NIAID expands trial of West Nile treatment

first_img The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said the drug contains WNV antibodies derived from blood donors in Israel, where the disease has circulated for decades. The drug, called Omr-IgG-am, is used in Israel to treat people with primary immune deficiencies, such as those associated with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, according to Walla Dempsey, PhD, NIAID program officer for the clinical trial. Patients will receive Omr-IgG-am, made by the Israeli company Omrix, or one of two placebos. The goal of the trial is to assess the drug’s safety and begin to assess its effectiveness against West Nile encephalitis, the NIAID said. See also: Dempsey said the drug has been used off-label to treat a few West Nile patients in Israel. “Those were anecdotal cases,” she said. “Some people got better and some didn’t. This is why we’re doing the placebo-controlled trial.” With no specific treatment available for WNV, clinicians “have few options besides supportive care,” NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, MD, noted in the release. The trial began at 36 sites in the United States and Canada last September and is expected to add about 24 more sites this summer, the NIAID said in a news release. The goal is to enroll up to 110 adults who have WNV-related encephalitis or are at risk for it, the agency said. Just seven patients have been enrolled in the trial so far, all of them last year, Dempsey told CIDRAP News. Jul 13 NIAID news release No results on the effectiveness of the drug in the US patients are available yet, Dempsey said. “The safety monitoring committee has reviewed the safety reports and they’re satisfied that there are no issues,” she added. Jul 16, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – A government-sponsored trial of the safety and effectiveness of a drug to combat encephalitis in West Nile virus (WNV) patients is being expanded this summer, federal officials announced this week. In other developments, 30 new cases of WNV illness were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from Jul 7 through 13, bringing this year’s total to 108, the CDC said yesterday. Sixty-one cases involved neurologic manifestations (encephalitis, meningitis, or myelitis). Cases have been reported in 10 states, with 47 in Arizona alone. Two potential WNV vaccines are in the early stages of testing, Dempsey noted. One is being developed by Acambis and the other by the NIAID itself, she said. Dempsey said Omr-IgG-am is the only potential West Nile treatment the NIAID is currently testing in a clinical study. The agency has a WNV drug screening program that has tested more than 750 compounds, a few of which have shown promise in the laboratory, she added. CDC’s WNV report in Jul 16 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report read more

Do key stakeholders in the tourism of the cities of Split, Šibenik and Zadar perceive the tourist system as efficient and functional?

