Broome County Historian expresses concern over Binghamton housing proposal

first_img“Those buildings are a part of our history, and it would be a shame to lose them,” said Broome County Historian Roger Luther. (WBNG) — 41 Court Street is home to Galaxy Brewing Company. It’s also home to the Red Men Lodge, a historical fraternal group with deep roots in Binghamton’s history. The lodge, located on the fourth floor of the building, was home for the Red Men. The Red Men are a group of white men who often dressed in traditional Native American attire. “It’s the only one that’s intact that I’m aware of that’s in the area. Here, it’s almost like, other than the layers of dust and peeling paint, it’s almost like the room was when they left back in the 20s,” said Luther. Both meetings will be held via zoom and are open to the public. A housing proposal was filed in February to turn the second through fourth floors of 41 Court Street into residential housing. The proposal was filed by GBC-P42 LLC. The LLC is linked to the owner of Galaxy Brewing Company, located on the first floor of the building. The proposal, Luther says, would cause the historic hidden gem to be entirely lost. Luther says he has no problem if other parts of the building are going to be redeveloped into housing. He hopes to see the fourth floor permanently preserved. “As a preservationist, you can’t save everything, and you shouldn’t try to save everything. There are those things that are very important to the history of the community, this is one of them,” said Luther. The proposal will go before the Commission on Architecture and Urban Design (CAUD) on May 5. It will go before the city planning commission on May 11. “They’d go to these meetings, they’d sit around and socialize. In additional to that, they’d provide a good service for the community. They would have fundraisers to donate to needy causes,” said Luther. last_img

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