November sale of petroleum and natural gas largest in bonus bids this year.

first_imgYesterday’s sales total was also ten million dollars more than the last five months combined, and it pushed the year-to-date total up to 217 point five million, more than 78 million ahead of the full 2012 total. It also leaves the current eleven month total only about five million below the full 2011 calendar year total, and barring a disastrous December sale…this year will be the best one, of the last three years. There were only nine parcels purchased yesterday, with just over 12 thousand hectares—five leases and four drilling licenses—and as a result the average per hectare price was a gaudy 4 thousand 522 dollars.- Advertisement -That’s more than ten times the October sale’s, average price per hectare, and unofficial records show you need to go back to October of 2009, to find a better one. That was a 62-parcel, 370 million dollar sale, and the average price per hectare was the second highest in BC history at 5 thousand 625 dollars.The next sale is scheduled for December 11th.Advertisementlast_img

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