providing plastic bags of 2.25 mils in 2012 and the language in the most recent Ordinance 18-43 is essentially the same with provisions added to allow exceptions such as plastic bags used for frozen food and/or produce. A citizen’s initiative to overturn the city’s bag ban in 2013 was successful by a sizable margin of 56 to 44 percent, resulting in the removal of the city-wide, plastic bag ban. The Homer City Council approved Ordinance 18-43, stating:An Ordinance of the City Council of Homer, Alaska Prohibiting Sellers from Providing Buyers with Single-Use Plastic Disposable Shopping Bags. Council person Caroline Wenuti introduced and sponsored the current ordinance and voicing environmental concerns and the growing research on microplastics on seafood. The Homer City Council approved moving forward with public hearings on the proposed ban of plastic bags on Monday at the city council meeting; electing to re-open an issue which has generated a ban and a repeal initiative, all in the past six years.last_img read more

UFO spotted above Berlin airport researcher considers it proof of alien existence

first_imgUFO Sightings DailyAn image that shows a UFO hovering above the skies of Brandenburg airport in Berlin is now the hottest debating point among alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. The image was submitted by the eyewitness to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) after he spotted something circular hovering in the skies while taking a photo from the TV Tower in Berlin.As the image went viral, popular conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring analyzed them and claimed that this sighting is indisputable proof of alien existence. Waring also argued that UFO sightings have witnessed a steep rise in and around airports over the past few years and this indicates that aliens are visiting earth to monitor our activities.”Here is an interesting report from MUFON. A person took some photos and noticed a UFO on two of the photos. What looks like a ring UFO may be one solid craft with the top center having a dark tinted dome window area on it. The UFO moves its position when it notices the passenger jet approaching it. This makes me think there is a possibility of the UFO having shown up on airport radar. The UFO itself was probably hovering over Berlin Brandenburg Airport for a few minutes before it was forced to move out of the path of a jet. A lot of UFOs have been recorded over Airports over the years. I guess anything that flies has the newest and highest tech for safety reasons and that makes it worth investigating by aliens,” wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.In the website post, Waring revealed that the UFO could be more than 22 meters long. He also added that the UFO is equipped with camouflaging abilities so that it could stay unnoticed in the skies. Unfortunately, a video of this UFO sighting is not available yet.Even though the claims made by Waring used to get positive responses from alien enthusiasts, experts have always dismissed his claims stating that pareidolia is causing these visual hallucinations. As per experts, pareidolia is the peculiar capability of the human brain to form familiar images on unrecognizable patterns.The new UFO sighting was reported by Waring just a few hours after ÚFO Mania’, another popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel released a video that shows a bizarre flying object hovering near a mountain range in Venezuela. Interestingly, the UFO spotted in Venezuela emanated lights from all across its body and it apparently performed zig-zag movements while flying in the air. As the video went viral, several people claimed that this sighting is a strong sign that aliens from deep space are visiting the earth.last_img read more

SEBI grants conditional nod to RBL Bank IPO

first_imgRBL Bank, formerly known as Ratnakar Bank, has received the conditional approval from market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for its initial public offering. The bank filed its draft prospectus with the regulator in June 2015, and has received the primary approval in about 10 months. A source on condition of anonymity told the Mint that the bank hopes to get the final clearance soon so it may launch the IPO by September.”The bank has been in constant dialogue with the regulator and was asked to meet certain conditions. We expect to be compliant with the regulations very soon and accordingly get the approval,” a source was quoted as saying by the publication.The SEBI has asked the private sector bank to also offer its investors an additional exit option. This was because RBL had reportedly violated the “deemed public issue” norm under the Companies Act, the Business Standard reported.Under the Companies Act of 1956, a non-listed company was not allowed to issue securities to more than 49 investors in a financial year. Under the new revised Companies Act of 2013, the cap has been raised to a total of 200 investors.According to reports, the Kolhapur-based bank (RBL) is planning to raise about Rs. 1,100 crore through the proposed IPO wherein two of its existing shareholders namely Beacon India PE fund and Gpe (India) also plan to sell their holdings.”Sebi has given a nod if the buyback conditions are met,” a banker working on the IPO was quoted as saying by the Business Standard.[1 lakh = 100,000 | 1 crore = 10 million | 100 crore = 1 billion]last_img read more

Trump warns sacked FBI chief over media leaks

first_imgFBI Director James Comey during the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on Russian actions during the 2016 election campaign on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. AFP file photoPresident Donald Trump on Friday warned his sacked FBI director against “leaking” information to reporters, as the White House refused to deny that the president records his conversations with visitors.Capping a week in which Trump faced a slew of criticism for firing the man investigating his campaign’s possible ties to Russia, Trump told James Comey there could be retribution if he tells the press about their private conversations.“James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” Trump said, in a morning Twitter tirade that painted a picture of a president under siege and lashing out.Furious with the news coverage of the White House’s shifting explanations on Comey’s sacking, Trump suggested the media was wrong to expect his spokespeople to be 100 percent accurate.“As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy!” he tweeted.Trump then went on to suggest scrapping the traditional White House briefings that have existed in some form since the Woodrow Wilson administration almost a century ago.A briefing was nevertheless held Friday, and spokesman Sean Spicer pushed back against charges that the Republican billionaire president had threatened Comey.“That’s not a threat. He’s simply stating a fact,” Spicer said tersely. “I’m moving on.”When pressed about whether Trump recorded his conversations with Comey or others, Spicer responded: “The president has nothing further to add on that.”Trump’s bareknuckle comments immediately fueled fresh comparisons between his administration and that of disgraced president Richard Nixon, who famously recorded his conversations—a fact that sped his downfall during the Watergate scandal.“Presidents are supposed to have stopped routinely taping visitors without their knowledge when Nixon’s taping system was revealed in 1973,” tweeted presidential historian Michael Beschloss.Angry DemocratsCongressional Democrats fumed, with House Intelligence Committee vice-chairman Adam Schiff challenging Trump.“The president should immediately provide any such recordings to Congress or admit, once again, to have made a deliberately misleading—and in this case threatening—statement,” Schiff said.In his morning tweetstorm, Trump brought the issue back to Russia, referring to the assertion by the former head of national intelligence that Trump was, to his knowledge, not colluding with Moscow.“When James Clapper himself, and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch hunt, says there is no collusion, when does it end?” Trump tweeted.The White House initially asserted Comey’s dismissal had nothing to do with the Russian investigations, which continue to be an albatross around the neck of Trump’s presidency.Instead, they said, the president fired Comey on the advice of senior Justice Department officials including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who in a memo expressed concern about Comey’s handling of a 2016 probe into Trump’s election rival Hillary Clinton.But Trump shattered that explanation himself Thursday when he said he had always intended to fire Comey, and that his decision was linked to the ongoing investigation into his campaign’s Russia ties.‘Made up story’“When I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story,” Trump said in an interview with NBC on Thursday.The startling admission fanned suggestions Trump may be interfering with the investigation and promoted Comey allies to refute Trump’s account of events.The Comey controversy has rattled lawmakers across the political spectrum. In a bid to allay concerns, Senate leaders invited Rosenstein to brief all 100 senators next week.Rosenstein accepted, although the date was being finalized, a Senate aide said.The Senate Intelligence Committee invited Comey himself to testify Tuesday behind closed doors. But panel aides told AFP that Comey has declined.Trump told NBC that he had asked Comey on three occasions whether he was personally under investigation.“I actually asked him, yes. I said, ‘If it’s possible would you let me know, am I under investigation?’ He said, ‘You are not under investigation,’” Trump recounted, repeating an assertion made when the White House announced Comey’s firing Tuesday.US presidents are normally at pains to avoid any suggestion of interference or even commenting on ongoing investigations.The FBI typically does not confirm their existence.Noted legal scholar Laurence Tribe told AFP that if Comey did indeed answer Trump’s question, it would violate Department of Justice rules and “would be unthinkably unethical and unprofessional in this situation.”Trump also said that at the dinner, he and Comey discussed whether the US top cop would continue his 10-year term.Asking such a question “would come close to bribery… or at least obstruction of justice, which Comey would’ve had to be an idiot to fall for by offering the assurance sought,” Tribe said.last_img read more

