Tipp set to open defence of Munster title

first_imgThe first match of the provincial competition gets underway at 4 o’clock.Tipp boss Michael Ryan thinks the game at Semple Stadium could be one to savour.His opposite number Kieran Kingston is hoping the conditions will suit his slightly depleted side. Tipp FM’s live coverage of the big match will be brought to you in association with Mulcahy Car Sales, Ardcroney, Nenagh – our build-up gets underway just after 3 o’clock.last_img

Ex-FA chief executive condemns gambling sponsorships in football

first_imgShare StumbleUpon Gambling-related harm APPG outlines 2020 strategy January 23, 2020 Share Submit EFL urges government to rethink gambling sponsorship ban July 3, 2020 The Football Association’s (FA) former chief executive Mark Palios has affirmed his stance to decrease gambling sponsorships in football.Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Palios explained why he refuses to accept gambling sponsorships at Tranmere Rovers, a club he chairs, and how the relationship between football and the betting industry has gone ‘too far’.The ex-FA boss stated: “This (Tranmere) is a family club that’s firmly rooted in the community and from our perspective it’s the wrong thing to do to get associated with the gambling industry. We can’t change the bigger picture in terms of the football industry being involved to the extent it is but from a personal perspective that’s what we do.“Football has to wean itself off the position it is in at the moment – and that’s the best verb I can use. It’s certainly gone too far.”Gambling sponsorships in football has recently become a major topic of debate by spectators, businesses and the government, with a Gambling Act review currently ongoing.Palios added: “I see gambling as something that is pernicious. People get hooked into it and it is a hidden addiction.“You see people stealing from their employers as we’ve seen and it destroys relationships and fundamentally damages family units and family units are a massive part of the community.”Betting brand sponsorships in football has grown year on year with 60% of clubs in England’s top two leagues having partnerships with gambling companies. The English Football League (EFL), which runs the country’s second, third and fourth divisions, also has a major sponsorship agreement with Sky Bet.An EFL spokesman emphasised: “The EFL itself continues to have a successful relationship with Sky Bet who, as a responsible, properly regulated bookmaker, recognise the importance of having the right safeguards in place.”Palios’ statements follows Nigel Huddleston’s appointment as minister for sport, tourism and heritage. The conservative MP, a vocal supporter of last year’s fixed-odds betting terminal (FOBT) maximum stake reduction, has also previously expressed his concerns over the betting industry’s involvement in sport. Related Articles Conservative manifesto brands Gambling Act as analogue November 25, 2019last_img read more

March Madness bracket predictions 1.0: Projecting the Field of 68 for the 2020 NCAA Tournament

