The City of Odessa paid $30,000 to settle Larry Long case

first_imgHome Local News Government The City of Odessa paid $30,000 to settle Larry Long case Twitter Previous articleOdessa police arrest suspect in Bealls burglary investigationNext articleFourth arrest made in drive-by shooting admin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest The City of Odessa paid $30,000 to a legal assistant who accused former City Attorney Larry Long of sexual harassment, documents that the city fought for months to keep from the public show.The city admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement but agreed to the payment for “emotional distress.” The city promised to pay for annual training for all employees including management to prevent further sexual harassment. The settlement also included an agreement to keep details of the case confidential, while promising that the legal assistant would not face retaliation and that she wouldn’t sue.Notably, the settlement payment finalized in late November fell below the $50,000 threshold that would have required City Council approval during a public meeting. The City Council never disciplined Long, against the recommendations of the city’s own human resources department that corroborated the legal assistant’s account.The legal assistant, whose name the OA is withholding, had complained in July 2017 that Long sexually harassed her in ways such as touching her hair against her will and staring at her.HR investigators produced a report less than two weeks later that also pointed to behavior by Long such as sitting too close to her and calling his employees pet names while also noting that the behavior was similar to another sexual harassment case a decade ago that resulted in an unpaid suspension for Long.But two City Council members who sit on the personnel committee — District 3 Councilwoman Barbara Graff and District 5 Councilman Filiberto Gonzales — had dismissed the HR findings, which remaining council members said they did not see for months. Ultimately, the City Council allowed Long to resign and work through February in part so he could receive better retirement benefits.After Long announced his resignation in November, the City of Odessa projected paying about another $10,800 toward his retirement benefits before his departure. Long’s salary, after the City Council awarded him a 3 percent raise that month, was about $201,500.Long’s last day was Feb. 28, following a retirement party the week prior in the City Council chambers that records show cost about $200. He had denied the allegations and repeatedly declined to discuss them with reporters.Other records released Wednesday showed that in the weeks after the legal assistant filed the complaint, she expressed her concern to the city’s HR Director Bonita Hall.“I just wanted to follow up with what is going on in regards to any disciplinary action,” the legal assistant wrote Aug. 2. “We have discussed moving me elsewhere, but I feel that just moving me doesn’t remedy the problem. I feel that would only be punishing me. Please let me know if there will be any disciplinary action against Larry.”Hall, who would resign in November, wrote that HR, the city manager and the City Council did not mean to punish her, while noting that it would fall to the council’s personnel committee to make a decision on the complaint.On Sept. 12, the City Council met behind closed doors about Long. But they took no action. The same night, three council members formed a majority to fire then-City Manager Richard Morton.Days later, the legal assistant said she wanted the move.“I am not comfortable sitting where I am currently at. I would like to be moved away from Larry’s office,” the legal assistant wrote to Hall on Sept. 18.She was moved to another city building.“For no action to be taken means for me as an employee that they did not take me seriously,” the legal assistant told an OA reporter who contacted her in October, before the settlement. “Somebody much higher than I am can do whatever they feel like doing, and they probably won’t get in trouble.”She also said she worried that if she had not complained, someone else could be harassed.“I can’t quit my job knowing that it might,” she said.Later, she filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which led to the settlement.The OA filed a request for the settlement on Jan. 2 under the Texas Public Information Act. Documents later released showed someone else had requested the information too.But an outside attorney for the city, Cal Hendrick, fought to withhold them and argued that releasing the records “would be a violation of federal law” because of a confidentiality agreement between the city and the legal assistant as part of the resolution to the complaint she filed with the EEOC.Indeed the settlement prevents the legal assistant from talking about the case.But open government experts said that any payment of public funds that were part of a settlement represented clearly public information that the city should not be able keep secret.And the AG’s office ultimately agreed, finding that “a governmental body cannot, through an agreement or contract, overrule or repeal provisions of the” Texas Public Information Act. The act specifically refers to “a settlement agreement to which a governmental body is a party” as one of the categories of public information.The AG’s office released an opinion March 6. But the city still didn’t release the information for more than a week.New Interim City Attorney Gary Landers said Wednesday that from now on, the city would handle public information requests. That includes another request for records about another complaint against Long that Hendrick also fought to withhold on behalf of the city.It’s unclear when those records will be released as the AG’s office reviews the city’s request made through Hendrick to withhold them. But they relate to another complaint filed by a senior city assistant attorney who alleged pay discrimination based on his gender.That complaint was filed about three months ago, and city leaders say the investigation remains ongoing.By Jan. 16, the city disclosed it had paid $23,300 for Hendrick’s work related to the sexual harassment complaint.In the 2007 sexual harassment case involving Long, the cost of the investigation and attorney’s fees amounted to nearly $35,000 total.PREVIOUS VERSION: The City of Odessa paid $30,000 to settle the sexual harassment case against former City Attorney Larry Long. The city finally released the total amount paid to the woman after fighting a Freedom of Information request from the Odessa American and waiting a week after the state attorney general ruled the information should be released. Check back later for more information. 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Cellxpert selected to optimise Ellmount Gaming’s affiliate programme