Xbox Live Summer of Arcade 2011 begins nudges you to buy Kinect

first_imgMicrosoft has officially launched this year’s Summer of Arcade promotion for a series of blockbuster downloadable games on the Xbox Live Arcade platform. This year’s lineup holds two RPGs, an ambitious God game, the requisite 2D shooter with an indie twist, a sequel to a previous XBLA hit, and a port of the popular iPhone title Fruit Ninja. All in all, the selection is a mix across a variety of genres and levels of complexity promising a great deal of originality and color.Diving into the games, this week’s release is Bastion, an action RPG that’s the first release from new studio Supergiant games. The game was nominated for two IGF awards for its anime-inspired art style (pictured above) and its audio achievements for having a narrative delivered on the fly from a dynamic narrator. The game promises upgradeable weapons, 40 “hand-painted environments” and replay value from the RPG feature de rigueur, a New Game Plus mode.Out of this World creator Eric Chahi is back for From Dust, a “modern God game” where players control a primitive tribe hoping to recover ancient ancestors’ special powers. The “enemy,” if it can be called that, is Mother Nature herself. The game is the product of Ubisoft’s Montepellier studio and will be released next week.The week following will see the release of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, the first effort from Fuelcell Games. It’s a 2D shooter reminiscent of PixelJunk Shooter but with an even more colorful, indie-tastic art direction. The game is heavy on puzzles and ship upgrades and comes with online multiplayer modes as well.After that, in mid-August, comes Fruit Ninja Kinect, an XBLA port of the best-selling iPhone fruit slasher that has spawned a zillion clones. “Your arms are now blades,” reads the press blurb, as players will flail in front of their Kinect sensors to cut flying produce in half. The console version now includes Party Mode, a multiplayer tournament feature, as well as a Challenge mode.The promotion winds down with Toy Soldiers: Cold War, a follow-up to Signal Studios’ XBLA shooter from last year. Vehicles abound and toys explode in campaign, co-op, and competitive multiplayer modes.If players buy all five of the aforementioned games, they’ll receive a free download of Crimson Alliance, a four-player co-op dungeon crawler releasing outside the promotion in early September.Read more at Xbox.comBlake’s OpinionIt’s important to point out that a free download of Crimson Alliance, a game so highly anticipated that it can release outside Summer of Arcade, depends on the purchase of a Kinect game.There’s no reason to panic, as players can still purchase the dungeon crawling RPG on its own outside of the promotion. But if they want it for free, they’ve got five more games to purchase this summer.It is, in effect, a cute way of nudging hardcore gamers (the kind who purchase lots of XBLA games) to make sure they’ve got a Kinect. But for the continual skeptics, those who haven’t been swayed by children who want Kinectimals or by girlfriends who want Dance Central, a $10 game for free probably won’t push anyone over the edge.last_img read more

Science Fiction Really Hasnt Been Good to Women

first_img Netflix Axes ‘The OA’ Sci-Fi Series After 2 Seasons‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Becomes Mostly Harm… If you stop and think about it… Fifth Element is pretty creepy, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I love the film, but Leeloo is basically two weeks old when she gets with Bruce Willis’ character, Korben Dallas. Yeah, she’s wise and knows a lot, but she’s shown as woefully ignorant of just about every facet of modern society, and that creates an odd power imbalance. Leeloo relies on Dallas for shelter, food, and protection.A new video has been making the rounds, and it spends 20 or so minutes diving into this trope. The clip calls this trope “Born Sexy Yesterday,” and it’s surprisingly common in science fiction. Blade Runner, Tron: Legacy, Firefly, several times in each Star Trek series… I could easily go on. Thematically, the trope relies on a large power imbalance between a male hero and an adult woman who is “profoundly naïve and unimaginably wise.”Few tropes are ever copied wholesale, and this one is no exception. Variants are frequent, but most center on a woman who is central to the plot. Often because of her combat abilities, unique wisdom, or some special power. These women are powerful and to some degree self-sufficient, but they’re also criminally ignorant of the world and have only met or seen only a couple of men in their lives. That’s fine so far, but the lynchpin of the trope, like so many of the tropes of women in media, is sexualization. These women are developmentally akin to children but in the form of an adult. That gives a quick-and-easy bullshit excuse too. If a woman appears to be an adult, it doesn’t seem as wrong to sexualize her. But regardless of how old these characters look, the imbalance of power is still there. A child is a child whether they look it or not. We protect children not only because they can’t always defend themselves, but also because they can be manipulated easily. That’s why statutory rape is a thing, after all. If these stories took place in the real world, Korben Dallas and pals would be in jail.And that’s just it; speculative fiction often centers on schlummy, “normal” characters. This makes them relatable to most of us and also reveals a likely cause behind this trope’s overuse. After all, without any comparison, any man will seem amazing. They don’t have to compete or be genuinely good people; the men just have to exist.The video dives further into the topic than I can here, so I’d suggest you give it a watch when you have the chance. But, before you leave, I’ve got some closing thoughts. First, note that I said I still love a lot of films and TV shows. Just because there’s a ding against the plot doesn’t mean something’s bad. I’d hope everyone reading knows we can criticism a thing without tossing the whole thing out. Moreover, you’re not an awful person if you like these movies and no one is saying you are. It’s an interesting, and a little unnerving thing to think about. And like with any trope, when it’s overused, that’s a sign of lazy writing. I’d like to think we can all get behind more interesting, creative stories that don’t rely on what is essentially pedophilia in all but name. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Microsoft Windows Security Updates February 2019 overview

