Brindisi continues push to keep Bainbridge VA in place

first_img“The most important thing is that the veterans who use that clinic are going to be able to utilize it in the coming year so that we don’t have to see them be forced to travel to other parts to get the healthcare they need,” he said. Last year, a spokesperson for the Bainbridge Community Based Outpatient Clinic said it will move, but Brindisi is adamant on keeping the clinic in it’s Chenango County location. (WBNG) – Representative Anthony Brindisi is continuing his push to keep the veterans clinic in the Southern Tier. Brindisi told 12 News he has pushed for language in legislation to help keep the clinic in place for this year, but that a long-term investment into the clinic is the best way to make sure local veterans are taken care of. He said the clinic offers healthcare services and resources to veterans close by, whereas if the clinic was moved, it would force veterans to go further away to keep the care and treatment they need.last_img read more

Facebook to curb private groups spreading hate, misinformation

first_imgTopics : Facebook on Thursday said it is cracking down on private groups where hate or misinformation is shared among members.The move comes amid a wider crack down on malicious and false content at the social networking giant which has led people to turn to private groups of like-minded members who can share content that is not available to the wider Facebook community.”People turn to Facebook Groups to connect with others who share their interests, but even if they decide to make a group private, they have to play by the same rules as everyone else,” Facebook vice president of engineering Tom Alison said in a blog post. Alison said Facebook’s community standards “apply to public and private groups, and our proactive detection tools work across both.”Facebook uses artificial intelligence to automatically scanning posts, even in private groups, taking down pages that repeatedly break its rules or that are set up in violation of the social network’s standards.More than a million groups have been taken down in the past year for violating hate policies, according to Alison.In the past year, Facebook has removed about 1.5 million pieces of content in groups for violating its policies on organized hate, with 91 percent of those posts found by automated software systems, according to Alison.center_img Over that same period, the leading social network has taken down about 12 million pieces of content in groups for violating policies on  hate speech, 87 percent of which was found proactively.Facebook last month said it has removed hundreds of groups tied to the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory and imposed restrictions on nearly 2,000 more as part of a crackdown on stoking violence.The moves, which were made across both Facebook and Instagram, were against accounts tied to “offline anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests, US-based militia organizations and QAnon,” the social media platform said in a blog post.Under rules tightened on Thursday, administrators or moderators of groups taken down for rule-breaking will be temporarily blocked from forming new groups at Facebook.People tagged for violating social network standards in groups will need to get moderator or administrator permission for any new posts for 30 days, and if what is cleared for sharing continues to break the rules the entire group will be removed, according to Alison.Facebook will also start “archiving” groups that been without administrators for a long time, meaning they still exist but don’t appear in searches and members can’t post anything.And, to promote getting information from authoritative sources, Facebook will no longer show health-themed groups in recommendation results.Facebook has been struggling with hoaxes and misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, seeking to give users well-sourced information about the health emergency.last_img read more

Mission Beach slowly starts to regain its former touch

first_imgTourist Daisy Hijnen, 23, holidays in Mission Beach Photographer: Liam Kidston.THE forecast is starting to look more promising for a beloved Far North coastal community.Truus Biddlecombe-Sanders has lived through the highs and lows of Mission Beach since she moved to the famous tourism town with her husband Patrick Biddlecombe in 1997.“After arriving in Australia we lived in Melbourne, Cairns and the Gold Coast but decided to retire here,” she said. “We had been all over the world: there were the Caribbean beaches and African outback; but Mission Beach offered us everything.”Every day Mrs Biddlecombe-Sanders walks along the beach with her dog, and on a Friday evening will enjoy a seaside drink with friends.She said Mission Beach had not lost any of its charm over the past two decades.“Of course it has grown but the village atmosphere very much remains,” she said.“I don’t think it will change much; it is too far from the airport to become like Port Douglas.”More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms3 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns3 days agoThe Wongaling Beach resident, who sits on the Mission Beach Community Association committee, said she hoped to remain in the town for as long as possible. While a traditional favourite among Far North holiday-makers, Mission Beach recorded a population of 815 in the 2016 Census – a slight increase from 765 in 2011.But like the entire Cassowary Coast, the community’s property market has been languishing for almost a decade.This was compounded by the devastation wreaked by cyclones Larry and Yasi.But while still well below the levels reached in 2007, when Mission Beach median house prices soared above $400,000, the local real estate market is showing signs of improvement.“The Cassowary Coast market has been gradually rebuilding in volume from the 20-year low it experienced in 2011, which coincided with market disruption caused by Cyclone Yasi,” said Herron Todd White research director Rick Carr. “Mission Beach has been through the worst and prices there are starting to slowly rebuild, but market conditions in Innisfail are still flat.“Meanwhile the median house prices in Cardwell and Tully have tended to reduce.”last_img read more

