Darío Silva defends Victor: “What is the problem? Never saw the WhatsApp black?”

first_imgAl-thani: “For me he was wrong in many situations. In this situation, he is covering all the hole he has behind. He has to face the small shareholders, these small companies and entrepreneurs who put money in Malaga for some important actions that now they got off and they can lose all the money. Something very delicate and very complicated is happening and now, he wants to cover all this with Victor that seems totally unpleasant to me. “Victor’s personal life and situation: “How are you going to get into my house? No matter what has happened … It’s something intimate. Why can’t he show the balls? And if I want to be seen, what’s the problem? No one ever saw porn movies? They never received the WhatsApp black? I want to die. This is a very serious thing. Removing a technician for such a case never happened. I think I wanted to load it. All this to cover and be able to throw it …Departure from Al Thani: “That he raises camels and is going to run camel races that will be more fun. In his country and he doesn’t move from there. He has come to hurt businessmen.” Darío Silva, former player of Málaga, went through the microphones of El Larguero de la Cadena SER to talk about the situation of Víctor Sánchez del Amo and the suspension of functions of Malaga after the filtering of an intimate video of the coach. The Uruguayan did not hesitate to defend the master and was quite critical of Al Thani. Victor Extortion: “It is an unfortunate fact. This is somewhat criminal.”last_img

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