first_imgMicrosoft Windows Security Updates February 2019 overview by Martin Brinkmann on February 12, 2019 in Companies, Microsoft – Last Update: February 13, 2019 – 30 commentsMicrosoft has just released security updates and other updates for Microsoft Windows, Office, and other company products.The updates are available through automatic updating systems, update distribution systems, and also manual download.It is recommended that you read through our monthly overview of the Patch Day before you download and install any of the updates.Our overview includes information about all security updates, known issues, download links, and links to support articles that are useful when it comes to finding out more about certain updates released for systems and programs.Check out the January 2019 Patch Day here.Tip: Make sure you back up systems before you install updates, as updates may break things.Microsoft Windows Security Updates January 2019Download the following Excel spreadsheet to your computer if you want a detailed list of all security updates that Microsoft released today. Just click on the following link to download it to your system: Microsoft February 2019 Security Updates Master ListExecutive SummaryMicrosoft released security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows.The following Microsoft products received security updates as well: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, .NET Framework, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Azure IoT SDK, Microsoft Dynamics, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio CodeMicrosoft released Servicing Stack Updates for supported versions of Windows.The Update Catalog lists 208 updates for February 2019.Operating System DistributionWindows 7: 24 vulnerabilities of which 3 are rated critical and 21 are rated important.Windows 8.1: 25 vulnerabilities of which 3 are rated critical and 22 are rated important.Windows 10 version 1607:  28 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 25 are importantWindows 10 version 1703:  28 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 25 are importantWindows 10 version 1709: 29 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 26 are importantWindows 10 version 1803: 29 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 26 are importantWindows 10 version 1809: 28 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 25 are importantWindows Server productsWindows Server 2008 R2: 24 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 21 are important.Windows Server 2012 R2: 25 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 23 are important.Windows Server 2016: 28 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 25 are important.Windows Server 2019: 28 vulnerabilities of which 3 are critical and 25 are important.The critical vulnerabilities are all the same in all client and server editions:CVE-2019-0618 | GDI+ Remote Code Execution VulnerabilityCVE-2019-0626 | Windows DHCP Server Remote Code Execution VulnerabilityCVE-2019-0662 | GDI+ Remote Code Execution VulnerabilityOther Microsoft ProductsInternet Explorer 11: 3 vulnerability, 1 critical, 2 importantMicrosoft Edge: 21 vulnerabilities, 14 critical, 5 important, 2 moderateWindows Security UpdatesWindows 7 SP1KB4486563 — Monthly RollupHTTP Strict Transport Security Preload gets top-level domain support in Microsoft Edge and IE11.Plus all in security-only rollup.KB4486564 — Security-only RollupFixed an issue that prevented Microsoft Jet database files from opening.Security updates to Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Graphics, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Server, and the Microsoft JET Database EngineWindows 8.1KB4487000 — Monthly RollupHTTP Strict Transport Security Preload gets top-level domain support in Microsoft Edge and IE11.Plus all in security-only rollupKB4487028 — Security-only RollupFixed an issue that prevented Microsoft Jet database files from opening.Security updates to Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Graphics, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Wireless Networking, Internet Explorer, Windows Server, and the Microsoft JET Database Engine.Windows 10 version 1607KB4487026 — Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1607Fixed an issue that caused Microsoft Outlook search to fail.Fixed a file icon display issue in the taskbar.Fixed an issue the prevented the correct setting of the LmCompatibilityLevel value.Fixed the Microsoft JET database file access issue.Internet Explorer 11 layout recalculation optimization for server platforms.Added top-level domain support to HSTS Preload for Microsoft Edge and IE11.Fixed an issue that prevented Edge from connecting using an IP address.Security updates to Microsoft Scripting Engine, Internet Explorer, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Graphics, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows Input and Composition, Microsoft Edge, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Server, and the Microsoft JET Database Engine.Windows 10 version 1703KB4487020 — Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1703Same as KB4487017 for Windows 10 version 1803Windows 10 version 1709KB4486996 — Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1709Same as KB4487017 for Windows 10 version 1803Windows 10 version 1803KB4487017 — Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1803Fixed an issue the prevented the correct setting of the LmCompatibilityLevel value.Fixed the Microsoft JET database file access issue.Added top-level domain support to HSTS Preload for Microsoft Edge and IE11.Fixed an issue that prevented Edge from connecting using an IP address.Security updates to Microsoft Scripting Engine, Internet Explorer, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Graphics, Windows Input and Composition, Microsoft Edge, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Server, and the Microsoft JET Database Engine .Windows 10 version 1809KB4487044 — Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1809Addresses an issue that causes the Windows Hello for Business Hybrid Key Trust deployment sign-in to fail if Windows 2019 Server domain controllers (DC) are used for authentication.Fixed an issue the prevented the correct setting of the LmCompatibilityLevel value.Fixed the Microsoft JET database file access issue.Fixed an issue in Microsoft HoloLens that allowed users to bypass the lock screen sign in process.Security updates to Microsoft Scripting Engine, Microsoft Edge, Windows Server, the Microsoft JET Database Engine, Internet Explorer, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Graphics, and Windows App Platform and Frameworks.Other security updatesKB4486474 — Cumulative Security Update for Internet ExplorerKB4483449 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4483450 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4483451 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 4.6 for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008KB4483453 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4483454 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4483455 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008KB4483456 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4483457 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 for Windows Server 2008KB4483458 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5.1 for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2KB4483459 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4483468 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4483469 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4483470 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4.6 for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008KB4483472 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4483473 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4483474 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008KB4483475 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4.0 on WES09 and POSReady 2009KB4483481 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4483482 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 for Windows Server 2008KB4483483 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 3.5.1 for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2KB4483484 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4483485 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 on WES09 and POSReady 2009KB4483495 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 3.0 SP2 on WES09 and POSReady 2009KB4486463 — Fix for Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Windows Embedded POSReady 2009KB4486464 — Fix for Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Windows Embedded POSReady 2009KB4486465 — Fix for Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Windows Embedded POSReady 2009KB4486924 — Fix for security updates in Windows Embedded POSReady 2009KB4487019 — Windows Server 2009 SP2 Security-only update.KB4487023 — Windows Server 2009 SP2 Monthly Rollup update.KB4487025 — Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4487038 — Adobe Flash Player security updateKB4487078 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2KB4487079 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4487080 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4487081 — Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 4.5.2, 4.6 on Windows Server 2008KB4487085 — Security Update for WES09 and POSReady 2009 for x86-based SystemsKB4487086 — Security Update for WES09 and POSReady 2009KB4487121 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 3.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2KB4487122 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012KB4487123 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4487124 — Security Only Update for .NET Framework 2.0 for Windows Server 2008KB4487385 — Security Update for WES09 and POSReady 2009KB4487396 — Security Update for WES09 and POSReady 2009KB4483452 — Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7.2 for Windows 10 Version 1809, Windows 10 Version 1803, Windows 10 Version 1709, Windows 10 Version 1703, Windows 10 Version 1607, Windows 10 Version 1511, Windows 10 Version 1507, and Windows 10Known IssuesWindows 7, Windows 8.1Virtual Machines may fail to restore successfully after installing the update on AMD Bulldozer Family 15h, AMD Jaguar Family 16h, and AMD Puma Family 16h (second generation) architectures.Workaround: Shut down of virtual machines before restarting the host.Windows 10 version 1607 and Server 2016Lenovo laptops with less than 8 GB of RAM may fail to start.Workaround: Disable Secure Boot on the PC. If BitLocker is installed, you may need to use BitLocker Recovery.The cluster service may fail to start after installing KB4467684.Workaround: Set Minimum Password Length policy to “less than or equal to 14 characters”.SCVMM hosts may not be able to enumerate and manage logical switches deployed on the host.Workaround: Run mofcomp on Scvmmswitchportsettings.mof and  VMMDHCPSvr.mof.Windows 10 version 1803Some users may  not be able to pin web links on the Start menu or taskbar.Workaround: noneAlso, same local IP connecting issue as Windows 10 version 1809.Windows 10 version 1703, 1709, 1809Some users may not be able to load webpages using local IP addresses after installing KB4480116.Workaround: Add the local IP address to the list of sites in the Trusted Zone.Security advisories and updatesADV190003 | February 2019 Adobe Flash Security UpdateADV190007 | Guidance for “PrivExchange” Elevation of Privilege VulnerabilityADV990001 | Latest Servicing Stack UpdatesNon-security related updatesKB4486557 — Dynamic Update for Windows 10 Version 1507KB890830 — Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool – February 2019Microsoft Office UpdatesYou can read about the non-security Office updates released in February 2019 here. The list of security updates for Microsoft Office is available here.How to download and install the February 2019 security updatesWindows security updates are distributed via Windows Update, WSUS, and other update management systems that Microsoft supports.We don’t recommend that you run manual update checks as it may lead to the installation of beta updates or feature upgrades.Still, you may do so in the following way:Open the Start Menu.Type Windows Update.Click on the “check for updates” button to run a manual check.You may use third-party tools like the excellent Windows Update Manager or Windows Update Minitool to download updates.Direct update downloadsUpdates that Microsoft releases for supported versions of Windows are available on the Microsoft Update Catalog website as well. The links below lead directly to these downloads on the site.Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SPKB4486563 — 2019-02 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7KB4486564 — 2019-02 Security Only Quality Update for Windows 7Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2KB4487000 — 2019-02 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 KB4487028 — 2019-02 Security Only Quality Update for Windows 8.1Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 (version 1607) KB4487026 — 2019-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607Windows 10 (version 1703)KB4487020 — 2019-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703Windows 10 (version 1709)KB4486996 — 2019-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709Windows 10 (version 1803) KB4487017 — 2019-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803Windows 10 (version 1809) KB4487044 — 2019-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1809Additional resourcesFebruary 2019 Security Updates release notesList of software updates for Microsoft productsList of the latest Windows Updates and Services PacksSecurity Updates GuideMicrosoft Update Catalog siteOur in-depth Windows update guideHow to install optional updates on Windows 10Windows 10 Update HistoryWindows 8.1 Update HistoryWindows 7 Update HistorySummaryArticle NameMicrosoft Windows Security Updates February 2019 overviewDescriptionMicrosoft has just released security updates and other updates for Microsoft Windows, Office, and other company products.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

