Fox limits nextday streaming noncable customers have to wait 8 days to

first_imgFor those of us who prefer not to pay for cable and watch our favorite network TV shows online the next day, the next-day wait period has unfortunately been extended. No, it’s not just a day or two extra. Now, if you want to watch the latest episode of “The Simpsons” on or Hulu. Sound like a long time to wait? After all, in most states, you can register and buy a handgun in half that time. It sounds pretty ridiculous, but you can get a gun in about three days and still be waiting for access to the most recent “Glee” episode.Handguns aside (we don’t actually suggest you go buy one), Fox is taking a giant step by becoming the first broadcast network to force people to wait to watch its content online. With more and more people getting rid of their cable and using online options to watch content for free, many networks and cable companies are starting to break a sweat.AdChoices广告According to Market researcher SNL Kagan, as many as 4.5 million U.S. households could potentially ditch their cable service this year. I for one am part of that 4.5 million. After my cable bill seemed too ridiculous to justify, I got rid of my $120-a-month plan, got a Roku, and was happy watching things for free on Hulu and with my low-cost Netflix subscription.However, for people like me who don’t actually have a cable account, we can no longer just hop online the next day and watch a show we missed the night before. Starting August 15, Fox will only allow paying customers of approved cable and satellite distributors to view the content the next day. The first paid TV service to join Fox in this new strategy is Dish Network. The customer will have to enter verification to prove they are a cable or satellite customer. In the TV industry, this is known as an “authentication model.” Hulu Plus members, of which there are 1 million, also will have next-day access.Until other cable and satellite distributors sign a deal with Fox, all other customers will have to wait the eight-day period. So, Hulu Plus and Dish Network subscribers are the only people who will be able to see the next-day content. The other cable companies better join Dish Network fast as their customers will not be happy to hear their cable service provider isn’t part of Fox’s new shift.And Fox isn’t the only major station implementing this new limit. Reports say that ABC is also contemplating setting up a similar limit, which means other networks like NBC will surely follow suit.What do you think of the new limit? Will it save the cable and satellite industry?via LA Times Bloglast_img

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