Moroccos Letitcluck Hashtag Calls for Boycott of Chicken

Rabat- In Morocco, whole unplucked chickens usually cost no more than MAD 16 per kilo in souks or from chicken vendors. Sometimes prices will drop to MAD 11 or MAD 10 per kilogram. Cleaned whole chickens usually cost MAD 28 to MAD 30 per kilogram in both souks and supermarkets.Lately, chicken prices at regular souks and chicken vendors reached MAD 25 per kilogram, prompting Moroccans to launch the “Let_it_cluck” hashtag to express discontent with the new prices which many considered “over the top.” Moroccans have been wondering why chicken prices have risen.According to a communique by Morocco’s Interprofessional Poultry Federation (FISA), the truck drivers’ strike that started across the country in October crippled transportation, affecting the poultry sector. Many trucks transporting poultry to souks throughout Morocco were unable to operate because of strikers stopping the trucks and threatening to use violence if necessary. Often, the poultry transports were forced to return to villages and poultry farms without transporting the goods.Read Also: Morocco, Canada to Improve Bilateral Cooperation on AeronauticsFISA had already foreseen and warned of “a significant rise in prices” in October following the transportation problems. The strike also led to an increase in vegetables, fruits, and fish prices.The truck drivers led strikes against the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics, and Water’s decision to require drivers take training costing MAD 4,000- 8,000, which they considered too expensive.Social media activism and boycott campaignsFollowing the major boycott against high prices which sprouted online on April 20 targeting three leading companies in Morocco—Sidi Ali (mineral water), Centrale Danone (dairy products), and Afriquia (gasoline)—Moroccans entered a new era of activism.The boycott caused major economic losses for the targeted companies in its early days. Other less resonant calls for boycott came in summer against the high prices of fish.

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