Frogger arcade game has a new world record high score

first_imgWhile all the kids these days spend their time fawning over HD graphics and realistic physics in video games, a small but dedicated group of gamers is continuing to grind away on classic arcade cabinets. Even after decades, new world record high scores are being posted on some of these iconic games. Fans of the obstacle dodging game Frogger have a new champion this week, and he’s Michael Smith, a 45 year-old software engineer from Virginia.Smith’s winning score was 971,440, which pretty thoroughly destroyed the previous high score of 896,980 from Paul Laffaye in 2010. Interestingly, much of the impetus for this battle goes back to a mid-90s episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. In one famous episode, George Costanza goes to great lengths to save a Frogger machine that contains his high score of 860,630. Laffaye’s record was widely reported for being the first one to actually break Costanza’s fictional score.Smith says his quest to win the record began when he saw an article on Laffaye beating the Seinfeld record. It didn’t take long to succeed once Smith got into it. He set up a camera on a tripod to film his progress. He would later rewatch the videos to learn where he went wrong and what the best routes were. This, ladies and gentlemen, is determination.There’s no giant cash prize at the end of the struggle for Smith, just a little recognition. Apparently he’s hoping to continue on after a little break to reach 1 million points. Hats off to him.More at patrickscottpatterson via Kotakulast_img read more