López Obrador announces no more privatization 750 billionpeso injection into Pemex

first_img“We are calling on workers, businessmen to help us rescue the oil industry and we have had a very good response,” commented López Obrador. López Obrador affirmed that Mexico’s oil policy will be changed to achieve better results, saying that they are analyzing a way to carry out integrated contracts that facilitate the extraction of oil, both on land and in shallow waters. When presenting the National Refining Plan, the president explained that resources will be allocated for that purpose “and what will be used for additional public investment will not come from debt, we will not even use the petroleum contingency to fund.” Romero Oropeza says that “With the rehabilitation and maintenance program of the national refining system, which includes the six refineries that we currently have, and also the new project of the new Dos Boscas refinery, this objective will undoubtedly be achieved.”Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) He pointed out that one of the goals for 2024 will be to achieve a production of 2.4 million barrels of oil and the production of the fuels needed by Mexicans to supply domestic consumption adding that despite the fact the country has crude oil, “we are buying 75 percent of the gasoline we consume. We only produce 25 percent. The president stressed that in the face of the complex situation facing the country, what is urgently needed is the rescue of the oil sector which has been affected by the lack of drilling of wells and public investment. “We are moving toward self-sufficiency, to add value to the raw material.” He explained that the former will not be easy because of the backlog, the need for resources, “but we are going there. I made the commitment that in three years we would have self-sufficiency in gasoline and I will not change that goal, so that I can also lower the price of fuel.” “It is not a political issue, it is technical. There was no better place than Dos Bocas, Paraíso, Tabasco, to build this new refinery,” that, he adds, will begin tender in March. He said it was decided to build the new refinery on this site because it is the most important terminal in the country. Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a 75-billion-peso injection along with major changes into Mexico’s oil policy including no more privatization. He says that instead, oil activity will be financed by the Republican austerity plan and the investment in Petróleos Mexicanos will be increased by 75 billion peso for the following year. The general director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Octavio Romero Oropeza, considered the decision of the president to be successful in rehabilitating the six refineries that are currently in the country and promoting the construction of the Dos Bocas in Tabasco. He also noted that there will be “No more privatizations or dismantling of the facilities, nor displacement of the activities of the workers of the energy sector of our country.”last_img read more

