2Switt’s Grit to Fit

first_imgHis status as being the voice behind a new sound of storytelling composition to come out of Liberia has many citizens wondering, who is 2Switt?Proclaimed by UNMIL radio recently on the Chris Wolo show as having the best Liberian humanitarian track of the year (2013) “Why She Cry” featuring F.A.; LIB LIFE deemed it necessary to catch up with this talented brother and ask him where all of this swag and storytelling flair came from.LIB LIFE: 2Switt, your name is all over Liberia about the contributions that you’re making to the industry. It’s like you fell out of the sky, and we want to know from whence you came.  2Switt: Ha-ha. I came from Gardnersville to be precise, but have been schooling and living in Sierra Leone since I was 8 years old. My father is a Sierra Leonean and that’s why I talk like this. Even though I sound very Sierra Leonean, I’m a Liberian, that’s for sure.LIB LIFE: The track “Why she cry” was not the first track that you’ve done in your lengthy career, so tell us about the other tracks you’ve made.2Switt: I’ve done “Will you be there for me”, “We did it now”, “Thank you Lord” ft Bernice Blackie, “Who dat boy deh” ft DJ Blue and “Party hard” ft Cypha D’King. I have new tracks out, including “I’m sorry” ft Quincy B and “Why she cry”, featuring F.A.LIB LIFE: You have the gift to draw a vivid picture for your audience through your lyrics and story telling. Where did you muster up such creativity?2Switt: I’ve been in music for a very long time, in fact, my father gave me my first recording studio when I was 11 years old. So, I grew up doing music with big musicians in Salone and was known as MID.LIB LIFE: There’s word that you wrote the song that won the president’s writer contest, are you that good of a writer?2Switt: I collaborated with Quincy B and wrote the song that won the president’s competition. I am good at helping to polish people’s songs, but some people feel small when somebody gives them written music here. You should not feel small but bigger in fact because other people writing your tracks can help you to sound different.LIB LIFE: So it’s important to grow in the industry, even if that means taking instruction and being critiqued by other people?2Switt: Yes! I work with people all of the time so I can get the best out of myself. Working with people allows them to tell me where I fall short, if I’m not doing too well. I want you to tell me so I can better myself. This industry is teamwork, tell me where I fall short, and I’ll tell you where you fall short.LIB LIFE: Your accent seems to be the golden treasure in your songs, but do you find it hard having a foreign accent in your own country?2Switt: People get confused that I’m not a Liberian, maybe because I’m supposed to speak “Colo”. Many Liberians don’t know what it takes to grow up in a foreign country. So when they call me foreigner, the pain that adds to that makes me feel bad.LIB LIFE: I can understand. I guess that means there are great big challenges that you have to maneuver around? Being 2Switt’s not easy is it?2Switt: Ha-ha. That’s what brought me back home, something was done to me and I was the victim. My sister asked me to come back home to start fresh. Some people didn’t want to see me at a certain place at a certain time, and that’s what happened to me and how I was the victim.LIB LIFE: With all of the challenges comes champagne and celebration, new things at the end. Tell me, what do you have in store for us this 2014 now that you’ve been rated so high by the show on UNMIL radio?2Switt: Right now I am doing a project with UNMIL and working on 2 to 3 concerts. Next month I will be participating in the East vs. West concert battle in Sierra Leone along with musicians from all over Africa.LIB LIFE: Great. With all of that said, will you be able to remain 2014’s musical prodigy in our steadily growing industry?2Switt: I can assure you that not only in Liberia, but I’m one of the best rappers in Liberia. From what I’ve heard and seen, I know that I am the best storyteller, and will make the heat and be ahead of my game. People just want to hear something different no matter who brings it, and I’m fortunate to be that person. Everybody does Colloquia, and for a change people want to see Liberia differently, and I’m the only person who sounds different right now.LIB LIFE: Before we go, I just want to know if you will be able to maintain how differently you sound now that you are no longer in Sierra Leone?2Switt: I can maintain my accent and have switched my style now to give my fans more than what they heard last year.LIB LIFE: Nice having you here and we look forward to having all of your music and seeing you in concert. Would you like to share anything before we go?2Switt: Oh yeah. No girlfriend, single and definitely looking forward to being with a beautiful Liberian woman. Thought I’d share that about myself. (Laughter) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lindener on bail for causing death of motorcyclist

