first_imgBill Neal:10 Now look, let’s get something understood right from the gate, this week’s bottom line is all about the facts…the truth my man, nothing but the truth, short and sweet. So let’s get at it!:09 After a fair amount of noise from people who can’t see any better than Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, let me assure you that Halle Berry is in fact the finest woman on the planet. Still the Queen… yes, a drama queen, but still #1. None the less, and if you have any doubts whatsoever, you need to revisit her website: www.halleyousofine.com!! Now here’s your first “Shut-up about it” for 2013.:08 It’s easy for some of you to talk that smack now about my Lakers and you know who you are. But let’s see if you’re still talking it when my boys upset O.K.C. for the Western Conference title!:07 I received the Steelers Super Bowl six pack as a Christmas gift and if you ever, ever, ever have any doubt as to who the greatest football team in history is, you only need to dial up the first four Super Bowls and you’ll be clear. The-most-dominant-team-of-all-time-mmmaaannn! And as good as the last two were, and I love them too…it’s not even close. Dude, they went five games in 1975 and nobody scored a point against them. The Vikings had 28 yards in the Super Bowl. C’mon man!:06 The Pirates traded away one of the best closers in baseball and they got little or nothing in return, as usual. You do the math.:05 There’s a reason for these strikes and shut-outs in sports I keep telling ya, and it’s not what they want you to think. Billionaires don’t get to be billionaires by accident. They don’t just throw money away. There is some benefit to these strikes that makes them richer and that my brother you can take to the bank. And yes, hockey is back!:04 Ever notice how you don’t see many ugly people around anymore? I mean, there are a few here and there…and you know who they are, yes you do, yes-you-do! But, you don’t see as many as we used to. It just makes me wonder where have all the ugly people gone? (Oh shut-up, you were thinking it too. You just needed me to say it for you!) I told you it was “Truth Time.”:03 Listen to me on this and listen to me good cause sometimes ya’ll be reading, but you don’t be listening. I took my three best friends in the world to the Savoy over the holiday. One from here, one from Atlanta and one from Florida. Now me and the other Pittsburgh cat know what the deal is upstairs at the Savoy with them “Younger Than Us” women, but my other partners wouldn’t listen and they went upstairs anyway. Well, let me put it to you this way, I am down to one best friend in the world cause we ain’t seen the other two cats since they followed them seven FFFiiinnneee girls upstairs. This is the truth…stay-your-ass-downstairs-if-you-ain’t-under-50 years old-man!!!:02 Sports Round-Up 2013 New England wins the Super Bowl. • Alabama wins the NCAA title in football. • Duke wins yet another NCAA basketball championship. • The Lakers will upset the Heat in seven for the NBA title… huh!?!? • “Tiger” will win three majors this year (and all his new women agree.) • The Yankees win the series and Jeter goes out on top. (I know, but a brother can dream can’t he?):01 At the Buzzer…hhheeerrreee we go! • “The Ultimate Force” Karate and Boxing Show is coming up next month featuring a salute to Master Jacquet Bazemore and Rayco “War Saunders”. More details next week. • The legend that you know as “Rocky” Ford who could shift gears better and faster with one arm than anybody else with two has crossed the finish line for the last time. Rest in peace Rock! • Champion Enterprises is looking for intelligent, caring, community minded people to join their executive staff, also for women who look like and want to be a part of the Allure Models for 2013. If you’re interested, call the Champions at 412-628-4856. • I saw “D’Jango” a second time and it was twice as good. Yeah, it’s rough and raw, but for you haters, you have to put yourself back in time and you must remember, It’s-Only-A-Movie!!! What is wrong with you people? • I gotta slip this in because S. Broadus… “The Boss” don’t like me doing this, but if you want or need to make a lot of money right away and the right way, there’s going to be a huge job opportunity that can change your life Jan. 27 at 3 Lakes Golf Course in Penn Hills, 6700 Saltsburg Rd., from 3-7 p.m. $10 cost includes free parking, gourmet coffee and tea, desserts and “The Chance Of A Lifetime.” Call “Q” for information at 412-628-7947. Do it…no, do it now…I am telling you…do it! • Champions and the Pittsburgh Passion Women’s Football Team will give “The Super”… Super Bowl Party. Food, drinks, models, legends, free parking and the game at 3 Lakes, Feb. 3, 5 p.m. Call 412-628-4856 for more information, and by now you know it’s going to be at Pittsburgh’s new No. 1 Spot to be, the magnificent 3 Lakes Golf Course.~Game Over~last_img

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