Costa Rica president off to a rough start survey says

first_imgRelated posts:President Solís remains popular, even if his government isn’t President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís names first half of his Cabinet President Solís’ popularity declines as economy worsens, Costa Rica researcher tells Washington panel Costa Rica’s Solís presents State of the Nation report to invigorated opposition President Luis Guillermo Solís faced a steep learning curve coming into Costa Rica’s highest office without any previous elected experience, and the people aren’t cutting him any slack.The president has seen a steep drop in his approval ratings since July 2014, according to a survey from the University of Costa Rica released Wednesday.After his first 100 days in office, Solís enjoyed a 68 percent approval rating among citizens who said they had a lot or some confidence in him. That support dropped to 42 percent in Wednesday’s survey.More than 76 percent surveyed said that they did not think Solís would be able to bring about the change he campaigned on. That pessimism bled into respondents’ opinions on the state of the country: Only 20 percent said that the government was well-run, down from 39.2 percent in July 2014; and 32.2 percent said that the country was in bad shape.A full 60 percent said that the economy was “bad” or “very bad.”The survey was based on calls to 793 people between April 8 and April 30 from all parts of the country and across a variety of educational backgrounds, ages and sex.Respondents also took notice of the shake-ups in Solís’ cabinet. A majority of respondents said that the president’s cabinet appointments were among his worst decisions and that the dismissal of former Presidency Minister Melvin Jiménez and others were among his best.The latest casualty of the cabinet clean-up was former Culture Minister Elizabeth Fonseca, who resigned Tuesday amidst the fallout from the International Arts Festival debacle. Solís has lost six ministers so far during his brief time in office.Despite the poor numbers, more respondents were hopeful about the near future than not. More than 33 percent said the government would improve. While that number has shrunk significantly since the 59.2 percent who felt optimistic about the future in July 2014, there are still more Costa Ricans who feel good about the future of the administration than those who believe it will stay the same (30.5 percent), or worsen (25.1 percent). Facebook Commentslast_img read more