first_imgA 20-year-old Lindener was placed on 0,000 bail when he appeared at the Linden Magistrate’s Court to answer to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving.Deceased: Michael FoxCleon Nicholas, of Lot 1568 Central Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Linden, appeared before Magistrate Clive Nurse. The prosecution is contending that on June 3, Nicholas drove the motor car bearing licence plate number PTT 2372 along the Amelia’s Ward Public Road in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of Michael Fox.Nicholas has, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge. Fox was killed when the unregistered CBR motorcycle he was riding at the time slammed into the right end of the car’s trunk.last_img

Lonestar Cell MTN Begins ‘21 Days of Y’ello Care’

first_imgLiberia’s leading mobile telecommunications giant Lonestar Cell MTN (LCC/MTN) will today, June 1, begin its flagship corporate volunteering initiative ‘21 Days of Y’ello Care’ with an official launch at the Monrovia Elementary Demonstration School on Clay Street, central Monrovia, according to a press release.The ‘21 Days of Y’ello Care’ campaign is an annual employee volunteer platform which was inaugurated in June 2007 by the MTN Group for staff in all 22 African countries where it operates to dedicate their resources and time (between 1 and 21 June) to support education initiatives in their local communities.Under the theme “Investing in Education for All,” Lonestar Cell MTN employees will for 21 days work to make the learning environment of many young people more conducive by improving infrastructure and facilities, promoting digital learning and teaching, as well as donating equipment and learning materials.This year’s edition of the campaign is targeting six different schools in Monrovia, including Loma Quarter Elementary School, A. Glenn Tubman Elementary School, Monrovia Demonstration Elementary School, Matadi Community Elementary School, C. D. B. King Elementary School and the Gaye Town Elementary & Junior High School. The initiative will also cover a school in each county where the company has a service center.Lonestar Cell MTN has managed through its ‘21 Days of Y’ello Care’ program to impact many schools across the country in various ways, including but not limited to setting up computer labs, library, donating school materials, teaching, and refurbishing schools.The release said Lonestar Cell MTN is the leading GSM communication company in Liberia that has been operating since June 2001, and is a subsidiary of MTN South Africa, a leader in international telecommunications which operates in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

House of NyahBinghi observes Black History Month

first_imgCountries worldwide continue to adopt Black History Month, and Guyana’s House of NyahBinghi will host a series of events to mark the festivities.The East Coast Demerara communities of Bachelor’s Adventure and Paradise will be venue to a host of activities planned to mark this year’s Black History MonthCuffy: The 1763 Monument depicting the “Great Rebellion” that occurred on Plantation Magdalenenburg, in Canje, Berbiceobservances. Over the next three days, the House of NyahBinghi will host lectures and documentaries at Bare Root, Bachelor’s Adventure from 18:00h, and special focus will be placed on development of Rastafarian Youth, especially in the area of agricultural business ventures.The organisers explained on Thursday that during the various programmes there will be drumming, chanting and dancing at various locations from February 9 to 11, including at Mocha on the East Bank of Demerara and Sophia in, Greater Georgetown. The activities will culminate at Buxton from Republic Day to February 25, 2018.Black History Month was originally set aside every February to highlight the challenges and achievements of African Americans, but the celebration has been adopted by a number of other countries across the globe.last_img read more