first_imgProjected Nos. 13-16 seedsProjected No. 13 seeds: North Texas (C-USA), Stephen F. Austin (Southland), Akron (MAC), Vermont (America East)Projected No. 14 seeds: Wright State (Horizon), UC Irvine (Big West), Colgate (Patriot), New Mexico State (WAC)Projected No. 15 seeds: South Dakota State (Summit), Hofstra (Colonial), Murray State (Ohio Valley), Winthrop (Big South)Projected No. 16 seeds: Montana (Big Sky), Little Rock (Sun Belt), *Siena (MAAC), *Prairie View A&M (SWAC), *Merrimack (Northeast), *Norfolk State (MEAC)*First Four teamsOn the bubble (alphabetically)Alabama (14-11): NET/Pom/KPI: 35/47/45. vs. Q1: 2-6. vs. Q2: 4-4. vs. Q3/4: 8-1Cincinnati (17-8): NET/Pom/KPI: 48/38/24. vs. Q1: 2-5. vs. Q2: 6-0. vs. Q3/4: 8-3Connecticut (14-11): NET/Pom/KPI: 73/63/91. vs. Q1: 0-6. vs. Q2: 3-3. vs. Q3/4: 10-2Memphis (17-8): NET/Pom/KPI: 60/68/49. vs. Q1: 1-3. vs. Q2: 5-2. vs. Q3/4: 11-2Minnesota (12-12): NET/Pom/KPI: 40/31/52. vs. Q1: 4-9. vs. Q2: 2-2. vs. Q3/4: 6-0Mississippi State (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 52/48/46. vs. Q1: 2-6. vs. Q2: 3-1. vs. Q3/4: 11-2N.C. State (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 61/56/42. vs. Q1: 4-2. vs. Q2: 3-4. vs. Q3/4: 9-2Richmond (19-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 47/52/41. vs. Q1: 2-4. vs. Q2: 2-1. vs. Q3/4: 15-1SMU (18-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 66/75/62. vs. Q1: 2-2. vs. Q2: 2-3. vs. Q3/4: 14-1South Carolina (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 64/74/54. vs. Q1: 3-5. vs. Q2: 4-2. vs. Q3/4: 9-2UNCG (19-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 64/52/59. vs. Q1: 2-2. vs. Q2: 2-2. vs. Q3/4: 15-2Utah State (19-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 42/39/60. vs. Q1: 2-4. vs. Q2: 2-2. vs. Q3/4: 15-1VCU (17-8): NET/Pom/KPI: 53/53/57. vs. Q1: 1-5. vs. Q2: 1-2. vs. Q3/4: 15-1 March is a few weeks away and the college basketball madness is percolating, folks. I’ve done NCAA Tournament bracket projections for Sporting News — we call them the Field of 68 — for quite a long time now. How long? Well, when I started it was the Field of 65 and we were called The Sporting News. So, yeah. For a while now.This is our first Field of 68 for the 2019-20 season. I know, I know, most other places have been generating clicks on this topic for a couple months now, but I’m jumping back into the fray now, when there’s a decent amount of information to use for making educated guesses. As always, I’m doing my projections based on where I believe a team should be seeded based on how its resume compares to other teams this season if the season ended yesterday. Because we’re still a long way from Selection Sunday, I’m not as concerned with locations and such; if your team has an 8-seed resume, they’re on the 8-seed line, and it doesn’t matter to me (right now) if your team can play on a Sunday or not (BYU spoiler).MORE: WVU’s lofty seed in bracket preview suggest selection method needs tweakingMy goal is to give you a numbers snapshot for every team, and then maybe a note or two on each squad. And for this first Field of 68, I’m going to give you a little insight on what it was like to sort through this year’s group of tournament-caliber resumes — to try and figure out which teams belong, which ones don’t and how it all sorts out. I’ve been watching college hoops all season, of course, but there’s a big, big difference between just watching