For new generation of oncamera cooks YouTube is a FoodTube

first_imgAhlgren, whom many viewers may perceive to be Southern but who is actually a Connecticut native, keeps himself out of the show as much as possible because he wants the focus to be on the food rather than on an elaborate persona. That’s why he and his fellow barbecuers wear sunglasses and cowboy hats that cover most of their faces, Ahlgren says. Still, voice-over companies have sent him job offers.The man behind the shades used to run a small publishing company, but after he became a YouTube partner six months into making videos, the website became his “entire life.” The company sent him new cameras and marketing ideas, and Ahlgren’s subscriptions swelled to half a million. But the gist of the show hasn’t really changed. It’s still a group of big guys huddled around a grill, drinking and making things with beer.“I’ve been approached by six network producers about doing shows for them,” Ahlgren says. “But I ultimately reject because I want full editorial control. You know how it is: fake drama TV. I refuse to make us a ‘reality’ show.”Becoming mired in the corporate politics of mainstream entertainment is equally unappealing to the London-based “SortedFood,” which was similarly built from a tight-knit friend group with a passion for good eats. The channel’s four stars _ Jamie Spafford, Ben Ebbrell, Barry Taylor and Mike Huttlestone _ have known each other since they were 11 years old.“Their concept is just four friends cooking, and they make viewers feel like, ‘These are also my buddies,’ ” says Shachi Phene, 25, a “Sorted” subscriber who lives in New York City. She appreciates that the YouTubers respond to comments and incorporate suggestions from viewers into their recipes. “From the beginning,” Phene says, “they’ve been open about not always having it completely right.”That humility might be one thing lacking in TV chefs such as Bobby Flay, who has stylized himself as an unequivocal expert. Meanwhile, Spafford says “Sorted” is more concerned with starting conversations among viewers than being a monolithic brand.No wonder, then, that “there’s no anger or shouting at people.”In 2007, a recent film school graduate returned to Tokyo from Los Angeles. A young Japanese man trying to make it in the entertainment industry, he had worked on several movie sets, but he never got his big break.Today he is the producer of “Cooking With Dog,” one of YouTube’s most popular cooking channels, with more than 1 million subscribers. The channel stars Francis, a well-behaved gray toy poodle, and an enigmatic Japanese woman simply referred to as “Chef.” Some suspect that she is the producer’s mother, but he would neither confirm nor deny that theory, choosing to remain anonymous himself for fear of destroying the show’s mystery.So while the channel has an American fan base that’s even larger than its Japanese one, you won’t be seeing Chef or Francis on a late-night talk show anytime soon.“Cooking With Dog” is among several YouTube channels that have amassed audiences around specific cuisines. Personalities such as Emily Kim, a.k.a. Maangchi (recently heralded as a Korean Julia Child by the New York Times), Manjula Jain of “Manjula’s Kitchen” and Tasha Edwards of “The Sweetest Vegan” tailor their recipes to viewers interested in gaining a deep understanding of cooking styles that otherwise don’t have a mainstream outlet in the United States.Online video has the advantage of customizing its output for target audiences. “There’s nothing fundamentally new about the phenomenon,” says Dan Gillmor of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. “We’ve been using online forums for a long time for the same purpose: to take a deep dive into arcane or niche subjects.”Take Rosanna Pansino, the star of a YouTube baking channel called “Nerdy Nummies,”which has more than 4 million subscribers. “We bake all things geeky,” says Pansino, whose recipes have included Captain America ice cream sandwiches and a Grumpy Cat cake.The 30-year-old Seattle native grew up baking with her Italian nonna and playing video games with her sister, so “Nerdy Nummies” combines two of Pansino’s childhood passions. She previously worked in entertainment, with stints as a hand double as well as a Cheerios cheerleader on “Glee,” but quickly became immersed in online media after uploading a successful how-to video for a Super Mario Star cake recorded on an $80 Flip camera.“Creating content on YouTube is like having 4.2 million friends that I never want to let down,” she says.These niche channels can be highly personal, as they generally showcase recipes that the YouTubers grew up on or developed after a significant life change. Before Kim started her channel in 2007, she worked as a counselor to Korean immigrants in Toronto, helping families cope with the shock of relocation and all its challenges. Now a resident of New York City, she sees her YouTube channel as performing a similar function: Through sharing recipes, she has been able to bridge cultural distances and help Korean Americans stay connected to their roots.Immigrant children, who watch “Maangchi” and “Manjula’s Kitchen” to learn how to make the food of their parents’ native countries, make up a substantial part of the channels’ audiences. They lovingly call the hosts “Mom,” a fitting term of endearment because the women grew up making food for their families in South Korea and India.As an elementary school student, Kim made simple dishes for her younger siblings, such as the kimchi stew and pan-fried fish that now serve as many YouTube subscribers’ introductions to Korean cooking. Francis the toy poodle of “Cooking with Dog” and his co-star, “Chef.” (YouTube)Or, in some cases, to cooking, period. Kenneth Moore, a 29-year-old Washington, D.C., resident, says his meals consisted of crockpot chili and scrambled eggs before he came across Maangchi. The always-chipper cook makes elaborate recipes look simple, encouraging her viewers with all the energy of a Zumba instructor.“Anything that I cook now _ even if it’s quinoa patties _ it’s because of Maangchi,” Moore says. “She showed me the basics, and my love of cooking I can attribute to her.”On the last Sunday of June, a crowd of 80 stood around the Alice in Wonderland statue in New York’s Central Park, carrying packages of food from venues all over the city. They were gathered to meet the members of “SortedFood,” who had organized a scavenger hunt for the New York stop of their Lost and Hungry tour.Kathleen Wong, 16, waited nervously by the bronze Mad Hatter. She had been an avid watcher of “Sorted” for two years, and now she would see them in person. When she came face to face with the team, Wong says, “it was exactly how they are in their videos. Just really silly and fun.” She even got a hug and a fist pump from Huttlestone, her favorite member.For years, YouTube cooking channels have been organizing meet-ups for their subscribers around the world. Outside of these planned interactions, they’re also being recognized on the street. Recently, a couple approached Kim at a Korean supermarket while buying ingredients for her fried chicken recipe.But although a lot has changed for these YouTubers since they started out with little more than a spotty Internet connection and a camcorder, they insist that the driving force behind their work hasn’t changed.“My intention is only sharing delicious food,” Kim says. The deals for cookbooks _ the latest, “Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking,” was released this May _ sponsorships and newfound celebrity? That’s all icing on the rice cake.© 2015, The Washington Post Facebook Comments Her cookbook was a bestseller last year. Episodes of her online food series, “My Drunk Kitchen,” regularly go viral. And with more than 2 million subscribers, her YouTube channel is more popular than those of Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart and Mario Batali combined.But make no mistake: Hannah Hart doesn’t consider herself a chef.“I consider myself fortunate,” she says with a laugh. She uploaded her first video, a recording of herself drunkenly making a grilled cheese sandwich while downing countless glasses of red wine, as a joke for a friend.The sandwich didn’t even have cheese in it. It tasted like “hot sourdough.”“My Drunk Kitchen” — under the umbrella channel “MyHarto” — is among a slate of YouTube channels that have combined cooking and entertainment to popular effect. Whether it’s a lovable Japanese housewife whose recipes are narrated by a toy poodle (“Cooking With Dog”) or an energetic foursome that could easily be mistaken for a British boy band (“SortedFood”), these channels are finding an audience in a generation known for subsisting on instant noodles and microwaveable meat.Millennials fueled a 280 percent increase in subscriptions to YouTube food channels last year, according to Google research in 2014. Many of those viewers are looking for personalities like Hart who will entertain in addition to offering practical cooking advice. The most popular episode of “My Drunk Kitchen” has nearly 4 million views _ more than the number of people who tuned in to the latest season finale of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen.”Google has further found that the majority of people in their mid-20s to 30s cook with their smartphones or tablets on hand. Now, when a 25-year-old fires up his stove, he also presses “play.”When Bob Ahlgren uploaded his first video nine years ago, YouTube was far from a pervasive platform. “It was more like ‘Who?Tube,’ ” he says. “Still, it was an amazing thing at the time to put up a personal video for free.”A hazy recording shows Ahlgren cleaning his grill, heating sauce and chopping up a slab of pork ribs. His folksy voice-over calmly outlines the recipe steps while rock music plays a little too loudly in the background. Just like that, “BBQ Pit Boys” was born.A large part of these cooking channels’ allure resides in their lack of network TV polish. Most of the YouTube stars had no prior film or broadcast experience; they worked day jobs and never dreamed that YouTube could become a full-time gig. These humble beginnings add a feeling of intimacy to their videos, even if they’ve since upgraded to higher-end production equipment. 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Jobless Rate Falls to 56 as Payrolls Increase by 252K

