The Raspberry Pi gets its own app store

first_imgAlthough the Raspberry Pi runs Linux, it is a platform in its own right and has a growing range of software and support media dedicated to it. There’s also a community of users and developers writing software, tutorials, and games for the Pi. So the Raspberry Pi Foundation has responded and teamed up with IndieCity and Velocix to launch a dedicated Pi Store.The Pi Store actually runs as an application on the Raspberry Pi and will offer up both free and paid for content in a range of categories. To begin with there are 23 free downloads available spread across games, apps, tutorials, dev tools, and media.The list of content is sure to grow quickly, and parents can rest assured nothing inappropriate will appear there as everything has to pass moderation before going live. The Foundation is encouraging everyone to create content and sees it as a way not only for developers to generate some cash, but also for kids to make some pocket money. Even if your content is free you may earn some money as a tip jar is available for users to show their appreciation.A review and recommendation engine is available, meaning you can feedback on the content you download and the system will learn about your tastes and recommend new stuff accordingly.In order to gain access to the Pi Store you need to download the latest Raspbian image. Alternatively, you can install it on an existing Raspbian build using the following command:sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pistoreMore at Raspberry Pilast_img

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