first_img StumbleUpon Submit Related Articles Share Share Additional sponsors join the AffiliateFEST lineup August 10, 2018 Cellxpert has been selected by Ellmount Gaming LTD to track, manage and optimise its affiliate programme for both its and brands.The new partnership will support Ellmount Gaming to ‘drive growth and optimise its business performance’ by integrating Cellxpert’s affiliate tracking software.Assaf Dor, Cellxpert CEO, commented: “We are glad to be chosen by an industry leader such as Ellmount and anticipate working together with them to support their affiliate programme growth.“We believe that our proprietary technology, deep understanding of the industry and affiliate management challenges help us offer the best solution for managing complex partnerships at scale.”By using Cellxpert’s affiliate tracking software, Ellmount Gaming LTD will be able to produce detailed reports, while gaining access to a suite of compliance tools.Miles Saacks, Head of affiliates at Ellmount group, added: “I have tried using multiple affiliate softwares and have tested them all, but none have been as clean and simple to use as Cellxpert. We believe that the intuitive interface, and granular real time data will help us optimize our business results alongside our affiliate partners.”last_img read more

Lawsuit filed against Iowa leaders over halt to abortions during crisis

first_imgDES MOINES, Iowa — A hearing has been set for tomorrow after a lawsuit was filed against Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds over the suspension of abortion procedures during the pandemic. Pro-choice groups say the decision will force women to carry pregnancies when they might not want to.The Republican governor said the move will conserve key medical equipment during the state’s response to the new coronavirus, while preventing its spread. But ACLU spokesperson Veronica Fowler said the personal protective gear in high demand right now isn’t used much in these procedures.She called the move a political distraction during a crisis.“Anybody who has been considering an abortion, or is scheduled for an abortion, is going to be concerned about this,” Fowler said. “When you’re pregnant, days matter. And any delays are just unforgivable.”Reynolds is an abortion opponent but has said her decision was not based on her personal beliefs. A statement issued Monday said she suspended all elective surgeries and procedures to preserve Iowa’s health care resources.But Fowler said forcing women to carry pregnancies will actually require more resources as there will be necessary doctor’s check-ups during the pregnancy, in addition to the medical support needed during labor and delivery. The lawsuit seeks an injunction against Reynolds’ order.Domestic-violence groups have said the pandemic will lead to an increase in instances of abuse and sexual assault. Fowler said that will result in unwanted pregnancies.“A lot of people are in relationships where they are going to get pregnant and they don’t want to be pregnant,” she said.She said the order takes away a woman’s right to end an unwanted pregnancy, whether it was forced upon them or not. Similar lawsuits have been filed in several other states that have made similar moves during the crisis. On Monday, a federal judge in Texas struck down that state’s temporary ban.last_img read more

Raiders’ Darren Waller could be front and center vs. Bears

first_imgDarren Waller was front and center Friday, speaking to a largely British press corps after the Raiders practiced at The Grove in Watford, England, in preparation for their Week 5 game against the Chicago Bears.And while it seems like a big request to ask Waller to do more than he already has, given his status as the NFL’s leading receiver among tight ends, that may be the case Sunday against Chicago at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.Tyrell Williams was listed as questionable with a …last_img

New XUV590i Gator offers greater speed and utility to meet crop and livestock producer needs

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest New features cater to crop and livestock producers for increased productivityJohn Deere introduces the Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 Crossover Utility Vehicles, designed for crop and livestock producers who desire performance, comfort and customization. Equipped with a powerful twin-cylinder engine, independent four-wheel suspension and availability of more than 75 attachments, the XUV590i provides an unparalleled balance of performance and work capability in the mid-size class.“The XUV590i and XUV590i S4 four-passenger models were designed to get more chores checked off your to-do list, in a more comfortable setting,” said Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager, Gator utility vehicles. “Producers can now get from task to task even faster with a top speed of over 45 mph, thanks to quick acceleration powered by a 586 cc, 32 horsepower, liquid-cooled inline twin-cylinder gasoline engine.”The two new Gator models boast performance features ideal for getting work done around the farm. The XUV590i offers operators 10.5-inch minimum ground clearance, 800 lb. load capacity and 1,100 lb. towing capacity. Likewise, the XUV590i S4 has a 9.3-inch minimum ground clearance, 1,200 lb. load capacity and is capable of towing up to 1,100 lb.The Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 also come standard with an 875 watt, 65 ampere alternator to run auxiliary attachments, such as lights, winches and sprayers, without the fear of discharging the battery.Operators and passengers alike will appreciate the low noise and vibration levels on the new Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4. These benefits are achieved by isolating the powertrain and utilizing sound-dampening material around the engine and CVT intakes.The operator station has class-leading ergonomics and legroom for the operator and passengers. The Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 feature a large, 7.4 gallon fuel tank to keep the vehicle running longer between fill-ups. The instrument cluster is backlit and provides critical vehicle information, such as speed, engine rpm, fuel level, coolant temperature and warning lights for information, such as power steering, maintenance reminders and seat belt reminder.The Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 utility vehicles are currently available at your local John Deere dealer. For more information, visit read more