first_img Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Unemployment 2015-01-09 Tory Barringer Updated.The U.S. unemployment rate slipped another 0.2 percentage points in December as employers introduced 252,000 new jobs.The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said Friday that the national unemployment rate was down to 5.6 percent by year-end 2014, bringing that number down to its lowest level since June 2008. Economists had expected the jobless rate would fall slightly to 5.7 percent and that non-farm payrolls would increase by 245,000. Earlier this week, ADP reported that private payrolls last month had increased by 241,000.December’s slightly better than expected report also brought upward revisions for both October and November payrolls. The government now estimates employers added 261,000 jobs and 353,000 jobs in those months, respectively.While the headline data looks strong, the numbers underneath it are less encouraging. The drop in the unemployment rate was accompanied by a 0.2 percentage point drop in labor force participation as more Americans bailed out on finding a job.According to the government’s household survey, 2.3 million people were classified as “marginally attached” to the workforce in December, up from 2.1 million in November (albeit down compared to the same time a year prior). Out of that group, 740,000—an increase of 42,000 from the previous report—had given up on looking for work.Factoring in those marginally attached Americans and workers who are employed only part-time for economic reasons, BLS puts the U-6 unemployment rate at 11.2 percent.Another sour note in December’s data: wages, which fell 5 cents to an average $24.57, nearly undoing a 6-cent increase recorded in November. Share Jobless Rate Falls to 5.6% as Payrolls Increase by 252Kcenter_img in Data, Government, Headlines, News January 9, 2015 561 Views last_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press Posted Feb 7, 2019 10:06 am PDT Review: ‘What Men Want’ is to avoid this blunder of a filmcenter_img Not to kick off this review with a spoiler alert, but after seeing “What Men Want” the answer to what men want is probably the same as what women want: Not to be ripped off by yet another dubious rom-com like this.Taraji P. Henson tries a little too hard in a predictable, gender-switching remake of the Nancy Meyers-led 2000 romantic comedy “What Women Want.” This time, a woman unlocks the power to read men’s minds. The premise has potential but “What Men Want ” is not funny enough, it’s poorly edited and blunt when it could have been sharp.Henson plays Ali, a hard-elbowing, high-powered sports agent who is bitter and brash — “OK, Bridezilla, take a Xanax,” she tells one of her three best friends. To a co-worker, she says: “I’m going to need you to calm down, baby man-child.” There’s a weird ’90s feel to the look and dialogue of this film, accentuated by a dusty soundtrack that features hits by TLC, Bell Biv DeVoe, 2 Live Crew, En Vogue and Salt-N-Pepa.Ali is repeatedly passed up for promotion at her smarmy, all-male firm, which seems to leak testosterone in buckets. “You don’t connect well with men,” she is told by the boss. To make partner, Ali vows to land the biggest sports target of the season: The No. 1 NBA draft pick. Along the way, she somehow bangs her head and then can hear the inner thoughts of any man nearby. That happens about 30 minutes in, which is an eternity of set-up, including a flabby and pointless scene at a club.And what are men secretly thinking about? According to this film, it is fears of being fat, feeling lame, worry about bodily functions, trying not to completely geek out about little things, a near-universal adoration of arena skyboxes, mundane stuff like lost keys, and the occasional horrific X-rated bluntness.If you expected director Adam Shankman and writers Tina Gordon, Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory to find rich material to discuss male privilege in these #MeToo days, think again. Men actually come off not so bad here. The women, though, end up worse: There’s a scene with all of Ali’s best friends wrestling during a horrific, weave-yanking cat fight at a church that’s the nadir of filmmaking in 2019.Ali learns to use nuggets of insight into co-workers’ minds to gain an advantage and falls for a boyfriend whose inner thoughts seem to be pure. But Ali also learns that it’s not what’s in men’s minds that really counts. It’s what’s in their HEARTS. And winning, if you’re a nasty person, DOESN’T matter. Cue the montage of her fixing all the things she just did wrong. (Just not this film.)Henson does as best she can with this material, attempting Lucille Ball-level physical comedy. But she’s labouring and often overshadowed by the one unpredictable spark in the film — provided by Erykah Badu. The singer-songwriter is in rare form here as an off-kilter fortune teller, shooting electricity in every scene, while small roles by Tracy Morgan and Pete Davidson are oddly flat. (If you’re still bored, there’s always playing Cameo Bingo: Look for appearances by sports figures Mark Cuban, Shaquille O’Neal, Lisa Leslie, Grant Hill and Karl-Anthony Towns.)The script is uneven and heavy, with some of the only jokes coming from Badu and a few movie references to “Black Panther” and “Get Out.” Mostly, this is a film that still thinks people having a hard time navigating a beaded curtain is funny and that surprise S&M sex is hysterical.Another thing that seems forced in “What Men Want” is the tremendous amount of alcohol sucked down. There’s day-drinking, blackout nights and cocktails at work. The cast drink margaritas, whiskey neat, wine, beer and vodka and cranberry. Toward the end, it seems like every scene had some booze, a lazy way to create mischief. But, come to think of it, if alcohol was offered to the audience, this whiff of a film would be better received.“What Men Want,” a Paramount Pictures release, is rated R for “for language and sexual content throughout, and some drug material.” Running time: 117 minutes. One star out of four.___MPAA definition of R: Restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.___Online: https://www.paramount.com/movies/what-men-want___Mark Kennedy is at http://twitter.com/KennedyTwitsMark Kennedy, The Associated Presslast_img read more

New life for ancient Mathiatis mine

first_imgBy Rebekah GregoriadesSouth of Mathiatis, hidden in the pinewoods at the foot of Strongylos hill, is the oldest mine of the area, which will soon come to life again with gold mining and works to restore it.The mine dates back to 600 BC. It started out as a copper mine but gold was extracted between 1935 and 1945.In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), Mathiatis community leader, Theodoros Tsatsos, said the mine was considered “a great gift” to the community, since it will bring many benefits to the broader region, including the creation of some 50 new jobs.Tsatsos pointed out that to the northwest of the mine is Mavrovouni area, where caves and rocks with rust point out to the existence of furnaces to process copper in antiquity.He explained the Hellenic Mining Company approached the community with an interest in exploiting the mine and soon, with the signing of the contracts, works will begin.“As a community, we did not ask for this project ourselves. It was a copper mine BC. From 1935 to 1945 it was mined for gold. In those times, miners used pickaxes, pans, and ditches. Today mining is more sophisticated. There is modern machinery which can reveal the gold with greater success,” Tsatsos said.He added that “40 per cent of the volume that the company will transport to Skouriotissa is debris processed during 1935-1945, as well as part of the crater”.“The company came to us with an interest in mining. We had to study the proposal and give our positions. It is national wealth. It is gold. The community council itself could not just say `yes` or `no`. We had to study the proposal, see if there would be consequences or benefits, if it would be a nuisance, and act accordingly”, he said.Tsatsos noted that “before the Community Council officially received the application or the environmental study, we invited the company to come before the community council to present its intentions”, and a meeting took place in the presence of the Council`s advisers, including an environmental chemist and geologist, the legal adviser, and the technical adviser.“But before proceeding we called a community assembly and invited the company to present the project to the members of the community and answer questions”, he said.In a subsequent referendum, residents voted 62 per cent in favour and 38 per cent against, and thus it was decided that the works would proceed, as long as specific conditions set out by the council were met.The conditions include paving some two kilometres of roads to create a bypass for heavy vehicles and to minimise dust from traffic, to observe the timeframe of 25 months for the transportation of debris and gold mining, to remain within the boundaries of the mine and not expand it even if new deposits are found, to continuously measure dust levels and take measures, such as spraying water, in the event that high concentration of dust was seen, to protect any antiquities found, to preserve nature and only cut down trees where absolutely necessary and under the supervision of the forestry department, and to restore the site.Tsatsos said “the mine is visited by many tourists and in the new year this archaeological site will be included in the Cyprus Tourism Organisation list”, so it was requested that the site be restored — with a play area, a park, parking, kiosks, benches, pathways leading safely into the crater etc.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppGet Maximum Privacy with Minimum EffortFigLeaf Beta AppUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoTotal Battle – Online Strategy GameIf You’re PC User This Strategy Game Is A Must-Have!Total Battle – Online Strategy GameUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoTwo arrested in connection with attempted murderUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