Governor announces relief for renters

first_imgStatewide —On Wednesday during the Covid-19 press briefing, Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced the Indiana COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program, which will use $25 million in federal CARES Act funding to help Hoosiers struggling to pay rent due to the impact of COVID-19.The program will provide up to $500 in assistance for four months, totaling a maximum of $2,000 in assistance to eligible renters to help cover past and ongoing rent payments or late fees. Rental assistance through this program is available to residents in all Indiana counties except Marion, where a local $15 million CARES Act-funded program will provide aid to Marion County renters.To be eligible, renters must meet the following criteria:• Lost their job or part of their income due to COVID-19• Current household income, including unemployment, is less than the household income on March 6• Have not received rental assistance from another sourceApproximately 12,000 Indiana households could be helped. Payments will be made directly to the landlord, and the landlord must agree to participate.Applications will be accepted online( click here) beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday, July 13.last_img read more

Stem Cell Achievement a Possible Fraud

first_imgSouth Korean stem cell researcher Woo Suk Hwang has reason for stress and fatigue, as news reports show him escorted by bodyguards on the way to the office.  His landmark paper in Science1 last July that announced the creation of stem cells matching the donor’s DNA (05/23/2005) has been called into question on two fronts.  On the scientific front, the claims are being questioned by colleagues.  On the ethical front, critics say he covered up the fact that females in his lab were pressured to donate egg cells.    Science this week2 reported that his as-yet unreplicated results “inspired a global ramp-up in stem cell efforts” last summer.  A co-worker accused Hwang of pressuring a lab worker to forge evidence.  Hwang stands by his work (see BBC), but is requesting a retraction of the paper.  He has resigned from the World Stem Cell Hub.  Other sources for this story: Nature,3 MSNBC News, BBC News, Town Hall 12/15, Town Hall 12/16.    The clash of ethics with science continued on other fronts as well.  The Salk Institute embedded human brain cells into mice, reported Live Science; (see 03/10/2005).  On the issue of abortion, researchers from University of Oslo in Norway found that mental distress from an abortion lasts for years (source: EurekAlert).Update 12/23/2005: LiveScience reported Dec. 23 that Hwang also resigned from his post as professor at Seoul National University after allegations he fabricated his research on stem cells became stronger.  By the end of the month, news reporters were declaring his entire study fraudulent.1Woo Suk Hwang et al., “Patient-Specific Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Human SCNT Blastocysts,” Science, 17 June 2005: Vol. 308. no. 5729, pp. 1777 – 1783, DOI: 10.1126/science.1112286.2Dennis Normile and Gretchen Vogel, “News of the Week: Korean University Will Investigate Cloning Paper,” Science, 16 December 2005: Vol. 310. no. 5755, pp. 1748 – 1749, DOI: 10.1126/science.310.5755.1748.3David Cyranoski, “TV tests call into question cloner’s stem-cell success,” Nature 438, 718 (8 December 2005) | doi:10.1038/438718b.Many have warned that science devoid of ethical standards could generate fraud and abuse (07/11/2005, 02/11/2005, 02/08/2005, 11/03/2004, 10/21/2004, 10/18/2004).  With the highest values in science tending toward prestige, prizes and money, these could represent just the beginning of sorrows.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Two BJP MLAs cross-vote in Madhya Pradesh ‘ghar wapsi’