first_imgIn the following chart, blue represents the local level, red the county level, and green the national level of the system. As can be seen, the respondents are the most dissatisfied with the national level of the system, and in terms of cities, the respondents are the most dissatisfied with the city of Zadar.For all observed tasks, all levels, local (Split, Šibenik, Zadar), county (Split-Dalmatia, Šibenik-Knin, Zadar) and national levels (CNTB) there was a negative deviation of satisfaction from the importance for each examined task, for all three cities together and for each city individually, which indicates that stakeholders believe that tourist boards are not performing tasks as they should and that tasks need to be performed more efficiently.Observing the satisfaction and importance of the activities performed by stakeholders (travel agencies, private renters, hotels, public institutions, tourist guides, restaurants, hostels) for each of them there was also a negative deviation of satisfaction from the importance. Regarding the overall satisfaction with the system, the largest number of respondents is neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 43% of them, 25% of respondents are satisfied, 22% dissatisfied, 8% extremely dissatisfied and only 2% extremely satisfied. The highest overall average score of job satisfaction was achieved by Split (3,17), followed by Šibenik (3,00) and Zadar with (2,52). The overall average score for all three observed cities was 2,88, therefore, weighing towards dissatisfaction.As many as 76% of respondents support the formation of tourist boards of regions and areas in relation to the existing tourist boards of counties, towns, cities and municipalities. 67% of respondents support the financing of tourist boards primarily through sojourn taxes and tourist membership fees. 69% of respondents believe that the current distribution of income in the ratio of 65% is local, 25% national and 10% county goods and should remain so. Respondents were also asked several open-ended questions. The first question was who should be at the head of the local tourist board, the majority of respondents answered that it should be a “tourism professional with many years of work experience in tourism”, and then how it certainly should not be the mayor or someone from policy ”.Respondents cited “politics, flatulence and unprofessional staff”, “inactivity, sluggishness, slow change, inefficiency” and “lack of coordination and synergy and strategy” as key system problems. Respondents would change staff and education “” depoliticize the system, exclude political staffing “and” better coordinate and communicate with all levels of the system, better communication with the private sector, going to the field, implementing the strategy. “Based on all the above, it can be concluded that the existing system of tourist boards at all three levels from the perspective of key stakeholders in Split, Šibenik and Zadar is not efficient or functional, nor are respondents satisfied with the tasks of any of the three observed levels. Based on foreign examples of good practice and research results, the author gave an opinion on the existing problems, but also recommendations on the reorganization of the system. The first step, which is envisaged by the proposal of the Law on Tourist Boards and Promotion of Croatian Tourism from 2015, according to him, is the organization of the system according to the principles of destination management organization, which presupposes the establishment of tourist organizations primarily on geographical-historical principles and borders, often bypassing administrative borders. , and the principles of tourist offer.The future system would consist of the National Tourist Organization (CNTB), regional tourist organizations (Dalmatia, Lika and Gorski kotar, Istria, Kvarner, Central Croatia and Zagreb, Međimurje and Slavonia), tourist organizations of the area and tourist information centers. According to him, tourist organizations in the area should be mandatory, and not be established only if the mayors and mayors of two or more cities and municipalities agree, as provided by the existing law. Tourist boards of the area should be the main carriers of tourism development, create a complete tourist product imbued with geographical and historical characteristics and thematic characteristics of the tourist offer, and would be created by merging tourist boards of cities, municipalities and towns.Thus, for example, the area of ​​Dalmatia would be covered by the regional tourist organization of Dalmatia, which would be promoted and branded on the tourist market as a coastal region rich in bathing areas, rich cultural and historical identity, unique in the world. The level below it would consist of tourist organizations of the area that would be created by merging tourist boards of cities and municipalities (eg Makarska Riviera by merging tourist boards of Baška Voda, Brela, Makarska, Tučepi and others) and tourist organizations of four big cities (Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik ). Equally, the best example of the formation of tourist boards in the area can be Splitska zagora, or Cetina region.In the area of ​​today’s Cetina region, there are three local tourist boards, Vrlika, Sinj and Trilj. Each of them can hardly achieve significant success by promoting only their own city, but by merging the three tourist communities and forming a tourist organization of the “Cetina region”, the basis is created for the development of adventure tourism (rafting, kayaking, paragliding), cycling, cultural tourism (Sinjska Alka, medieval fortifications of the Cetina region, Our Lady of Sinj, etc.), rural tourism, agrotourism. The tasks of informing visitors and providers of tourist services would be led by tourist information centers that would be part of the tourist boards of the area and larger cities.As for the presidents of tourist boards, according to the current law, local tourist boards are headed by mayors and mayors, headed by county prefects, and headed by the national minister of tourism. The system should be completely depoliticized, as the respondents themselves pointed out, so the management of the system of tourist boards should be completely left to the tourism profession. Tourism organizations would exist as public authorities (public tourism organizations) or public-private partnerships, but would function as an independent body that works closely with city, county, and state governments.Prika. The results of the research can be used by all those who want and can act in the direction of improving the existing system of tourist social organization in the Republic of Croatia, especially decision makers or leaders of tourist boards at all levels.Author: Ante Budimir Bekan, mag.oec.Attachment: Graduation thesis Ante Budimir Bekan, mag.oec. / Analysis of the tourist social organization in the Republic of Croatia from the perspective of key stakeholders of the three selected citiesI invite all faculties to get involved in loud thinking and popularization of the profession and to send ( scientific master’s theses and doctoral dissertations of their former students so that important research, papers and thoughts get as many readers as possible and most importantly to valuable papers gave new added value. All with the aim of educating, encouraging thinking, promoting science and constructive discussion because two voices are always smarter than one. We bring you a very interesting research and graduate thesis by Ante Budimir Bekan, mag.oec. , who for the purposes of his thesis conducted a study of the efficiency of the system of tourist boards in the Republic of Croatia from the perspective of key stakeholders in the cities of Split, Šibenik and Zadar.In the diploma thesis “Analysis of the tourist social organization in the Republic of Croatia from the perspective of key stakeholders of the three selected cities” mag.oec. Ante Budimir Bekan under the mentorship of Assoc. Smiljana Pivčević from the Faculty of Economics in Split, conducted an empirical research of the opinions of key stakeholders in tourism in the three coastal cities of Split, Šibenik and Zadar on the existing system of tourist boards in the Republic of Croatia.The system of tourist boards operates according to the Law on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism from 2008, despite its numerous shortcomings. Recently, the issue of amending the law and accepting the bill, which has been on hold since 2015, has been reopened, and it presupposes the establishment of a system according to the principles of the destination management organization. In 2015, a total of 312 units were registered in the system of tourist boards, of which: Main Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board, 20 Tourist Boards, 10 Tourist Boards, Tourist Boards of the City of Zagreb, 116 Tourist Boards, 149 Tourist Boards , 15 TZ places, 1 TZ of the island.1 Therefore, the findings of this paper and the research are very current and interesting. Moreover, to the knowledge and surprise of the authors, no research on this very topic has been conducted in Croatia so far, and therefore they are even more interesting.110 respondents participated in the research, of which 43 from the area of ​​Split, 36 from the area of ​​Zadar and 31 respondents from the area of ​​the city of Šibenik. Observing the activities, the largest number is travel agencies, private renters, hotels, public institutions (museums, galleries, etc.), tourist guides, hostels and others (associations, attractions, transportation services).The key question posed in the paper is: Do key stakeholders in the tourism of the cities of Split, Šibenik and Zadar perceive the TZ system as efficient and functional?The research used the IPA (importance-performance analysis engl.) Methodology, which compares the importance of performing a particular task and the satisfaction of stakeholders with performing it. Thus, subtracting the average rating of importance from satisfaction results in positive or negative differences (gaps engl.). Stakeholder attitudes were examined on a Likert scale from 1 to 5, and the results are shown in graphs for all three levels of the system and in total. Blue columns show satisfaction, green importance, and red the difference between them.Source: 1 List of tourist boards in the Republic of Croatia taken from: (accessed on 28.8.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX)last_img read more