college hoops and actually analyzing and sorting 80-something resumes. It was, let’s say, interesting.As always, automatic bids (in parenthesis) go to the team with the fewest conference losses. In case of a tie, the bid is given to the team with the best NET rating.March Madness bracket predictions for 2020 NCAA TournamentProjected No. 1 seedsBaylor (Big 12), Gonzaga (WCC), Kansas, San Diego State (MWC)Baylor (23-1): NET/Pom/KPI: 2/5/2. vs. Q1: 9-0. vs. Q2: 5-1. vs. Q3/4: 9-0Kansas (21-3): NET/Pom/KPI: 4/1/1. vs. Q1: 10-3. vs. Q2: 6-0. vs. Q3/4: 5-0Gonzaga (26-1): NET/Pom/KPI: 3/3/16. vs. Q1: 5-1. vs. Q2: 3-0. vs. Q3/4: 18-0San Diego State (26-0): NET/Pom/KPI: 1/4/10. vs. Q1: 4-0. vs. Q2: 5-0. vs. Q3/4: 16-0Thoughts: These were the top four teams, in this order, when the Selection Committee released its sneak peek of the Top 16 teams on Feb. 8. And all four have done nothing but win since then. This is easy!Projected No. 2 seedsDuke (ACC), Dayton (A10), Maryland (Big Ten), Florida StateDuke (22-3): NET/Pom/KPI: 6/2/3. vs. Q1: 5-1. vs. Q2: 5-1. vs. Q3/4: 12-1Dayton (23-2): NET/Pom/KPI: 5/6/6. vs. Q1: 3-2. vs. Q2: 6-0. vs. Q3/4: 14-0Maryland (21-4): NET/Pom/KPI: 7/8/5. vs. Q1: 7-4. vs. Q2: 5-0. vs. Q3/4: 9-0Florida State (21-4): NET/Pom/KPI: 15/22/8. vs. Q1: 3-3. vs. Q2: 7-1. vs. Q3/4: 11-0Thoughts: The top two No. 2 seeds from the top 16 seeds reveal made their placement easy; neither Duke nor Dayton has lost. But the other two No. 2 seeds? Yikes. West Virginia, by God, has lost three in a row at Oklahoma and Baylor and vs. Kansas. Not bad losses — but still, three in a row. Louisville also fell at Georgia Tech and at Clemson, two ACC clubs floundering around .500. Maryland probably should have been a 2-seed over West Virginia in the reveal, so the Terps get the nod. Florida State jumps up too, despite the loss at Duke.Projected No. 3 seedsLouisville, Villanova, West Virginia, AuburnLouisville (21-5): NET/Pom/KPI: 9/12/12. vs. Q1: 4-3. vs. Q2: 3-2. vs. Q3/4: 14-0Villanova (19-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 16/24/9. vs. Q1: 6-6. vs. Q2: 6-0. vs. Q3/4: 7-0West Virginia (18-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 10/7/14. vs. Q1: 5-6. vs. Q2: 3-1. vs. Q3/4: 10-0Auburn (22-3): NET/Pom/KPI: 25/33/4. vs. Q1: 5-2. vs. Q2: 8-1. vs. Q3/4: 9-0Thoughts: I’m not sold on Villanova’s resume as a 3-seed as compared to the 3-seeds of most years, but the committee placed the Wildcats there and everyone else has lost, so they stay. Louisville and West Virginia don’t fall far because, well, remember what I just said about all the losses? Even Auburn, which had only dropped a pair of games all year, succumbed to the top-16 jinx and lost a surprising game at Missouri, which is under .500 despite now owning wins against four likely at-large teams. But Auburn’s loss was without Issac Okoro, so that badness is mitigated a bit.Projected No. 4 seedsPenn State, Seton Hall (Big East), Oregon, CreightonPenn State (20-5): NET/Pom/KPI: 17/11/17. vs. Q1: 7-3. vs. Q2: 5-2. vs. Q3/4: 8-0Seton Hall (18-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 14/15/7. vs. Q1: 9-6. vs. Q2: 4-1. vs. Q3/4: 5-0Oregon (20-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 22/25/13. vs. Q1: 6-4. vs. Q2: 4-2. vs. Q3/4: 10-0Creighton (19-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 13/18/11. vs. Q1: 7-6. vs. Q2: 5-0. vs. Q3/4: 7-0Thoughts: Penn State wasn’t one of the teams in the