Royston King attempts to halt CoI

first_img…files motion questioning legality…challenge overruledRoyston King, Town Clerk of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown (M&CC), has been unsuccessful in his attempt on Monday to obstruct the work of the Commission of Inquiry into City Hall’s operations by filing an affidavit challenging the legality of its establishment.Royston King at Monday’s proceedings also in photo is Chairman of the CoI, Retired Justice Cecil KennardChairman of the CoI, Justice (Retd) Cecil Kennard, ruled that the probe was duly constituted, and in accordance with provisions made under the Local Government Commission Act and supplementary laws.Having been Town Clerk of the M&CC for some three years, King has been subpoenaed to present himself for questioning. He turned up on Monday with his attorney, Maxwell Edwards, at the Critchlow Labour College, where proceedings of the CoI are taking place. A five-page affidavit was submitted, which questioned the manner in which the inquiry was established, and its legality.“In terms of the affidavit, it says that…the Commission must be declined jurisdiction to conduct this inquiry, and the basis to that is, I would submit, that this Commission is void and a nullity on two grounds,” the Town Clerk’s attorney said.Edwards’s argument is that the Local Government Commission Act does not permit for an investigation to be delegated to a Commission of Inquiry, but only that of a local authority.He also alluded to the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01, which states that Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan is responsible for establishing such an investigation. He further stated that this was not done, since the Local Government Commission was the respective body that launched the investigation.“The first (point of contention) is the jurisdictional ground, and that has to do with the interpretation of Section 14 (1) and (2) of the Local Government Commission Act, under which this Commission has been established,” said Edwards.Further, he added, “Having a right under the eighth schedule [of Chapter 28:01] to establish a Commission. Certainly, this is not a Commission established by the Minister [of Communities].”However, submission from the Commission’s lawyer, Everton Singh Lammy, is that the CoI was established legitimately under provisions made by the Local Government Commission Act, and the appeal was effectively dismissed by evidence presented in Section 14.He further noted that sections of Chapter 28:01 were exercised in the Local Government Commission Act.Singh-Lammy referenced from the Act and stated, “For the purpose of the exercise and discharge of its function, the Commission shall have the power to initiate and conduct investigations into the activities of any local government organ.“For the purpose of dealing with matters before it, the Commission shall have all the powers to submit witnesses, and all the privileges and immunities as vested in a Commission appointed under the Commission of Inquiry Act,” Section 14 (2) continues.Provided with concrete evidence, the Chairman ruled, “The magnitude of such an investigation demands that the inquiry be conducted by a trained legal person, and not lay persons who are commissioners of the Local Government Commission; and one would have to adopt a realistic approach and examine all the relevant sections. Does that mean that the Local Government Commission cannot delegate some of its functions? Surely not. That would be adopting a very narrow view.“I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the various legislation, statutes, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this Commission of Inquiry was properly set up.”In an effort to shortcut the Town Clerk’s time on the evidence stand, Edwards disclosed that King was concerned about whether he would get justice from the inquiry. This was because historical records were examined by Justice Kennard after it was disclosed that King had instructed for those documents to be removed from the archives.“These are books of historical purposes that date back to 1843. What relevance would that have…with a Commission?” Edwards questioned, seemingly upset while holding a newspaper that had the story inked on the front page.Those doubts were laid to rest by the retired Justice, who outlined that to conduct a proper investigation, the issues that were brought to attention must corroborate at all angles to ensure that ideal recommendations are made. Additionally, he said, the state of affairs of these books needed to be examined as well.Representing the Commission, Attorney-at-Law Sherwin Benjamin remedied the situation by denoting, “You would appreciate that the Commission of Inquiry have to make recommendations on what is the truth, what evidence came out. We decided that out of abundance of caution, we have to investigate and ensure either side, because the information we got was conflicting.”Royston King has again been summoned to the CoI, where on Friday he will answer questions regarding several matters which were highlighted at the prior sessions. These include the no-confidence motion that was dismissed after opinions were sought from his lawyer, and the land owned by NICIL which was leased to a shipping company.No apologyPrior to commencement of the session, Justice Kennard said he was standing by the words he had directed towards Mayor Patricia Chase-Green when she had attempted to create a disturbance during her cross-examination on Friday last.Justice Kennard has been a lawyer for 56 years, during which time he had also served as State Counsel, High Court Judge, Justice of Appeal and Chancellor of the Judiciary. Moreover, he had been seconded to serve as Director of Public Prosecutions in Antigua and Barbuda.Additionally, he has been conferred with the following National Awards: The Order of Roraima (OR) and the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH).last_img read more

