Geek deals Asus Transformer TF300T Android tablet for 374

first_imgAsus has been a big player in the tablet industry since Apple kicked it off with the iPad. Their Transformer line of tablets were one of the first models designed to work with an optional keyboard dock that “transforms” the tablet into a laptop form factor.Starting with the TF101 Eee Pad, the Transformer products are now in their third generation. While those with deep pockets can spring for the iPad rivaling Transformer Prime in the $500 range, the real value performer looks to be the TF300T Transformer. It matches many of the Prime’s specs at a substantial savings.Everything starts and ends with the 10.1-inch 1280×800 display, which does rock an IPS panel for great viewing angles and colors. NVIDIA’s uber-powerful Tegra 3 platform powers up Android 4.0 and is designed to be both extremely power efficient with things like video and browsing, but still packs a ton of 3D performance for those who like tablet gaming.Unlike the more expensive Prime, the TF300T’s GPS actually works. While the original Transformer Prime had a GPS, users had extremely widespread issues getting it to work properly. Asus says they’ve rectified this in the new Transformer Prime Infinity, which has a ridiculous 1920×1200 resolution screen, but the TF300T has no such issues.You of course get the rest of the standard features you’ve come to expect in a 2012 tablet: 1GB RAM, dual cameras, microSD slot, micro-HDMI video output, and your choice of 16GB or 32GB of storage. The list price on the keyboard dock is $149, but it also has its own built-in battery that extends run-time from around 8 hours to well over 12 hours.This highly functional, fully featured tablet can be had for $374.99 with free shipping, after a rare $25 coupon. This larger 32GB model isn’t often discounted, making this a very hot deal. Our friends at PCMag liked it so much, they gave it an “Excellent” rating.Visit LogicBuy for the Asus Transformer TF300T tablet (32GB)last_img read more