15 days for Mariano and Brahim

first_imgMadrid should suit at least one of the two. Whites have the 25 chips of the first team covered and Rodrygo had to be registered with the subsidiary. In the Champions League the club could not repeat maneuver and left Asensio without a card to include the Brazilian. But the Balearic aspires to arrive recovered to the last months of competition to qualify for the European Championship.In Castilla, however, the club did its homework. The transfer of Manu Hernando to Racing left free the card that will occupy Reinier when his signing is formalized and arrives after playing the Pre-Olympic. The next Brazilian pearl to land at the Bernabéu will not be able to play with the first team in the League for the extra-community quota unless their compatriot Rodrygo is not summoned. If the Super Cup gave Mariano a little life, Brahim induces him to lose hope. Unlike his partner, the Malaga had had some chance, although always testimonial. He has entered five calls and had minutes in four of them: 9 ‘against Mallorca, another 9’ against Eibar, 5 ‘against Espanyol and 17’ in Bruges. 40 minutes in total. Although he was included in the expedition to Saudi Arabia (Zidane took all the available ones), in the Super Cup Zidane did not include him in any of the two calls despite the casualties. A signal to look for a way out. The Getafe pretends. “We have asked Brahim to Florentino Pérez. He told me that for them yes, if the boy wants … But it seems that the player does not want to leave Madrid for now,” said Angel Torres, blue president, after the League clash which faced both teams on January 4, almost two weeks ago. The winter market is progressing and, with 15 days to close, the movements in the first team of Real Madrid remain stagnant. The situation has even movie name. Slope of the Diaz, could be titled. Because, without signings in sight – except for Reinier, who will go to Castile -, Brahim and Mariano are the two names called to star in the winter market in the white dressing room. None enjoy minutes. They are, saving the special case of the injured Asensio, the two players who played the least minutes this season.center_img Mariano occupied the ‘red lantern’ of the ranking until the Spanish Super Cup. He hadn’t played a single minute until the tournament that gave Madrid the first title of the season. A game had just been called, that of Mallorca. But Benzema’s injury gave him the opportunity to play in Jeddah. Seven minutes against Valencia and another seven, plus 30 extra that he had with the extension. Benzema’s injury and some Jovic physical problems at the start of the week seemed to open a door for more minutes against Sevilla. But the Serbian returned to train this Thursday with the group and the Frenchman has also been partially joining the collective workDespite a season and a half of little prominence in Madrid, the forward keeps his poster. Espanyol, Benfica and Leganés have been interested in their situation.last_img

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