first_imgStunning the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is exulting over the collapse of the Congress government in Karnataka, two of its MLAs on Wednesday voted in favour of an amendment to the criminal procedure code in the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha.Terming it a ghar waapsi (homecoming), Maihar legislator Narayan Tripathi told reporters, “In the previous government, Shivraj Singh Chouhan had made tall promises in my constituency, but delivered nothing. There was also an attempt within the party to sabotage my election. The Congress is my old home and I am headed back to it. I’ll do whatever is the best for my constituency.” The MLA had switched to the BJP in 2014.With the positive vote of Beohari MLA Sharad Kol as well, the Criminal Law (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Bill, 2019, was passed in the Assembly with the support of 122 MLAs, even though the ruling coalition has the support of 121 MLAs, including Speaker N.P. Prajapati, who didn’t vote. The Congress enjoys the support of one Samajwadi Party, two Bahujan Samaj Party and four independent MLAs, whereas the BJP has 109 MLAs in the Assembly.Later in the day, Chief Minister Kamal Nath, sitting with the dissenting MLAs, told reporters, “The BJP claims we are a minority government which can fall any day. But today, during the voting on the amendment, two of their MLAs voted in our favour.” Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath is flanked by BJP MLAs Narayan Tripathi (right) and Sharad Kol as he addresses a press conference at the State Assembly in Bhopal July 24, 2019.  | Photo Credit: A.M. Faruqui Congratulating the MLAs on their homecoming, Congress leader Jyotiraditya M. Scindia tweeted that their vote in favour of the party showed their faith in its government’s policies. “Moreover, they had shown the mirror to BJP leaders who say ours is a minority government… We have full faith that our government will push forward development with conviction.”The developments come hours after Mr. Nath and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Gopal Bhargava parlayed over the stability of the government. Mr. Bhargava had hinted at the government’s wobbly foundation, given the Congress lost the trust vote to the BJP in the Karnataka Assembly on Tuesday.On the floor of the house, Mr. Bhargava claimed one instruction from the top leadership of the BJP was enough to topple the Congress government in the State within 24 hours.Stating that the Congress was ready to prove its majority any time, Mr. Nath hit back: “The number one and two at your top are wise. That’s why they are not giving any orders.”Contrasting Mr. Bhargava’s statement, former Chief Minister and BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chauhan in June had said his party was not attempting to dislodge the government. It may fall on its own “due to infighting”. The Congress was ready for a floor test in the Assembly any time, but the BJP shied away from it, claimed State Congress media Chief Shobha Oza, “Whenever we had an opportunity to prove our majority, they walked away under some pretext or the other. Even after the budget was presented, they had an opportunity to challenge us. But they didn’t.”She said the BJP was trying to create a threat perception by claiming the coalition partners could be pulled away easily. “They are just spreading rumours and trying to lure our MLAs for the past seven months. They even tried to lure one of our tribal MLAs with ₹50 crore recently. But our MLAs understand their responsibility in serving the people who voted for them for their Congress ticket.”BJP State media chief Lokendra Parashar refused to comment.last_img read more

