Torino Italy—reported by Coleman Bentley for Elit

first_imgTorino, Italy—reported by Coleman Bentley for Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineWhere do you want to go? How do you want to see it? These are the questions Rail Europe Inc., North America’s leader in European rail travel routinely asks, endeavoring to build some of the world’s most luxurious trains on some of Europe’s most scenic lines. And with the construction of their new Italo train, winding through a glistening Italian countryside that ranks second on North America’s dream destination wish-list, Rail Europe has proven they can answer those questions as well as ask them.The Italo sets an impressive pace, its modern design and Alstom AVG technology gliding past rolling hills and villas at speeds up to 223 miles per hours. Passengers worried about sustaining such a beautiful landscape needn’t worry either, as the Italo boasts lower greenhouse gas emissions, minimized energy consumption and a self-sustaining electrical supply that is constantly recharged by the train’s electro-dynamic braking system.Climbing up from the tracks, passengers are treated to onboard accompaniments as impressive as the technology that keeps them moving. Boasting three different levels of service, the Italo offers each passenger a travel experience perfectly tailored to their needs. There are the Smart and Prima classes, providing passengers with an abundance of entertainment and relaxation options such as free Wi-Fi and the cell-phone prohibited Prima relax car, but it is the Club Class that provides the best luxury experience on rails. Two private lounge cars provide perfect meeting spaces for on-the-go business while access to private salons at Italo’s Milan and Rome service stations provide Club Class ticket holders with a true VIP experience.All of this, plus locally prepared meals crafted from the finest ingredients available at master-chef Mario Batali’s Eataly superstore, are sure to make Italo’s two 12 stops lines, dotting the country side from the foothills of the alps to the shores of the Mediterranean, more destination than transportation.www.raileurope.comlast_img

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