Propane Tank Close to Kings County Academy Assessed

first_imgThe Department of Education and Annapolis Valley Regional School Board have decided not to move students into the new Kings County Academy until after the removal of a nearby propane tank. An assessment, conducted Dec. 16, determined the propane tank complies with Canadian Safety Association Propane Tank Storage and Handling Code and there are no unusual hazards associated with its location. However, an additional assessment received Feb. 18, about effects of a potential explosion, revealed cause for concern. “Safety is always our highest priority,” said Education Minister Ramona Jennex. “After reviewing the assessment, the department and the board agree to err on the side of caution and wait until the propane tank is removed before occupying the school.” The school will not be ready for potential occupancy until mid- to late-April. The school board voted on March 2, to move into the school for the beginning of September, if the propane tank has been removed. “Our goal is to have students and staff enter the school knowing they are safe and secure,” said school board chair Lavinia Parrish Zwicker. “Moving into the school over the summer is an attractive option because it will limit disruption at the end of the school year.” The Town of Kentville is working with the owner of the propane facility to relocate its operations to the industrial park and acquire the land for recreational purposes. The town has already acquired two adjacent properties and is optimistic that the propane tank facility will be relocated in time for the board to occupy the school in September. “The propane facility has operated safely at this location for many years,” said Mayor David Corkum. “However, we look forward to soon having them operate from a better site in the industrial park.”last_img

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