Audit office never swept issues under the carpet updated

first_imgAuditor-general Odysseas Michaelides’ claim that the Audit Service under his predecessor Chrystalla Georghadji sometimes swept issues under the carpet is untrue, the former chief auditor said on Tuesday.In a statement of response to the allegation made by Michaelides a day earlier, Georghadji said “most of the issues that have been presented as new were raised and are recorded in past annual reports of the Audit Service”.“Because this is not the first time that the former Auditor-General is being targeted, I want to make clear that I will not be issuing further comment,” Georghadji, who left the Audit Service in 2014 to be appointed governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, said.But Georghadji’s reference to “issues” may leave her open to new criticism, as Michaelides, who made the claim while speaking at an anti-corruption event on Monday, had only publicly referred to one case where the handling of the Audit Service under his predecessor had prompted questions.“At the Audit Service we have had a mountain of audits that hadn’t been conducted for years,” Michaelides had said.“And let’s admit it: at times, the Service functioned as a tool to cover up, rather than expose, scandals. It saddens me to say it, but I can’t adopt a logic of immunity for every previous official, since that would directly clash with principles of accountability.”In a statement of response, Michaelides mocked Georghadji, first saying she was “right”, then explaining why she wasn’t.“Mrs Georghadji is right,” the statement said.“The scandals of the sewerage boards of Paphos, Nicosia and Larnaca, the Koshi waste-treatment plant, Limassol university Tepak and the Larnaca Land Registry building were recorded in the Audit Service’s annual reports. Only their recording as mere instances of mismanagement, without the requisite in-depth investigation so that criminal investigations can be launched, cannot lead to accountability.”As far as I am aware, Michaelides added, none of these cases was ever forwarded to the Attorney-General, and of course none of the culprits was ever indicted.In Monday’s anti corruption speech, the Auditor-General returned to the case of the premises of the Larnaca District Land Registry, for which he has recently alerted the Attorney-General’s office.Michaelides had explained his agency’s findings at a House Watchdog committee session last week.“The picture we have so far is that various individuals in power, either individually or in collaboration with each other, facilitated the buying of this building at a blatantly exorbitant price, in a way that implied that the price was actually reasonable and beneficial to the state, and followed up their actions to keep the questionable actions from parliamentary scrutiny,” he told committee members.According to Michaelides, the building, which had cost €8.1 million to build and was valued between €11.5 and €13.7 million, was bought in 2009 from the owners for €14.2 million, in addition to an extra €900,000 paid as rent for use of the building prior to the sale.Because the government decided to expropriate the property, rather than buy it outright, the owner paid no capital gains tax on the €7 million profit he made.“The price agreed for the expropriation constitutes squandering of public money,” Michaelides told the committee.“We might describe the entire procedure as a veiled awarding of a contract to build a public building, in violation of the legally-prescribed procedure for this.”In addition, he said, it was at least strange that the entire process was concluded in five days, when cases like this take an average of two years to process.In 2010, the Audit Service under Georghadji had said the transaction had failed to secure “transparency, equal treatment of citizens, and a price resulting from competition”, but deemed the price to be “ranging in reasonable levels”.Michaelides said the Audit Service’s estimate at the time had been “misleading”.“The ministry technocrats are now telling us that they have no responsibility because they were simply making recommendations,” Michaelides said on Tuesday.“The politicians are saying they simply accepted the technocrats’ recommendations, therefore they, too, have no responsibility.”You May LikeMBA Degrees | Search AdsMBA Programs Online – See For YourselfMBA Degrees | Search AdsUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Bizon cosponsors measure to allow experienced teachers to return to the classroom

first_img Categories: Bizon News 29Jan Bizon co-sponsors measure to allow experienced teachers to return to the classroom A measure co-sponsored by state Rep. John Bizon would eliminate the sunset on a 2012 law and allow retired teachers and school employees to re-enter the work force to fill critical vacancies in Michigan schools.“A strong education is of vital importance for future generations in Michigan, and we need to make sure schools have the necessary resources available to provide the best education for our children,” said Bizon, R-Battle Creek. “There are critical and specialized vacancies these retired teachers can fill so that our schools can offer the best environment possible for students to learn and grow.”The bill, House Bill 4059, eliminates a July 1, 2014 sunset on Public Act 464 of 2012, which gives the state superintendent the ability to determine critical teacher shortages in Michigan school districts and allows the districts to fill the vacancies with qualified personnel. Many of the shortages are in areas requiring specialized training, such as speech pathologists and special education staff.“Our students deserve the best education we can provide,” Bizon said. “Giving local school districts the ability to easily remedy staffing shortages will help Michigan children have a brighter future.”The legislation retains existing safeguards for the current law to prevent educators from earning full pay while receiving their retirement pension.###last_img read more

Rep Lucido announces local monthly news program

first_img27Feb Rep. Lucido announces local monthly news program Categories: Lucido News State Rep. Peter J. Lucido is bringing updates from Lansing to televisions in homes across the 36th District.Rep. Lucido is appearing on a monthly television program on WBRW-TV and Shelby TV titled “Lucido YOUR State Legislator.” It provides an update on state government and local news for the residents of Shelby, Bruce and Washington townships and the Village of Romeo.“I look forward to providing the families and residents from the 36th District with an update on what’s happening both at the Capitol and in the area,” said Rep. Lucido, a Republican from Shelby Township. “If any constituents have questions or concerns regarding the issues covered in these programs, I encourage them to contact my Lansing office, 517-373-0843.”The program is hosted by Washington Township constituent liaison and resident Gary Kopp.  Please consult your local listings for dates and times for the show.   Any questions about episode times can be answered by calling WBRW-TV at (586) 697-5344 or Shelby TV at (586) 254-7130.Residents can contact Rep. Lucido at (517) 373-0843, by email at PeterLucido@house.mi.gov or at P.O. Box 30014, Lansing, MI 48909.###last_img read more

Rep Griffin celebrates Older Michiganians Day

first_imgPHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Beth Griffin joined seniors at the Capitol on May 17, who were celebrating Older Michiganians Day.  “It was a wonderful opportunity to meet local seniors and learn about issues that matter most to them,” said Rep. Griffin. Categories: Griffin News 18May Rep. Griffin celebrates Older Michiganians Daylast_img