Searching for Sadness in New York: Is the Foursquare API Living Up to Its Potential?

first_imgThis feels like it could be the first steps towards accomplishing what was described in the opening lines of the Headmap Manifesto:there are notes in boxes that are empty every room has an accessible historyevery place has emotional attachments you can open and saveyou can search for sadness in new york Tags:#APIs#Big Data#hack Why You Love Online Quizzes And here’s how Foursquare’s data analysis system works: As explained in this blog post, Foursquare needed a way for its business staff to run reports based on its data without slowing down production servers and without learning technologies such as Scala and MongoDB. The company decided to make its data available to business staff through a Hadoop cluster hosted by Amazon Web Services. Foursquare’s data miners could then query it using Hive, which provides a SQL-like query language for Hadoop.As a proof-of-concept the company has produced a report on the rudest cities in the world, based on the number of tips that contain profanity. Which is pretty cool (apart from the assumption that profanity use = rudeness). But it makes me realize just how under-utilized geolocation APIs are.Here are the results of Foursquare’s profanity-mining: Some more practical applications, from a business standpoint, for data mining staff might include determining:Which venues are fakes or duplicates (so we can delete them), what areas of the country are drawn to which kinds of venues (so we can help them promote themselves), and what are the demographics of our users in Belgium (so we can surface useful information)?Of course, this sort of check-in data is solely in the hands of Foursquare’s internal users. But it makes me wonder whether you could pull together information like this through the Foursquare API if you build your own data warehouse for analysis.I wonder what services like Fourwhere (which we covered here) could learn by caching all the data retrieved from location various APIs and running sentiment analysis on it. What could MisoTrendy (coverage) tell us about a venue based long-term trend patterns? Is there something in Foursquare’s terms of service that prevents people from doing this? I guess we’re back to that old question what would you do with the massive data sets produced by persistent location tracking?Update: MisoTrendy’s Andrew Ferenci explains the limitations:1. You would not be able to pull and process historical data like 4SQ did from their production databases and log files (only real-time data/ hard for small web app to run queries that generate 1bn records)2. If you use something like Google Apps Engine you have lots of limitations on DB and backend processing (only 80-90K hits before you have to start payinh)3. Most third party applications would only be able to pull real-time data from 4SQ API, so no backend processing.However, if you decided you want to create an application to do pull similar data starting today, you would definitely be able to, but not as the same historical breadth. Techincally, its all feasible with some limitations. Misotrendy was built using Google Apps Engine with a Python backend. There are limitations for the DB and backend processing because you cannot use Ruby on Rails with this setup. klint finley How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Related Posts 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoidlast_img read more

Tompkins Park claims final title

first_imgThe 2009 Be Active Junior State Championships have drawn to a close at Lightning Park in Noranda, with Tompkins Park claiming the final title of the weekend – winning the 18s’ Boys Grand Final against Peel Districts.In what was the tournaments premier division, Tompkins Park came into the final on top of the 18s Boys ladder, with Peel Districts close behind and just edging Goldfields and Brothers out of the final. It was a tight tussle early on as Tompkins took a 3-1 advantage to the half time break. But in the second half they took control and ran out 7-2 winners.12 months is a long time in Touch Football with Tompkins Park and Peel Districts finishing last and second last in the same competition in 2008. In the 18’s Girls division, Fremantle took control early in the final against Southern, eventually taking the title 12-2.New affiliate Brighton have won their first ever State Championship, with victory in the 12’s Mixed division. Having started their competition in October and a successful junior program, the club enjoyed on-field success at Lightning Park, winning the 12s title 7-2 against Fremantle.Full results:18’s BoysTompkins Park (7) def. Peel Districts (2)MVP – Eric Pahura (Tompkins Park)Referees – Justin Parsons, Damien Capp, Ben Morton18’s GirlsFremantle (12) def. Southern Districts (2)MVP – Samantha Mitchell (Fremantle)Referees – Kelly Eggers, Will Trego, Peter Burke15’s MixedFremantle (7) def. Perth Brothers (3)Male MVP – Jarrod Toon-Poynton (Fremantle)Female MVP – Cheyenne Kereopa (Perth Brothers)Referees – Joe Jeffries, Brendan Antrobus, Kate Steinitz15’s BoysNorthern Districts (7) def. Tompkins Park (2)MVP – Jeremy Wallace (Northern)Referees – Russell McIntyre, Darren Walters, Tracey12’s MixedBrighton (7) def. Fremantle (2)Male MVP – Jayden Pohutuhutu (Brighton)Female MVP – Rheanna Quan (Fremantle)Referees – John Moore, Karon Aldon, Ross FrancisReferee of the Tournament – Will TregoFor full results visit the WA Junior State Championships website – read more