‘I’m living a lie’: Transgender ‘woman’ wants to become a man again

first_imgLifeSiteNews 2 October 2014A British man is asking the National Health Service (NHS) to pay to turn him into a man again after he found that the taxpayer-funded sex-change surgery he had seven years ago to make him a “woman” left him depressed and despondent.“I feel like I am living a lie,” 30-year-old Matthew “Chelsea” Attonley told the Mirror. “I have always longed to be a woman, but no amount of surgery can give me an actual female body.”“It is exhausting putting on make-up and wearing heels all the time. Even then I don’t feel I look like a proper woman,” he complained, adding that “I suffered from depression and anxiety as a result of the [female] hormones, too…I can’t work at the moment because I am too upset after what I have been through. ”“I have realized it would be easier to stop fighting the way I look naturally and accept that I was born a man physically,” he said.Chelsea, who now wants to return to his original name of Matthew, lives on welfare benefits, according to the Mirror, and insists that he does not feel guilty about asking taxpayers to pay for the reversal surgery and hormone treatment. read more

TREÑAS EXTENDS QUARANTINE: Defensor seen to make similar move

first_imgIloilo province and city started theirenhanced community quarantine on March 20. People were advised to stay at homeand go out only for basic and/or emergency purchases and matters such as buyingmedicines and food. With a few exemptions, all public and private offices,schools, churches, and businesses temporarily ceased their operations. BY IME SORNITO and GLENDA TAYONA The city’s chief executive is takingcue from the national government which extended the enhanced communityquarantine in Luzon Island up to April 30. Limiting the movement of people aimsto also limit or even stop the transmission of COVID-19 ILOILO City – Two more weeks. Theenhanced community quarantine in this city would be extended, announced MayorJerry Treñas on Tuesday night. According to Treñas, the extensionwill be until April 30. He consulted, among others, medicaldoctors and businessmen before deciding, he stressed. The quarantine, which placed about 110 millionpeople under quarantine, was set to be lifted by midnight of April 13. As of April 7, the Philippines recorded 3,660cases of COVID-19 and 163 fatalities./PN Only vital establishments are allowedto operate such as hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, and gas stations,among others.  Public transport stopped,too. “We are doing this because we understand ourresponsibilities as the regional center for trade in Western Visayas,” saidTreñas. The measure suspended public transportation,prohibited mass gatherings and even ordered the temporary closure of somebusinesses, excluding hospitals, groceries and drug stores, and other essentialestablishments. In Iloilo province, Gov. ArthurDefensor Jr. is seriously considering the same. He cited the rising number ofpersons under monitoring (PUMs) for possible coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19) infection. “Angdirection naton, ma-extend kita. Maybetomorrow (April 8) ang desisyon mahumanna aton,” he said on Tuesday. The number of PUMs is rising, he said,due to the assiduous contract tracing being made every time a COVID-19 case isconfirmed. The quarantine period in both thiscity and Iloilo province are scheduled to end on April 14. A curfew is also being enforced from 8 p.m. to5 a.m. PUMs are being subjected to 14 days ofhome quarantine. On Defensor’s part, he said thequarantine extension in the province would likely be until April 30, too. In Metro Manila on Tuesday, President RodrigoDuterte approved the extension of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantineuntil April 30, the interagency task force on COVID-19 announced. LOOK: COVID-19 FILM SHOWING FOR CURFEW VIOLATORS. The Iloilo City Police Office gathered these individuals who defied quarantine rules at the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand for a film showing about #COVID-19. ICPO Facebook As of April 7, the number of confirmedCOVID-19 cases in the province was at 13. “We are at war with something we can’t see,”said Treñas.last_img read more

