Welcoming much-needed minibus Code of Conduct

first_imgDear Editor,The very essential, much-touted and long-awaited minibus Code of Conduct has finally become a reality. The travelling public which mainly consists of the working class and school children, who can afford no other means of transportation and who regularly use these buses is eagerly awaiting to see if the code is going to serve the purpose for which it was intended.The hooliganism, bullyism and downright lawlessness which was allowed to become so entrenched must come to an end. It can only happen with the support of the Minibus Union, the owners, the drivers, the conductors, the commuters and of course the police. The court would also have an important role to play. For this Code of Conduct to bring the much-needed relief from this aggressive and hostile behaviour pattern displayed by many drivers and conductors.Yes, there are some buses in which both drivers and conductors are very polite, and they also adhere to the laws as it relates to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 51:02.Many or most of them need to understand that they need the commuters just as much as the commuters need them.Sincerely,Archie W Cordislast_img

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