Two Candidates in Bong District#5 Call for Rerun at Gbartala Precinct

first_imgSilas Kpanan Ayoung Siakor, one of the two contenders for the District #5 representative seat, said the election process at the Gbartala Precinct was created an unsafe environment, which cost him votesTwo candidates for the District #5 representative seat in Bong County have called on the National Elections Commission (NEC) to re-administer the elections in Gbartala precinct.The candidates are Silas Kpanan Ayoung Siakor, an independent candidate, and Amos Mhulbah Kornimugie of the Movement for Economic Empowerment.According to them they have formally registered their objections to the administration of the NEC to have a runoff in line with Article 5.9 of the New Elections Law that was approved on September 29, 1986, and amended on January 29, 2003; December 23, 2004; and December 15, 2014, which indicate that a voter, candidate or registered political party may file a complaint with the Commission alleging that an offense against the Constitution or the Elections law, or violation of a regulation issued by the Commission has occurred.Siakor stressed that Article 5.10 further states that a complaint must be submitted in writing no later than seven (7) days after the time the offense or violation was witnessed, signed by the witness and accompanied by any evidence the complainant has.The two candidates complained that on October 10, the election process at the Gbartala Precinct was characterized by insecurity thus creating an unsafe environment that led hundreds of voters to abandon the voting process without voting.They claimed that “the election process was chaotic and disorganized leading to hundreds of voters not being able to vote during the election because the polling place was kept opened until Wednesday morning, October 11, for voters to unlawfully assemble and illegally vote after midnight on October 10.”According to them, the voting continued until the morning hours of Wednesday, October 11, under poor lighting condition making it impossible for their observers to effectively observe and monitor the process to verify legitimate voters.Siakor and Kornimugie indicated that they have sample photocopies of voter ID cards that were collected to substantiate their allegations and are prepared to present witnesses to testify to the instances.They further indicated that they are asking for a re-vote in the Gbartala Precinct to allow duly registered voters to vote in an orderly and lawful manner.“We draw the attention of the NEC to the fact that they personally participated in some of the decisions that are the subject of this complaint, and therefore consider them to be complicit in the offenses that are the subject of this complaint.“We also draw the NEC’s attention to the fact that you lodged in the same house that served as Mr. Edward Karfiah’s campaign office in Gbartala City, and where he also slept the night of October 10, thus creating an opportunity for him to exercise undue influence over the election process and potentially compromising your (the NEC) ability to impartially adjudicate this matter,” they noted.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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