Batesville police, fire, and EMS October reports

first_imgBATESVILLE, Ind. – The Batesville Police Department and Batesville Fire & EMS are reviewing their monthly reports.Police were called for service a total of 613 times in October. Officers initiated 151 traffic stops and investigated 23 vehicle accidents.Police Chief Stan Holt said dispatchers were also called for multiple reasons, ranging from domestic-related incidents, alarms and suspicious activity.The incident report shows a total of 28 investigations that were launched due to possible criminal behavior.Batesville firefighters responded to seven fire alarms, including the Safe Passage blaze on October 5.Fire Chief Todd Schutte said the fires added up to approximately $30,000 in property damage.A total of 58 emergency runs were conducted last month, which included structure fires, vehicles crashes and medical emergencies.last_img read more

No regrets for Jol

first_img “Martin had been impressive and I was inclined to give him the job,” Ferguson writes in ‘My Autobiography’. Jol went cold on the idea of becoming Ferguson’s number two, and the Scot ended up taking Queiroz back on soon after anyway after he was sacked from his position at the Bernabeu. “I never wanted to (take the job),” the Fulham manager told a press conference. “I don’t think I am someone who can work as an assistant. “If you look at the coaches who were with him – it was not easy for them to (become a number one). Queiroz was probably the exception to the rule. “The rest stayed as an assistant. Rene Meulensteen is still struggling to be a number one somewhere now.” Jol, who went on to manage Ajax, Tottenham and Hamburg before joining Fulham, admits he enjoyed the experience of the interview, but he joked that he has never forgiven the now-retired United boss for not covering his expenses. “It was always nice to talk to him because he is a good man,” Jol added. Ferguson revealed in his autobiography, which was released on Thursday, that he wanted to make Jol his assistant at Manchester United when Carlos Queiroz left to take over at Real Madrid in the 2003-04 season. Jol caught a flight from Holland to Manchester to be interviewed by Ferguson, and the Scot was impressed with what the Dutchman, who was then managing RKC Waalwijk, had to say. Martin Jol does not regret his decision to reject Manchester United, and has revealed that he had to pay for his own flight to the north-west for his interview with Sir Alex Ferguson. Press Association “But don’t forget that he is Scottish so I had to pay for my own ticket! He never gave me my money back!” Although Jol has had a successful career in management since leaving Holland, he has been under pressure in recent weeks following Fulham’s poor start to the season. Their form has improved of late, though. The Cottagers have won their last two games, including an impressive 4-1 win at Crystal Palace on Monday night. Owner Shahid Khan was at Selhurst Park to watch his team brush aside the Eagles and he is expected to be at St Mary’s Stadium on Saturday for Fulham’s trip to Mauricio Pochettino’s Southampton. Jol insists he maintains a good relationship with Khan and is looking forward to seeing him this weekend when his NFL franchise the Jacksonville Jaguars play the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley. “When he is here we talk to each other and if he is not we don’t,” said Jol, who will sit in an executive box with Khan at Wembley. “He will be in our offices (at the training ground) and of course we will go to the (American Football) game on Sunday because it’s a big game for them.” Brede Hangeland is doubtful for the trip to Southampton because of a nerve problem and Bryan Ruiz could miss out with a back injury. Meanwhile, Jol has reiterated his desire to keep hold of Steve Sidwell, who is out of contract at the end of the season. “We are talking to him, we offered him one, so who knows what will happen,” the 57-year-old said. “We are talking to Steve and for me there is no difference, for me he can stay for two years.” last_img read more