City commended on consultation for proposed boundary extension

first_imgPeace River Regional District Area C Director Arthur Hadland was also in attendance, by invitation of the City. Ackerman says the Ministry complimented the City on its approach, saying Fort St. John has done more consultation on its application to date than other municipalities in its situation have done. “We asked if there was anything that we missed, could anything have been done differently, or could they recommend anything be done differently, and it was really nice to hear from the Ministry that they said that Fort St. John should be commended for the comprehensive approach that was taken.” – Advertisement -Those comments coupled with the international and national awards received for the Let’s Talk Site C campaign, on which the City modeled its boundary extension consultation, Ackerman says she feels confident about the process. Once suggestion Ackerman says the Ministry did have, was that if phasing in property taxes is used as a mitigation measure for affected property owners, it should be done over a five year period, instead of 20 years as other community have done. Advertisement “[That] made it extremely difficult to manage because property can change hands so many times over 20 years, and they would prefer a five [year] window maximum.”Having the sale of land automatically trigger regular city tax rates to come into play is also advisable, instead of with the sale of a business. “If we’re halfway through the phase-in, and there was a rezoning or a subdivision or a sale of the land, it would automatically trigger it to go to the city rates.” The City has also been urging the Ministry to implement stronger guiding principles for communities looking at boundary extension, as there are very few to go by, other than that the majority of citizens included in the area not oppose the extension and that citizens of the municipality must also have the opportunity to object. Advertisement Ackerman says it’s also important to think ahead to possible future expansion plans, so that they can mirror what’s being done this time around. “We have landowners on the east side of the community that are requesting incorporation,” she says. “So when we look at what mitigation measures we may use or we may be recommending for this one, how would those play out on the other side of town?” City council will be receiving a report on the boundary extension at its meeting on October 28, which will include feedback from its consultation. It will then have to decide whether to send it back for more information and research, meaning it’s possible an application may not be made until early 2014, if at all.last_img read more

Benzema, Bale give Real victory ahead of Super Cup clash

first_img0Shares0000Time to celebrate: Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale after scoring © AFP / EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZMADRID, Spain, Aug 12 – Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale were on target as European champions Real Madrid defeated AC Milan 3-1 in a friendly on Saturday just four days from their UEFA Super Cup clash with city rivals Atletico.French striker Benzema opened the scoring at the Bernabeu with a second-minute header before former Real star Gonzalo Higuain, signed from Juventus in the summer, pulled Milan level just two minutes later. Bale restored Real’s lead with a powerful drive in first-half stoppage time before Borja Mayoral tucked away the third in injury time at the end of the match.Atletico Madrid warmed up for the Super Cup in Tallinn in Estonia with a 1-0 loss to Inter Milan at their Metropolitano stadium home.In a game played as part of the pre-season International Champions Cup, the Italians won thanks to a splendid 32nd-minute volley from Argentina’s Lautaro Martinez.Atletico’s Angel Correa had a goal ruled out by the VAR in the 43rd minute.Even the second-half introduction of French World Cup winners Antoine Griezmann and Lucas Hernandez was unable to turn the tide for the Spaniards.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more