Designer bytes straight from the ramp

first_imgFashion is in the air in the capital, with PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012 having concluded recently in the city. Simply Delhi caught up with the city’s fashion design stalwarts, JJ Valaya, Manish Arora and Shantanu and Nikhil for a tete-a-tete where they shared their views on the Couture Week,,Fashion is in the air in the capital, with PCJ Delhi Couture Week2012 having concluded recently in the city. Simply Delhi caught up withthe city’s fashion design stalwarts, JJ Valaya, Manish Arora andShantanu and Nikhil for a tete-a-tete where they shared their views onthe Couture Week, their personal fashion styles and their inspirations.Q and A: JJ Valaya”I was training to be a CA when fashion happened.”Q. What led you take up fashion as a career? Did you always know that’s what you wanted or was it something that happened out of the blue? A. I was actually training to be a cha rtered accountant. I didn’t know what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to do something creative and fashion just happened.Q. What would you consider the one event that was your ‘big break’ into the world of fashion?A. I was living in Chandigarh in the late 80’s when somebody told me about this new institute that had opened up in Delhi. At a time when fashion institutes were synonymous with tailoring colleges, the National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT) came into the scene and completely turned things around. For me, enrolling into NIFT in 1988 is what I consider ‘divine intervention.’Q. What has been your idea behind this season’s designs?A. For me couture is always about timelessness and I don’t think that trends always work. I want my designs to be passed on through generations. For example, recently I had a client for whom I had designed bridal wear more than two decades ago. She came to me a few days ago asking me to alter the same dress to fit her daughter. This to me was an amazing feeling.Q. Has the line been inspired by something or somebody?A. Our couture displays have been titled, The Azrak collection, The Realm of the Sultan. The collection finds its inspiration from the Ottoman Empire. Azrak in Turkish means ‘rare and uncommon.’ Its a fitting title for this collection as it stands inspired by some exceptional arts from the Ottoman Empire.Q. Any particular aspect of the designs you would like to highlight?A. We do the finest embroideries in the country and this is one of our greatest selling points. I also nurture a great interest in Indian arts and crafts and I want to revive these craft traditions and make it relevant to the modern world.Q What’s your personal fashion style?A. It’s simplistic with a lot of attention to detail. I like neutral colour dresses with an occasional pop of bright coloured accessories.-Sibi ArasuadvertisementQ and A: Manish Arora”Always remember, you are only as good as your last collection.”Q. What led you take up fashion as a career? Did you always know that’s what you wanted or was it something that happened out of the blue?A. Fashion was accidental. I’d never thought I’d end up as a fashion designer. I use fashion as a platform for my art. Moving away from my commerce degree and getting enrolled at NIFT, Delhi in the 90’s was the turning point. From there on in, it has always been about creativity, art and design.Q. What would you consider the one event that was your ‘big break’ into the world of fashion?A. The year I spent working with the Spanish fashion legend, Paco Rabanne was a game changer for me.Q. What’s your personal fashion style?A. My designs are an extension of myself. I put my heart and soul into every collection. But my personal style is completely different. I like to dress neat and crisp and sport black and other dark shades as much as possible.Q. What does the Delhi Couture Week mean to you?A. It is a sort of homecoming for me. This is my first runway show in India after a three year break and it feels good to showcase my Paris collections here. My collections are pret-a-porter but it has consumed as much energy and time as designing couture would do.Q. Has the line been inspired by something or somebody?A. My inspirations are from all over the place. Anything from India POP and Warriors that were the themes behind my work in 08-09 to Graffiti Art and ‘The joy of living in the 60’s,’ which was what motivated my latest designs. Hybrid animals, magic, the circus-all these have been sources of inspirations for my creations over the last few years. The designs I displayed here this time around are a retrospective of my collections which I have showcase in various Paris Fashion Weeks.Q. If you have to have a ‘fashion ideology’ what would it be?A. Always remember, that you are only as good as your last collection. You have to constantly surpass your own capabilities in order to create designs that are of value in today’s competitive market.-Sibi ArasuadvertisementQ and A: Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra”The designers’ fraternity was literally on the street for 6-8 months.”Q. In these 12 years that you’ve been in the fashion world, which moment do you consider as your ‘big break?’A. Well we really feel it’s yet to come. But the one time our work really got recognised was when actor Shilpa Shetty wore one of our gowns at the IIFA awards in 2006. That set off a trend and today women have started wearing gowns for their cocktail functions instead of lehengas.Q. Tell us a bit about the struggles you had to go through to establish yourself?A. Though we haven’t struggled too much, the one time we really had a tough time was when our shop, along with other designer stores got demolished at MG Road. The designers’ fraternity was literally on the street for 6-8 months and had no direction.Q. What does the Delhi Couture Week mean to you?A. It’s a platform to be really creative. It’s the place where you can do anything you want and your opinion really matters. It’s one of those opportunities for us to let people know what we want to say.Q. Tell us something about the collection you showcased at the 3rd Delhi Couture Week concluded recently.A. This collection of ours titled ‘She is the One,’ is an ode to the woman of today. With this collection, we want to portray a strong woman who says ‘there’s a hurricane in me’. This woman has gone through a crazy time but is a survivor. So the silhouettes are hard, the clothes are dark, vintage and not flowery. This is a stark contrast to last time’s Perfume collection which was soft and delicate.Q. What has been your inspiration?A. We get inspired by spaces and places around us. Right now, there’s an undertone of darkness all around us. There’s been a barrage of bad news since the past one year. That affects our work. Especially when we talk about the Indian woman, there’s so much lag-on one hand, we call her bharat mata and on the other, we rape her.Q. Black is not usually a colour associated with Indian weddings. How come you’ve used so much of it in Couture Week, which is all about wedding couture?A. Indian weddings have changed over the years and have become pretty liberal. There’s even a concept of theme weddings. So, even if someone doesn’t want to wear black on the wedding day, it can be worn for a cocktail or a bachelorette party.Q. Talking about the current season, what do you think are the colours and fabrics of this season?A. It’s a pop colour palette this season. You’ll find a bright orange amongst navy blues, gold with greens. And the fabrics are mostly antique like linens and quilts.-Rewati Rauadvertisementlast_img read more