top 16 reveal, but all the aforementioned losing by everyone else — and the Nittany Lions winning a lot of games — is the only way to make up for their awful nonconference strength of schedule numbers. The Big East offers tons of Q1 opportunities, and winning more than half of those chances is why Seton Hall and Creighton are here this week.Projected No. 5 seedsButler, Kentucky (SEC), Colorado, Michigan StateButler (19-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 20/27/18. vs. Q1: 8-5. vs. Q2: 5-2. vs. Q3/4: 6-0Michigan State (17-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 12/10/32. vs. Q1: 5-8. vs. Q2: 4-1. vs. Q3/4: 8-0Kentucky (20-5): NET/Pom/KPI: 24/30/22. vs. Q1: 5-3. vs. Q2: 3-1. vs. Q3/4: 12-1Colorado (20-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 11/17/15. vs. Q1: 6-3. vs. Q2: 4-3. vs. Q3/4: 10-0Thoughts: OK, so we’re officially past where the selection committee ranked teams, but there are a couple struggling stragglers we’ll slot here, Michigan State and Butler. Kentucky has, y’know, that home loss to Evansville, but that was a long time ago and the Wildcats are atop the SEC. As you can see, the computers love Colorado.Projected No. 6 seedsIowa, Arizona (Pac-12), Marquette, Ohio StateIowa (18-8): NET/Pom/KPI: 28/22/33. vs. Q1: 7-6. vs. Q2: 4-1. vs. Q3/4: 7-1Arizona (18-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 8/13/21. vs. Q1: 3-5. vs. Q2: 4-1. vs. Q3/4: 11-1Marquette (17-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 19/23/19. vs. Q1: 5-6. vs. Q2: 6-1. vs. Q3/4: 6-0Ohio State (17-8): NET/Pom/KPI: 18/9/25. vs. Q1: 5-6. vs. Q2: 4-2. vs. Q3/4: 8-0Thoughts: We’ve reached the portion of this Field of 68 where I put about 15 flawed-but-not-awful resumes in a jar and started drawing at random. Boom. OK, not really. But that thing I said about the Big East and Q1 opportunities? Yeah, it goes for the Big Ten, too, so it’s not surprising to see one Big East and two Big Ten teams here, along with NET favorite Arizona.Projected No. 7 seedsMichigan, LSU, Houston (AAC), Texas TechMichigan (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 26/14/48. vs. Q1: 5-8. vs. Q2: 4-1. vs. Q3/4: 7-0LSU (18-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 29/34/20. vs. Q1: 2-5. vs. Q2: 8-1. vs. Q3/4: 8-1Houston (20-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 27/20/26. vs. Q1: 2-4. vs. Q2: 7-2. vs. Q3/4: 11-0Texas Tech (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 21/16/51. vs. Q1: 2-8. vs. Q2: 5-1. vs. Q3/4: 9-0Thoughts: Yeah, maybe this is a bit high for Michigan — but did you see what the Wolverines did to Indiana on Sunday? They had that extended rough patch, but they have nonconference wins against Gonzaga, Creighton and against North Carolina before things went awry for the Heels. Spoiler alert: From here on out, most of the teams you’ll read about beat the teams they should beat and lose to the teams they should lose to, with an aberration or two on either side gumming up the resume-sorting. Aargh.Projected No. 8 seedsBYU, Wisconsin, Rutgers, IllinoisBYU (20-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 23/19/40. vs. Q1: 2-4. vs. Q2: 3-3. vs. Q3/4: 15-0Wisconsin (15-10): NET/Pom/KPI: 31/28/28. vs. Q1: 7-8. vs. Q2: 1-1. vs. Q3/4: 7-1Illinois (15-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 38/32/55. vs. Q1: 5-7. vs. Q2: 2-1. vs. Q3/4: 8-1Rutgers (17-8): NET/Pom/KPI: 30/29/44. vs. Q1: 2-6. vs. Q2: 5-1. vs. Q3/4: 