first_imgPlease find enclosed the draw for the Harvey Norman National Youth Championships, Harvey Norman National Schools Cup, Alliance Cup and Masters Trans Tasman. The events will be held at the Sunshine Coast Stadium Kawana, from Wednesday 13th September to Sunday 17th SeptemberClick the attachment below to view the draw:NYC HNNSC AC MTTTS Draw Keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and information via the TFA social media channels.Website:

Deepak Chopra To Explore Consciousness At 3Day Symposium

first_imgBest-selling author and world-renowned expert on mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, M.D., initiates a groundbreaking dialogue about the science of consciousness at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, from Friday, September 9 to Sunday, September 11, 2016.Presented by The Chopra Foundation, the event offers attendees the opportunity to come together and learn from some of the world’s greatest minds in quantum consciousness, neuroscience, cosmology, physics, psychology, and spirituality as they tackle life’s toughest questions to reveal a more complete truth of our existence.The award-winning Berklee Indian Ensemble will perform live at the event on Friday, September 9.Internationally recognized musician, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Michael Franti, will perform live at the event on Saturday, September 10.“We are in the midst of a major paradigm shift in science. Scientists are now proving what the ancient sages have known for thousands of years. So, how does consciousness conceive, govern, construct and become the physical universe? How does our understanding of consciousness enhance our collective capacity for physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial and ecological well-being?” said Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P., founder of The Chopra Foundation. “Our panel of world-class scientists and sages will examine these and other questions, with a shared interest in finding common ground between science and wisdom.”Presenters include: World-renowned expert in cosmology and applied mathematics, George Ellis, Ph.D. Founder of Artocene, pioneer of the contemporary arts, medicine and health movement, Iva Fattorini, M.D., M.Sc. Theoretical astrophysicist, Katherine Freese. New York Times best-selling author, filmmaker, and professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley Edward Frenkel. Anesthesiologist, professor and quantum consciousness expert Stuart Hameroff, M.D. Spirit-being, frequency addict, composer, artist, & DJ, Satya Hinduja. Award-winning science journalist and author, John Horgan. Psychologist and neuroscientist, Shamini Jain. Physicist and science writer, Menas C. Kafatos, Ph.D. Inventor of quantum neural computing and pioneering archaeoastronomer, Dr Subhash Kak. Artist, Jitish Kallat. World-renowned scientist and expert in metaphysics, Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D. Professor at UCSD and co-founder of the American Gut Project, Rob Knight. International corporate strategist, investment banker and public intellectual with a doctorate in brain research, Robert Kuhn, Ph.D. Actress, producer, director, activist and businesswoman, Eva Longoria. Serial entrepreneur and business leader in Fortune 100 companies, Poonacha Machaiah. Expert in exploration of spiritual realities using innovative scientific approaches, Dr. Barnaby Marsh. Chair and Distinguished Professor of Neurosciences and Florence Riford Chair for Alzheimer Disease Research at UC San Diego School of Medicine, William C. Mobley, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of physics and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Joel R, Primack, Ph.D. President of Berklee College of Music, cofounder of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, and an international relief agency manager, Roger H. Brown. Political activist, speaker, and supermodel, Cameron Russell. Master integrator of big data to construct predictive models of disease and wellness, Dr. Eric Schadt. Senior media executive, former ABC news journalist, and chief curator of Discovery Communications’ Curiosity Project, Richard Sergay. New York Times bestselling author and pioneer in the integrative field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Dr. Dan Siegel. Founder of Ashtanga Yoga New York, Eddie Stern. Professor of neurology and holder of the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Neurology at Harvard University, Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D. Model and founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles. Award-winning and internationally acclaimed soul chant musician, Chandrika Tandon. Professor of pathology and of medicine at the Beth Israel Medical Center of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Neil Theise, M.D. Spiritual leader, Reverend Mpho A. Tutu.For more information and to purchase tickets for the Sages & Scientists Symposium 2016 visit: read more