Irfaan Ali has what it takes to be the presidential candidate

first_imgDear Editor,Leadership is one of the first characteristics that people think of when they consider the role of a presidential candidate. It is evident that voters within the central committee of the PPP used leadership as the most important factor in choosing a presidential candidate and of course the popularity of the candidate among the central committee is highly dependent in influencing the outcome of the presidential candidate.The PPP in choosing Irfaan Ali as their presidential candidate has indeed elevated a leader from among various other leaders.While it is not easy to have yourself scrutinised, criticised and sometimes even brutalized, you have to show great courage and that was a key factor that made Cde Mohamed Irfaan Ali emerge as the PPP presidential candidate.Personality, character, intelligence, integrity, patience, tolerance, coupled with a combination of experience and personal achievements is the trademark in making Cde Irfaan Ali the party choice.While Cde Irfaan Ali has an excellent track record, we need to focus on some of the achievements that were made under his stewardship and then people can understand why he was chosen by the leadership of the PPP. He:– lifted thousands of families out of poverty– provided security of tenure for thousands of poor and working people-opened the doors for thousands of people to access loans who were excluded before due to poverty.– increased the percentage of women in property ownership and independence– provided safe and clean accommodation for families– made clean potable water and electricity to about 90 per cent accessible– created new communities that are mixed ethnically, unlike the past– provided access to goods and services in new housing schemes eg schools, health centres etc– gave access to land in the schemes for houses of worship and playgrounds– created a boom in the construction sector that contributes over 22.6 per cent of economic growth– created 5000 jobs in the housing and construction sector– expanded the tax basis for the local governing bodies with new schemes– encouraged the creation of new community-based organisations.There is no doubt that the presidential candidate would enhance the PPP/C at the next election. Let me close by saying that “New ideas are driven by brave people willing to step into the arena rather than commentating from the sidelines “.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img

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