Florida Lands No 4 Player In Country Vernon Hargreaves

Florida coach Will Muschamp landed his highest ranked recruit in his short time as the Gators’ coach in Vernon Hargreaves III, the fourth-rated best player in the country.A five-star prospect, Hargreaves tweeted: “I can officially say I am committed to THE University of Florida ! #GoGators CHOMP CHOMP”.The 5-foot-11, 185-pound defensive back chose Florida over Clemson, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame and Miami.Hargreaves, who has already committed to play in the Under Armour All-America game in January, becomes the highest-ranked Florida commit. Seventeen of Florida’s 18 verbal commits are rated four-star prospects or higher, and 12 are listed on the ESPN 300.In his junior season, Hargreaves had 49 tackles, two interceptions and a sack on defense, while adding 13 receptions for 313 yards and three touchdowns for a Wharton program that finished the season with a record of 5-6 after advancing to the FHSAA Class 8A state playoffs in 2011.The son of Vernon Hargreaves, Jr., an assistant under Skip Holtz at South Florida, he gave his father’s school some consideration. At the same time, his sister, Karina, attends Florida, and she was definitely pro-Gator.                          “All day. Whenever she texts or calls me, it’s ‘come to Florida,’” Hargreaves said. “It’s funny, though.”                   Asked who recruited him harder, his dad or his older sister, Hargreaves answered without hesitation.“My sister, definitely,” he said.It also helped Florida that Hargreaves gained an affection for Florida assistant Travaris Robinson, who was in charge of recruiting him.“He’s a good guy, he’s funny, energetic and he’s telling me the truth about Florida,” Hargreaves said. “He’s not telling me lies – not saying I’m going to come in and start or anything crazy like that.”Although Hargreaves continues to be on pace to graduate from high school early, he revealed on Saturday afternoon that it was not certain he would actually enroll in college for the spring semester at this time. read more

Bahamas NIB  Jobless claims up Workforce growth down

first_img Related Items:#BahamasNIB, #joblessclaimsup, #magneticmedianews, #workforcegrowthdown Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, March 30, 2017 – Nassau – Jobless claims are up and new contributor sign up are down says the National Insurance Board.   In a presentation to the Chartered Financial Analyists of The Bahamas forum, VP of the NIB, Pheadra Mackey-Knowles said they have seen more Bahamians qualify for jobless benefits, with less new people coming into the workforce.  “Those few indicators give me a read on how the economy is. Most recently, we transitioned to a new IT platform. There was a delay in some of the benefit payments, and the outcry it caused was indicative of how the economy is doing. I have had persons come up to me and tell me that that was their only source of revenue, and if we miss one payment it affects them tremendously.  That tells me that our economy is really, really bad.”It was also shared that the cut in interest rate by the Central Bank will have an adverse effect on the investment portfolio of the NIB, explained Mackey-Knowles.   “About 65 per cent of my portfolio is currently invested in government debt,” she said. “Whenever there is a reduction in interest rates it affects my portfolio and your future benefits because we are tied to Prime.”Photo credit: Nassau Gaurdian#MagneticMediaNews#BahamasNIB#joblessclaimsup#workforcegrowthdown Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more