Somalia UN envoy closely monitoring statebuilding efforts in Baidoa

“This year is critical for consolidating a united and stable federal Somalia. The country has overcome many recent challenges through compromise and dialogue,” Nicholas Kay, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), noted in a press statement.Amid the ongoing process to form a federal state in the region, Mr. Kay urged all parties to observe maximum restraint and refrain from any action that could pose a threat to security.“I encourage traditional leaders, politicians and stakeholders in Baidoa to commit to serious, inclusive and continued political dialogue guided by respect for the Provisional Federal Constitution and existing agreements,” he said. “The UN will continue to support the Federal Government of Somalia’s efforts to lead a reconciliation process,” he added. The envoy also said the situation in Baidoa highlights the need for the Federal Government to accelerate its work on the state-building process in Somalia in an inclusive manner, including the development of a detailed plan and timetable for the formation of federal states, a final constitution and democratisation by 2016. Established in June 2013, UNSOM is mandated by the Security Council to offer expertise in areas ranging from the political process to disarmament to help create and galvanize an environment in which stabilization and peacebuilding can proceed.

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