EA confirms the existence of the Sony PSP2

first_imgThe evidence for the existence of the Sony PSP2 continues to mount, as game publishing giant EA has inadvertently confirmed the device’s existence in an interview with Computer and Video Games that they had in fact seen and had access to a prototype of the device.The interview was conducted with EA Senior Vice President Patrick Soderlund, who said about the PSP2: “Obviously as a developer we have had that [access] — but I’m not allowed to talk about it.” AdChoices广告That’s not a lot of information to go on, except to confirm that Sony doesn’t seem ready to tuck its tail between its legs and leave the handheld console market to Nintendo and Apple. In fact, according to rumors, the PSP2 is shaping up to be an incredible device: it’s said to have roughly the same graphics power as the Xbox 360, a touchscreen installed on the back of the device, flash memory instead of UMD and that much requested second analog nub. There’s also strong rumor of a PlayStation Phone coming soon, which could potentially be the device Soderlund is referring to here.What would you like to see with the Sony PSP2? Let us know in the comments.Read more at Computer and Video Gameslast_img read more