John Mayer Opens Tour In New Zealand With Special Tribute To Christchurch

first_imgJohn Mayer opened up his world tour in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday night with a special tribute to the people of Christchurch, New Zealand. The pop-star-gone-Dead & Company guitarist/vocalist welcomed up Bella Kalolo to sing the hymn “How Great Thou Art”, or “Whakaaria Mai in te Re”, along with a kapa haka group who performed in honor of the victims of last week’s mosque shootings.“Thank you for coming out under such heavy circumstances, it means a lot to me,” Mayer said to the audience.Following the beautiful tribute, John Mayer delivered two jam-packed sets of music. The first set featured Mayer’s full band performing nine originals, including three of the newer tunes: “In The Blood” and “Changing” from 2017’s The Search For Everything, and 2018 single, “New Light“. Then, Mayer stripped down for the solo acoustic portion of the evening, starting with the only cover of the night, “XO”. The Beyoncé cover was followed by “Daughters”, “Emoji of a Wave”, and “In Your Atmosphere” to close the set.The full band returned to the stage for another complete set of originals, including fan-favorites “Helpless”, “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”, and “Gravity”, as well as his newest single, “I Guess I Just Feel Like“. For the encore, John Mayer surprised fans with semi-rarity “The Heart of Life” from his 2006 album, Continuum, which had not been performed since summer of 2017. The Search For Everything‘s “Still Feel Like Your Man” closed the show.Watch the show-opening tribute below:[Video: Lee Fowler] John Mayer continues his world tour tonight in Brisbane, Australia. Head to his official website for a full list of tour dates.Setlist: John Mayer | Spark Arena | Auckland, New Zealand | 3/23/19How Great Thou Art (with Bella Kalolo singing Whakaaria Mai in te Reo, followed by haka)Full Band: Heartbreak Warfare, No Such Thing, Who Says, Waiting on the Day, Something Like Olivia, In The Blood, Changing, New Light, Queen of CaliforniaSolo Acoustic: XO, Daughters, Emoji of a Wave, In Your AtmosphereFull Band Set 2: Helpless, Paper Doll, Love on the Weekend, I Guess I Just Feel Like, Rosie, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, If I Ever Get Around to Living, GravityEncore: The Heart Of Life, Still Feel Like Your Manlast_img read more

Ghost Light Covers The Shins, Radiohead At Washington DC’s The Hamilton [Full-Show Audio]

first_imgGhost Light was back in action last night with a performance at The Hamilton in Washington, D.C.. The Saturday night performance marked the latest stop on their 2019 spring tour as they continue to promote the new tunes on their recent debut album. The performance on Saturday also marked just the fourth show back after the band was forced to postpone a small handful of dates after guitarist Tom Hamilton was sent to the E.R. from a back injury.Related: Ghost Light Announces Dead & Company After-Party In BoulderThe band’s first of two sets only included four songs, but the band made sure to get the most out of each tune, as none found a playing time shorter than 10-minutes. The show opened up with a 16-minute “Diamond Eyes” with guitarist Raina Mullen leading the way on vocals, and continued right into a cover of Derek and the Dominos‘ “Keep On Growing”. Hamilton then revisited his American Babies and Brothers Past songbooks for his new band’s rendition of “Winter War Games” and “State Police”, before wrapping the set by returning to “Diamond Eyes”.The second half of the show didn’t hear as many extended jams, but certainly made up for it with some stand-out alt-rock covers spread throughout the set. Hamilton got the band going with a steady group intro into another American Babies tune in “This Thing Ain’t Going Nowhere”. Next came another Glost Light original to start a five-song, eight-part segue beginning with “Best Kept Secret”. The music continued right into their cover of The Shins‘ “Simple Song”, to a Raina Mullen original in “Afraid”, then Ghost Lights’ “Don’t Come Apart Just Yet, My Dear”. The energy kept going as they briefly revisited “Simple Song” before continuing with reprises of “Don’t Come Apart Just Yet, My Dear”, “Best Kept Secret”, and finally back into “Don’t Come Apart Just Yet, My Dear” to close the set.The band would come back out to close the show with a cover of Radiohead‘s “Black Star” and a brief reprise of “Winter War Games”. Fans can listen to the player below to hear the full audio from Saturday’s show (sans encore).Ghost Light – The Hamilton – 5/18/2019[Audio: opsopcopolis]The band continues its 2019 campaign on Sunday with their appearance at Virginia’s Rooster Walk 11 Music & Arts Festival. From there, Ghost Light’s June tour schedule will see them making upcoming festival appearances at New York’s Disc Jam and Michigan’s Camp Greensky and Electric Forest festivalsFans should head to the band’s website for tickets and tour info.Setlist: Ghost Light | The Hamilton | Washington, D.C. | 5/18/2019Set One: Diamond Eyes > Keep On Growing (Derek and the Dominos cover), Winter War Games > State Police (Brothers Past cover) > Diamond EyesSet Two: This Thing Ain’t Going Nowhere (American Babies cover), Best Kept Secret > Simple Song (The Shins cover) > Afraid > Don’t Come Apart Just Yet, My Dear > Simple Song > Don’t Come Apart Just Yet, My Dear > Best Kept Secret > Don’t Come Apart Just Yet, My DearEncore: Black Star (Radiohead cover) > Winter War Gameslast_img read more