first_imgBRISTOL ROVERS goalkeeper Conrad Logan has revealed how Packie Bonner and his dad Joe’s old socks made him want to be a professional footballer.The 6’2″ Ramelton man may only be 24 but he is on the verge of hitting the big time having spent nine years with Leicester.Having spent a number of seaosn on loan to Bristol Rovers, many feel his time is about to come. But like many others, a lot of the blame can be put at the feet of big Keadue man Packie for inspiring Conrad.“I was four in 1990 and Packie saving that penalty made a big impression on me,” he says. “I remember getting a poster of it and I would get my dad and my uncle to roll up socks and throw them, and nearly breaking my arm in the living-room diving after them.”Dad Joe was a free-scoring midfielder for Sligo Rovers and Finn Harps in the 1970s, but Conrad had no interest in playing outfield. “All through school, at St Mary’s Ramelton, and St Eunan’s Letterkenny, I was a goalie, and I also played a bit of Gaelic.”He has been acquiring some valuable experience. So far, he has experienced promotion, a Wembley final, and two relegation dog-fights, the second of which engages him at present. Most of this valuable experience has come while out on loan, and he is currently helping Bristol Rovers shore up what was the leakiest defence in League One until he arrived. In the 10 games before Logan’s arrival, Bristol had conceded 27 goals. In his first seven games, they conceded five — two of them coming when they were reduced to 10 men.“When I got the call from Bristol at Leicester’s training ground, I looked at the team and reckoned there was enough quality there to be a top-half team. I couldn’t understand why they were struggling, but losing can become a habit.”Logan’s loan has been extended to the end of the season with the Pirates. “It’s a good challenge and hopefully we’ll stay up. I knew I’d be busy, so it’s a chance to impress people.”The person he most wants to impress is Leicester and former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson.“He’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in football. He always has a word for me, shakes my hand, encourages me to go out and play games, and says that things will look after themselves after that. In that respect, I have one year left on my contract, so next year is the big one for me.” Finally, there’s the question of following Donegal men Bonner and Given into the Irish team.After being capped all the way to under 19, Logan was ignored at under 21 even when he was a regular in Leicester’s first team.“I seem to have slipped under the radar, but I want to play for my country and the only way is to get games and have people come and watch me,” he said.And with Shay Given now coming towards the end of his career, another Donegal man may just be about to stake his claim to that famous number one green jersey for Ireland. EndsRAMELTON STAR CONRAD ON WHY HE BLAMES PACKIE AND HIS DAD’S OLD SOCKS FOR HIS SUCCESS! was last modified: March 27th, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Alan Shearer nails a Lionel Richie classic on karaoke after England beat Sweden

first_img Shearer was England captain last time the Three Lions reached the semi-finals of a major tournament 1 Celebrating in a Russian restaurant,  the Geordie showed the same cool head and resolve which made him the Premier League‘s record goalscorer.Despite not having a microphone, he improvised and used a breadstick to belt out ‘All Night Long’ to the delight of Ferdinand and the rest of the (probably) bemused diners.Check out the hilarious footage below! Ever wondered what Alan Shearer would look like belting out a Lionel Richie classic in a Russian restaurant with a breadstick as a microphone?Neither have we, but thank God for the internet!Shortly after England reached the World Cup semi-final after defeating Sweden 2-0 on Saturday, the former Three Lions skipper decided to let his hair down in Russia (sorry Alan, you know what we mean).The Newcastle United legend, who is at the Finals on media duties, was caught on camera by another former England Rio Ferdinand. Loving the scenes back home… here’s the scenes in Moscow with the legend @alanshearer on the 🎤 #AllNightLong #ItsComingHome #England #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/vxmfkaaXFN— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) July 7, 2018The 47-year-old was the last England captain to lead the Three Lions to the semi-final of a major tournament, opening the scoring as Terry Venables’ side crashed out on penalties to Germany at Euro 96.England will now play Croatia on Wednesday evening for a place in the World Cup Final on July 15.talkSPORT will be with listeners all day and all night at this year’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™ with over 800 hours of World Cup content and all 64 games live across the talkSPORT network.last_img read more


first_imgApply Now for the Europe Direct Soapbox Event -it could be you!“Youth is wasted on the young”. George Bernard Shaw said it but do you agree?Make your pitch on this hot topic and you could be in line to win anApple iPad and an all-expenses paid trip to the European Commission. Organisers are calling on second and third level students, activeretirement groups, community organisations, youth groups or any member of the public who is passionate about this theme or who is interested in public speaking, to get involved.Each presentation will consist of a three minute speech for or againstthe topic “Youth is wasted on the young”.The presentation will be made at the soapbox event held in the CentralLibrary, Letterkenny on Thursday 8th November from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.The overall regional winner will walk away with an Apple iPAD and anall-expenses paid trip to the European Commission accompanied by MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher.They will also represent the North West in the national finals inFarmleigh on 20th November with a chance to scoop a €1,000 prize. The final event will be held in Farmleigh House, chaired by the Headof Representation for the European Commission Representation inIreland and prizes will be presented by the Minister of State,Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.Anyone interested in taking part in this event should contact HelenMcNutt on 074-9124950 or email eudirect@donegallibrary.ie.You can also register online at www.europedirect.ie. GET ON YER SOAPBOX – AND WIN A TRIP TO BRUSSELS! was last modified: October 18th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:GET ON YER SOAPBOX – AND WIN A TRIP TO BRUSSELS!last_img read more