What are the Impressions of the BiH team from Rio de Janeiro?

first_imgMembers of the Olympic team of BiH reported from Rio de Janeiro. Despite the full schedule, the BiH team and delegation found some time to talk about impressions from Brasil, without any hesitation.The Olympic Games will begin on the night between Friday and Saturday, at 1 am, when the opening ceremony will be held and all countries whose representatives will participate in the 31st Summer Olympic Games that will last from August 5 to August 25 will be presented. BiH will have the record eleven representatives in Brazil: Tatjana Đekanović, Amina Kajtaz, Mihajlo Čeprkalo, Larisa Cerić, Amel Tuka, Damir Džumhur, Mirza Bašić, Hamza Alić, Mesud Pezer, Kemal Mešić and Lucia Kimani.Shot putters Mesud Pezer, Hamza Alić and Kemal Mešić will perform on August 18, when the qualifications and finale in their discipline are scheduled.“We just got back from training. We are still getting used to the time difference. The Olympic Committee of BiH is doing everything they can to provide us with great working conditions, to make this easier for us. We are training hard and waiting for qualifications. We hope for good results,” said Mesud Pezer.Branislav Crnogorac, coach of the judokas Larisa Cerić, believes that the BiH representative can achieve a remarkable result, if health serves her well.“We started training today. We had a morning training, and another one is coming soon. Larisa is feeling well. We will get the draw numbers tomorrow. The draw will be held on Thursday at 4 pm Brazilian time and then we will know who will be Larisa Cerić’s opponent. She will perform on August 12, and that is the last day of the judo tournament in the Olympics. Until then, we will work hard and give our best. When Larisa’s health is okay, she can really do a lot,” Crnogorac said yesterday.The last one to join the BiH team was the tennis player Mirza Bašić, who was late due to the tournament in Spain. He trained together with Damir Džumhur, who believes that the two of them will be all set until August 6, when the tennis tournament begins.“I arrived this morning. I am the last one to join the team, I was a little bit late. When it comes to organization, everything is cool. I did the first training with Damir this morning. The feeling’s great. We will have trainings until Saturday,” Bašić said.BiH Olympic representative from whom the BiH public expects the most is the 800-meter runner Amel Tuka. Last year, he won the bronze medal at the World Championship in Beijing and drew attention to himself. Tuka believes that all BiH representatives will have enough time to get into their best shape prior to their performances.“The body feels better and better. I believe we will all be ourselves soon, in the best shape for the big time shows,” Tuka hopes. He will perform in qualifications on August 12.(Source: klix.ba/photo: Olympic Committee of BiH)last_img

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