University determines construction of new parking garage not currently feasible

first_imgAfter “completing an extensive study,” the University Parking Committee decided the construction of a new parking garage is not viable at this time, executive vice president John Affleck-Graves said in an email to the Notre Dame community Wednesday afternoon.Notre Dame began assessing the possibility of a parking garage — most likely at the current site of Legends — in February and sent a survey to the community asking for feedback.Affleck-Graves said the results of this survey were used to determine whether a parking garage would be financially viable.“When I introduced the study to campus in February, I shared that since parking garages are much more expensive to build and maintain than surface parking, the University would seek to break even on the construction and operating costs of a parking garage, if it were to be constructed,” Affleck-Graves said in the email. “Many of you took the time to share your thoughts on how and when you would use the services of a parking garage if one were to be constructed, and your feedback informed the overall financial estimates.”The survey results determined the demand for a new parking garage would not meet the costs of construction and operation, Affleck-Graves said.“After completing an extensive study, we have determined that there is not sufficient demand to offset the associated costs of building a parking garage at the University at this time,” he said in the email. “If we believe that there may be sufficient interest in a parking garage in future years, we would be open to re-visiting the feasibility of constructing a parking garage at that time.”Affleck-Graves said the University will continue to take feedback regarding the parking garage possibility into consideration.“Finally, I would like to thank the Parking Committee, all of the students, faculty and staff who completed the survey and submitted comments, and all those who dedicated their time and expertise to studying the feasibility of a parking garage at the University,” he said in the email. “The thoughtful, detailed comments and survey responses will continue to guide the University as we continue to explore parking options.”Tags: John Affleck-Graves, Legends, parking garage, university parking committeelast_img read more

