‘I’m living a lie’: Transgender ‘woman’ wants to become a man again

first_imgLifeSiteNews 2 October 2014A British man is asking the National Health Service (NHS) to pay to turn him into a man again after he found that the taxpayer-funded sex-change surgery he had seven years ago to make him a “woman” left him depressed and despondent.“I feel like I am living a lie,” 30-year-old Matthew “Chelsea” Attonley told the Mirror. “I have always longed to be a woman, but no amount of surgery can give me an actual female body.”“It is exhausting putting on make-up and wearing heels all the time. Even then I don’t feel I look like a proper woman,” he complained, adding that “I suffered from depression and anxiety as a result of the [female] hormones, too…I can’t work at the moment because I am too upset after what I have been through. ”“I have realized it would be easier to stop fighting the way I look naturally and accept that I was born a man physically,” he said.Chelsea, who now wants to return to his original name of Matthew, lives on welfare benefits, according to the Mirror, and insists that he does not feel guilty about asking taxpayers to pay for the reversal surgery and hormone treatment.https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/im-living-a-lie-transgender-woman-wants-to-become-a-man-again-after-femalelast_img

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