10-1Thoughts: More Big Ten teams. Shocking, eh? Well, the Rutgers thing is kinda shocking. Who thought the New Jersey squad would be tied in the Big Ten standings with Michigan State — everybody’s preseason No. 1 — this late in the season? It has been a minute since BYU was in the tournament, but the Cougars look solid in Mark Pope’s first year.MORE: Big Ten teams facing unprecedented, unparalleled parity in conference playProjected No. 9 seedsOklahoma, Rhode Island, Saint Mary’s, FloridaOklahoma (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 47/35/36. vs. Q1: 2-8. vs. Q2: 7-1. vs. Q3/4: 7-0Rhode Island (19-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 32/43/23. vs. Q1: 1-4. vs. Q2: 5-1. vs. Q3/4: 13-1Saint Mary’s (20-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 34/36/39. vs. Q1: 3-3. vs. Q2: 3-1. vs. Q3/4: 14-2Florida (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 35/38/37. vs. Q1: 3-6. vs. Q2: 3-3. vs. Q3/4: 10-0Thoughts: Does anyone want to get an at-large spot? The four teams on this line have a combined nine Q1 wins in 30 opportunities and, well, the field has to be filled out, people, and OH NO I JUST REALIZED I’M ONLY ON THE NO. 9 SEED LINE.Projected No. 10 seedsUSC, Xavier, Virginia, Wichita StateUSC (19-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 49/54/30. vs. Q1: 2-6. vs. Q2: 6-0. vs. Q3/4: 11-1Xavier (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 39/42/31. vs. Q1: 2-8. vs. Q2: 6-1. vs. Q3/4: 8-0Virginia (17-7): NET/Pom/KPI: 55/52/35. vs. Q1: 3-3. vs. Q2: 4-3. vs. Q3/4: 10-1Wichita State (19-6): NET/Pom/KPI: 46/37/29. vs. Q1: 2-3. vs. Q2: 6-3. vs. Q3/4: 11-0Thoughts: Folks, I honestly don’t know at this point. I know most years past tournament success/failure doesn’t count, but this year it seems like maybe we should just let Virginia in because the Cavaliers are the reigning champs (I kid, I kid). Well, their numbers aren’t as bad as everyone seems to think. They’re not a top-seven seed, but good enough to get into this year’s field at the moment. It helps that they’ve won five of their past six.Projected No. 11 seedsNorthern Iowa (MVC), *Stanford, Indiana, *Arkansas, Arizona StateNorthern Iowa (20-4): NET/Pom/KPI: 40/41/43. vs. Q1: 1-1. vs. Q2: 3-1. vs. Q3/4: 18-2Arizona State (17-8): NET/Pom/KPI: 50/58/27. vs. Q1: 4-6. vs. Q2: 3-2. vs. Q3/4: 10-0Indiana (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 63/49/47. vs. Q1: 4-7. vs. Q2: 2-2. vs. Q3/4: 10-0*Arkansas (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 48/44/48. vs. Q1: 2-5. vs. Q2: 2-4. vs. Q3/4: 12-0*Stanford (16-9): NET/Pom/KPI: 37/45/58. vs. Q1: 2-5. vs. Q2: 2-3. vs. Q3/4: 12-1Thoughts: We’ll put two of the First Four teams here and two on the 12-seed line. That’s all I feel confident about right now.Projected No. 12 seeds*Purdue, *Georgetown, ETSU (Southern), Yale (Ivy), Liberty (Atlantic Sun)*Purdue (14-12): NET/Pom/KPI: 33/26/56. vs. Q1: 3-9. vs. Q2: 4-1. vs. Q3/4: 7-2*Georgetown (15-10): NET/Pom/KPI: 43/47/34. vs. Q1: 5-9. vs. Q2: 4-1. vs. Q3/4: 6-0Thoughts: I’ve seen Purdue as high as the 9-seed line, but I just don’t get it. They’re barely .500, AND they have a pair of Q3 losses. Oh, and they’re 1-8 away from home in Q1 contests. Georgetown just picked up its best win of the year, at Butler, and this is a good time to pick up best-win-of-the-year Ws.MORE: Ranking most compelling conference races in March towards Madnesslast_img read more

