LG threatens to sue Samsung over foulmouthed insult

first_imgYou may not like the competition, but you should never outright insult them, as a Samsung executive is learning today, after ranting to journalists about the competition over at LG.Earlier this week, Kim Hyun-Suk, vice president of Samsung’s digital media business, ended up going off the rails a little bit and ended up describing LGs engineers as “really stupid sh*ts” when asked about LG’s claims that their latest 3D televisions were Full HD and flicker free compared to Samsung’s competing active-shutter 3D systems.AdChoices广告“I heard that LG Display’s Kwon Young-soo said its TVs are full HD, I think his engineers are really stupid sh*ts,” Hyun-Suk What a lame argument with no theoretical grounds. It’s just unreasonable.”Anyone shocked that LG took offense? I thought not, but what was surprising was just how much LG was offended by the jibe: they actually started talking about legal action.“There are business ethics and practices to follow even if we are competing with each other over technological standards,” a spokesperson said. “It is very disappointing and unacceptable if an executive at a respected global company humiliated its rival company’s employees at an official event hurling a curse.”Samsung has since apologized for the remark, and LG has accepted the apology:“We spoke about the letter with our engineers and decided to accept the apology because we believe Samsung Electronics and the executive in question have gone through self-reflection,” said LG in a statement.Well, also probably because there’s no legal case to be won. Even so, it’s nice to see this all healed with a handshake and a hug.Read more at Slashgearlast_img

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