Larsson pens new deal

first_img Press Association The 28-year-old Sweden international, whose existing deal was due to expire at the end of this month, has committed his future to the Black Cats until the summer of 2017. Upon signing the contract he said: “I’m delighted to have signed a new deal with the club. I’ve had talks with (manager) Gus (Poyet) and (sporting director) Lee Congerton and I feel that this is a club moving in the right direction and I want to be part of it.” Sunderland midfielder Sebastian Larsson has signed a three-year contract extension. center_img Larsson was one of three out-of-contract players Poyet hoped to retain after the club’s remarkable surge to Barclays Premier League safety last season, but the first to give him the answer he was looking for. Full-back Phil Bardsley decided instead to join Stoke, while midfielder Jack Colback, who is interesting a series of suitors including West Ham and Newcastle, has yet to make a decision. Larsson revealed he too had options, but decided to stay where he was having made 41 appearances last season. He said: “I had a few options, but I want to be at Sunderland and I’m looking forward to the new season.” The Swede’s decision will come as a boost to Poyet as he attempts to avoid a relegation fight next season. He and Congerton have wasted little time in making their moves with West Brom full-back Billy Jones and Wigan midfielder Jordi Gomez having already been drafted in as free signings to replace the departed Bardsley and Craig Gardner. last_img read more

Gajanand Singh rallies DCC to UWI T20 final

first_img…to meet winner of 2nd semis between Cane Farm and MerryboysBy Brij ParasnathTO be a batting star in one T20 match takes a special effort. To be the shining star in two consecutive T20 matches on the same day, takes extraordinary mental, physical and emotional strength and resolve. But to repeat and shine in three consecutive matches is certainly a phenomenal occurrence in modern-day cricket.Well, Demerara Cricket Club’s Gajanand Singh has gone that step further and carved a unique niche accomplishment with three consecutive unbeaten fifties in three matches for the Georgetown-based club in their first outing of the UWI UNICOM T20 series.With those heroics he carried a depleted DCC team, without the services of Guyana’s stalwarts Christopher Barnwell,Paul Wintz and youthful Sharfane Rutherford,to the semi-final encounter against the defending champion team, Club Crusoe, in the much anticipated match which was contested on Friday evening at the Sir Frank Worrell ground, St Augustine Campus.Barnwell and Wintz are members of the Guyana national senior 50-overs squad preparing for the WICB Super50 tournament while Rutherford returned to Guyana to play in the Super50 practice matches at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.Many real cricket connoisseurs and followers were asking the question if such heroic batting feats have been recorded before at any level.With the proliferation of so many T20 tournaments globally within the last decade, it is not easy to track that type of information,except for T20 Internationals and sanctioned T20 franchises. It is a rare occurrence and Gajanand Singh has found himself in a new league and created a new interest in T20 batsmanship.Surprisingly, the left-handed Singh maintained his high level of consistency and elevated his amazing prolific batting form to yet another stratospheric level by chalking up his fourth consecutive match-winning fifty, a stunning undefeated 88 that propelled DCC to the grand finale, which is scheduled for tonight, at the same venue, from 18:00 hrs.DCC will meet the winner of the second semi-final match between the star-studded Cane Farm United and Merryboys which was scheduled to be decided last night under floodlights.Having been set a challenging victory target of 188 in 20 overs, DCC, led by the still unconquerable Singh,rose to the occasion and pulled off a sensational win with one full over to spare.Overall, the 29-year-old Singh has now amassed 263 runs without being dismissed on any of the four occasions. His match-winning scores of 64no, 55no, 56no and 88no gives him an incomparable average of 263.00.DCC are now on the cusp of an historic achievement, mainly due to the glorious batting heroism of Gajanand Singh and former Guyana and West Indies player Derwin Christian,who battled through to the end and remained undefeated on 42,when the seven-wicket victory was achieved and celebrated.DCC raced to 193 for three wickets in 19 overs,with Singh once again being the batting mainstay and chief scorer. The elegant left-hander stroked two sixes and eleven fours off 46 balls while Christian smacked two sixes and four fours off 23 deliveries.Together, they entertained and raised the hopes of Guyanese during their unbroken 95-run fourth wicket stand that destroyed the Tobagonians dreams of another T20 crown and the grand first prize of TT$35,000.Singh had earlier shared three useful partnerships:35 runs with Andrew Lyght jnr (21 runs 4x4s off 21 balls) in a first wicket stand;31 with Kemol Savory (19 runs, 1×6 and 2x4s off 12 balls) in a second wicket stand,and 33 with Cohen Ismond (5 runs off 13 balls),in a 33-run third wicket partnership that moved the score to 97 for three in 11.1 overs.Skipper Christian joined Singh and together they batted positively and defied everything that the Tobagonians had to offer and rallied to an impressive victory. The Guyanese outfit will definitely take that momentum into tonight’s final when they face their sternest test,against much higher quality opponents, who are better suited to this type of cricket.The other two semi-finalists are Cane Farm United and Merryboys. Cane Farm United comprise West Indies and T&T stars Denesh Ramdin, Lendl Simmons, Evin Lewis, Ravi Rampaul, Rayad Emrit, Imran Khan, Jon Russ Jagessar and Roshon Primus,while Merryboys have Lincoln Roberts, Aniel Kanhai, Marlon Richards, Isaiah Rajah, Ricky Jaipaul and Rishaard Harris in their line-up.During the Club Crusoe innings, Gajanand Singh also starred with the ball and picked up two wickets for 41 runs while pacer Kellon Carmichael claimed two for 32 from his four overs. Singh bowled the dangerous Christopher Vincent for 34 that included two sixes and five fours off nineteen deliveries and did likewise to Keon Celestine who made two runs.Navin Stewart topscored for Club Crusoe with a belligerent 47 that was studded with six massive sixes and one four off twenty two balls,while the other contributors were Iraq Thomas 25 (2x6s and 2x4s off 15 balls) and Leron Lezama 39 (3x6s and 1×4 off 30 balls).Christian (2-0-21-1) and Ashmead Nedd (4-0-21-1) also got a wicket each and much will depend on them along with Keemo Paul (4-0-38-0) and Ismond (2-0-27-0) to stem the flow of runs in the showdown for the top prize.last_img read more