Nelson Youth Soccer Kicks Off 2016 Season

first_imgNelson Youth Soccer House Leagues run until the Association takes the summer off before resuming action in September.Meanwhile, Rep teams have already played the opening tournament of the season in the Okanagan’s Lake Country.Next up is a Rep Tournament in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.Nelson hosts its annual Terry Walgren Tournament and Jamboree May 15-16 at the Lakeside Soccer Pitches. The sun broke through the clouds on a spectacular opening day weekend for Nelson Youth Soccer.The association, with more than 950 registered players, kicked off the 2016 with House League action Saturday for all ages.last_img

Warriors wait on Foran

first_imgForan remains questionable for the trip to Perth, still nursing the injury he sustained in the second half of the Warriors’ Round 14 clash with the Gold Coast Titans, with coach Stephen Kearney including Hingano on the bench as cover at this stage.With veteran hooker Issac Luke (shoulder) already a confirmed out, it’s likely Hingano will feature in the final 17 as the back-up rake even if Foran does play, and the 20-year-old told NRL.com that he will be ready to start if required.”My preparation is going to be the same whether I am playing in the halves or at hooker,” Hingano said.”I took being able to start in the halves last week as a moment of opportunity, I definitely got a lot of confidence from it ahead of this weekend.”If I end up in the middle then I’ll have two good halves next to me who I’ll listen to and just play my role.”Meanwhile Kearney gave an update on the progress of both Foran and Luke, while endorsing Hingano as the man for the job at either standoff or hooker.”[Kieran’s] a lot further ahead this week than he was last week, so we are quietly confident,” Kearney said.”[Issac] has pulled up pretty well and obviously after this week we get the opportunity to rest for the bye, so depending on how his rehab goes we anticipate he will be back for the Penrith game [in Round 19].”[Ata] could potentially [play dummy-half], he has played a little bit of time in there before at NRL level and I am sure he can fill in there quite easily.”  Photo: NRL Photos.Kieran Foran remains in some doubt for the Warriors.last_img read more

Irfaan Ali has what it takes to be the presidential candidate

first_imgDear Editor,Leadership is one of the first characteristics that people think of when they consider the role of a presidential candidate. It is evident that voters within the central committee of the PPP used leadership as the most important factor in choosing a presidential candidate and of course the popularity of the candidate among the central committee is highly dependent in influencing the outcome of the presidential candidate.The PPP in choosing Irfaan Ali as their presidential candidate has indeed elevated a leader from among various other leaders.While it is not easy to have yourself scrutinised, criticised and sometimes even brutalized, you have to show great courage and that was a key factor that made Cde Mohamed Irfaan Ali emerge as the PPP presidential candidate.Personality, character, intelligence, integrity, patience, tolerance, coupled with a combination of experience and personal achievements is the trademark in making Cde Irfaan Ali the party choice.While Cde Irfaan Ali has an excellent track record, we need to focus on some of the achievements that were made under his stewardship and then people can understand why he was chosen by the leadership of the PPP. He:– lifted thousands of families out of poverty– provided security of tenure for thousands of poor and working people-opened the doors for thousands of people to access loans who were excluded before due to poverty.– increased the percentage of women in property ownership and independence– provided safe and clean accommodation for families– made clean potable water and electricity to about 90 per cent accessible– created new communities that are mixed ethnically, unlike the past– provided access to goods and services in new housing schemes eg schools, health centres etc– gave access to land in the schemes for houses of worship and playgrounds– created a boom in the construction sector that contributes over 22.6 per cent of economic growth– created 5000 jobs in the housing and construction sector– expanded the tax basis for the local governing bodies with new schemes– encouraged the creation of new community-based organisations.There is no doubt that the presidential candidate would enhance the PPP/C at the next election. Let me close by saying that “New ideas are driven by brave people willing to step into the arena rather than commentating from the sidelines “.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img read more

