“I’ve been spying on Setién for years; Barça has returned two years ago”

first_imgWhat player is Insigne?“It’s fundamental. Run 12 km per game, help in the defensive phase, it’s very smart. It must improve in the attitude of captain, but in everything else it has surprised me positively ”.What is expected for tomorrow?“I want to see a team with a high head, without fear, without being worried. That is alive, that respects the rival and that plays until the end. There is not only Messi, he is a great, he has been the best in every way for years, not only at the technical level. Messi is an example for children, it was always perfect also in the statements. In recent years, the beard was still growing, it is the novelty … But in the field it does unthinkable things, which can only be seen on the Playstation ”.How do you get to this match?“I have thought of all the sacrifices I made to reach this match, as a coach, suffering in Crete, Sion, Palermo, Pisa … We earned this opportunity myself and my coaching staff.”What memory do you have of Barcelona?“I remember that when we played with them it seemed that they played on another planet, you were thinking how do they play these? They brought something new. ”Comparison between Messi and Maradona?“Diego is the God of football, but I never saw him in person. I know what it was. I missed something wonderful, no doubt. ”Can you stop Messi?“Honestly no. We must not make a mistake: Barça is not just Messi. Thinking of stopping Messi with a man tag makes no sense. Barça is a huge team. ”Is it quieter?“We are growing, but less with Juve in San Paolo we still did not do very well. We had many disasters here. I want to see a united team, who doesn’t complain about the first mistake. ”Has Fabian grown?“He is a very good player, very technical, but the whole team has grown.” What should Lozano improve to gain his trust?“Right now I am choosing something different. Lozano must work and find his place. ”Do you prefer a team of 11 Gattuso, or 11 Kaka and Ronaldinho?“Better five and five. But I always say something: in a training match, ten defenses against ten strikers would win the defenses. But now I like technical football, when I was a player I had two plates instead of my feet. ”What do you think of Setién?“I love. I have been spying since I was in Las Palmas. He has a modern vision of football, with a touch game but also with a defensive system. He is a great coach. ”Have you thought about Barça’s losses against Rome and Liverpool?“They tickle the problems they had in the past and at the club level. If I read the names that will be in the green, they are players who have won everything. They are Martians, you have to play the game of life to get a good result. ”Do you see a different Barça?“Barça has returned two years ago. He wants to touch, but he conquers the ball quickly. They play with the 11 men, goalkeeper included, so it is difficult to press them, they always have numerical superiority thanks to the keeper. Is incredible. I was impressed with how they attack space. ”Barça has absences and defensive problems …“Yes, but it has something more than us, still. Then we will see, in football you never know. The favorite does not always win, but we will have to prepare it well. ”Can Naples win the Champions League?(laughs) “Never say never.”last_img

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