NCF President Pledges Good Outing in ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier

first_imgThe President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF), Professor Adam Yahaya Ukwenya has assured Nigerians of a good outing as the national cricket team prepares to face regional rivals for T-20 World Cup and African Cup tickets between April 14 and 30, 2018 at the Tafawa Balewa Square Cricket Oval in Lagos.“It is unprecedented in our cricket history for Nigeria to be given hosting rights for two back-to-back qualifying tournaments ICC T20 (April 14-22) and African Cricket Association T20 (April 24-30). Its a measure of confidence on the new board of NCF and Nigeria.“I believe in the freshness of our national team right now and the very vibrant technical crew spiced up with the inclusion of a Technical Consultant in the person of South African Cricket legend, Makhaya Ntini. “We are building a team for the future and we have this same level of freshness running through all our national teams”.The International Cricket Council (ICC) sub-regional T-20 World Cup qualifier will feature the national men’s cricket teams of Ghana, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria as the host country while the ACA Qualifier will include two more national teams from Mali and Cameroon.According to Prof Ukwenya, “I have confidence of great performance from our team at these events and I am more assured of the future of cricket in the coming years.”The Nigeria Cricket Federation had earlier announced partnership with some corporate organisations including, Eroton Exploration and Production Company, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions and Transport Services Ltd (TSL).As host state, the Lagos State Government, through the Lagos State Sports Commission, is also supporting the NCF in hosting the tournament.Meanwhile, Captain of the Nigerian national team, Chimezie Onwuzulike, has said that the team is in high spirit and is ready for the task ahead.“I am very excited about the quality of the players that we have in camp and most especially the atmosphere. This gives us confidence and I believe we would be at our best for the sub-regional qualifiers,” he noted.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Speaking out

first_imgStudents who protested in front of Tommy Trojan yesterday chanted “Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! Mubarak has got to go!” Tim McNally, a senior majoring in international relations, said he was rallying for his friends in Cairo. “I am here in support of the Egyptian people and their efforts to overthrow tyranny and realize freedom,” McNally said.Robin Laird | Daily Trojanlast_img