UN Launches US$1B Appeal for Global Ebola Response

first_imgThe United Nations yesterday appealed for US$1 billion needed for the first six months of 2015 to sustain the momentum to stamp out Ebola in West Africa, especially in the three worst-hit countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.”We’re beginning to see an overall decline in the number of new cases each week, ” Dr. David Nabarro, the UN Special Envoy on Ebola, told a news conference in Davos, Switzerland, at the 2015 World Economic Forum, where global leaders from across business, Government, international organizations, academia and civil society are gathered for strategic dialogues on events and trends shaping the world.Valerie Amos, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, also welcomed the “early signs of reduction of Ebola in all three countries” but noted the need to remain vigilant.Ms. Amos, who is also the UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, quoted UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as saying Wednesday,  “Complacency would be our worst enemy.”The appeal was launched by Ms. Amos and Dr. Nabarro, who are in Davos where there are some 20 scheduled events at the World Economic Forum devoted to the global fight against the Ebola epidemic.”This is an appeal for funds to support the efforts of the national governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone as they identify and treat people affected by Ebola, ensure a rapid end to the outbreak, re-establish essential social services and improve people’s food and nutrition security,” according to the appeal. “[It] includes funds needed for enabling nearby countries to reduce their people’s risk of Ebola infection.”Explaining the background to the revised US$1 billion funding appeal from January to June 2015, the UN notes that ‘some of the funding has already been raised by an earlier appeal.’In October 2014, it said, the total financial needs were estimated to be to $1.5 billion through to March 2015. By the end of 2014, $1.3 billion had been raised against this appeal. Approximately $800 million has been spent leaving $500 million available for use now in 2015.Meanwhile in Geneva yesterday, the fourth meeting of the Emergency Committee convened by the Director-General of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) met and recommended maintaining “robust” exit screening in the three affected countries, which is ‘critical for minimizing the risk of exportation of Ebola cases.’But the Committee reaffirmed the need to avoid unnecessary interference with international travel and trade, noting that more than 40 countries have implemented additional measures, such as quarantine of returning travelers and refusal of entry.”Such measures are impeding the recruitment and return of international responders,” said WHO. “They also have harmful effects on local populations by increasing stigma and isolation, and by disrupting livelihoods and economies.””The Committee concluded that the primary emphasis must continue to be on ‘getting to zero’ Ebola cases, by stopping the transmission of Ebola within the three most affected countries,” said the agency, adding: “This action is the most important step for preventing international spread. Complacency is the biggest risk to not getting to zero cases. Continued vigilance is essential.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Man nabbed in hotel with over 80 cocaine pellets

first_img…gun, ammo found A man was nabbed with in excess of 80 cocaine pellets while inside of an East Coast Demerara (ECD) hotel on Saturday.The pellets weighed 900 grams.According to a source, the pellets were intended to be swallowed by another person, who was to board an international flight that was leaving Guyana later in the day.Guyana Times understands that after the man was nabbed, he led investigators to the ECD residence of another male. Ranks then swooped down on the house and a search revealed an unlicensed firearm, along with ammunition.As a result, two other persons were also taken into custody as Police launched a search for another suspect.The man, who is yet to be arrested by the Police, is believed to be the mastermind behind the cocaine pellets that were intended to be smuggled.Meanwhile, ranks of the Guyana Police Force’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) are continuing their investigations into the matters.last_img read more

Power outage in the Charlie Lake area

first_imgWe are trying to get more information from B.C. Hydro, but their website seems to be down.  Once we get more information from Hydro, we will post an update.If you have any information to share, email news@moosefm.ca- Advertisement –last_img


first_imgDue to the incredible success of the Letterkenny Chritmas Markets, The Courtyard Shopping Centre are launching EASTER Mini-Markets with a special market this Tuesday 31st of March.It is the perfect opportunity to source Easter Gifts and Goodies as the Mini-Market will promote crafts, locally made items, bespoke items, handmade, home baking and artisan.Next Tuesday’s market will have slate art, wood burned images, handmade hair accessories, Homebaking, Knitting and Crochet. Wood Products, Personalised items and Embroidery, Plants and SPECIAL Easter goodies and Spring Gifts.     COURTYARD SHOPPING CENTRE LAUNCH EASTER MINI-MARKETS was last modified: March 30th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:BusinessCourtyard Shopping CentreEasterFeaturesMini-MaretsNoticeslast_img read more