Accommodating Gardens

first_imgGardens, like gardeners, age and change with time. Unfortunately, the gardener’s ability to perform maintenance and the garden’s demand for it often greatly diverge. Many of the gardeners I meet in my job as a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent face challenges keeping things up as they grow older. Many eventually move to a different residence so that they have a smaller area to maintain, leaving behind years of hard work and memories.Gardening is a beneficial activity, especially for seniors. It’s also an enjoyable form of exercise that helps maintain and build strength and mobility. Recent scientific studies show that even low to moderate levels of gardening help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.Consider these adjustments to gardening to make it more manageable as the gardener ages.Stretching before and after gardening can help keep a gardener’s best tool — the body — in working order. After stretching, begin the day with the more physically demanding tasks. Proper posture while bending; lifting with the legs, not with the back; and carrying materials close to the body will decrease the risk of injury. A physician may be able to recommend knee, wrist or elbow braces for troublesome joints.Adding regular breaks or breaking up more strenuous tasks with lighter ones can keep fatigue and cramps away. I like to make lists of gardening tasks each weekend. I find this helps me stay on task and avoid wasted effort. I get satisfaction when I check things off my list, which keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by everything that seems to need attention. The right tool for the job can make a noticeable difference in your body and your plants. Make a habit of regularly sharpening pruners and shovels to keep them in top working condition. Sharp pruners are less likely to leave uneven cuts, bruises and tears on plants, which will decrease stress and possible infection.Make sure to match the size of the tool to the job, but most importantly, to your body. I have a construction-style shovel with a heavy steel handle that I am certain could withstand being run over by a dump truck. It is a great tool for breaking through the heavy clay, but it’s not what I use for lighter, repetitive work, like turning compost or spreading wood chips. A number of tool companies sell ergonomic tools that are designed to work with our bodies and joints in mind. Many tool companies also make tools with longer handles.Adaptations to existing tools can reduce the amount of strain on your body. Wrists are strongest and under the least amount of strain when they’re in the neutral position, or in line with the forearm with the thumb up. To maintain this position while gardening, add after-market, pistol-grip handles to your hand tools. D-shaped handles can be added to the midpoint of tool handles, like shovels and forks, to make them easier to use. Rubber grips or pipe insulation can be added to handles to make them easier to grip.The design of a garden or landscape can be improved to increase access and reduce maintenance demands for older gardeners. Wide paths with firm foundations will improve access and reduce potential tripping hazards.Plant annual flowers and vegetables in containers near the home or use raised garden beds, which are great for all ages, especially aging gardeners who still crave homegrown veggies. Recommended heights for raised beds range from 24 to 30 inches, depending on the gardener’s physical ability.Proper plant selection can also make the aging process easier for gardeners. Perennials, while much easier to care for than annuals, require a fair amount of seasonal upkeep. Consider replacing them with a flowering shrub, evergreens or ornamental grasses for ease of maintenance. When a replacement option is not obvious, it may be better to simply remove some plants. I have seen many gardens that spill over with plant material. Negative space will make maintenance easier and highlight the remaining plants.last_img read more

5 reasons risk management people are brilliant

first_img continue reading » by: Anthony Demangone Yesterday, I spoke with nearly 200 risk management people attending NAFCU’s Regulatory Compliance School.I use the term “risk management” to include internal auditors, compliance professionals, and those with “risk management” in their title. All of them spot risk at your credit union and help tap it down.I simply love risk management peeps, and I’ll tell you why.Devotion. As a group, these guys are extremely dedicated to their job, their credit union, and their industry. Our compliance school is not easy. It is a series of long days and tough tests. But every year, tons of people roll in to improve themselves. I once had a speaker who usually talks to bankers address risk management peeps at our Compliance Seminar.  He emailed me afterwards, wondering if I had played a joke on him. He said he had never seen a group of people more into learning at a conference. After each break, they asked pointed questions. He said they simply cared about their jobs and about learning. I said, welcome to the world of credit union risk management. center_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

The Latest on Kids’ Antibodies

first_imgA study published Thursday found that children infected with the coronavirus produce fewer and weaker antibodies than adults.Although that finding sounds scary, it actually may help answer longstanding questions about why children have a different experience with the virus than adults.- Advertisement –last_img

Disturbing video shows El Paso inmates paid $2 an hour moving bodies of COVID-19 victims

first_imgWhen Abbott, however, had an opportunity to act preventatively, he passed, apparently focusing on campaigning for Trump instead if his Twitter account is any indication. Judge Samaniego issued an order to shut down nonessential businesses Oct. 29 through Dec. 1, but local business owners and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blocked that effort on appeal, The Texas Tribune reported. Businesses can instead remain open with 50% capacity. Bars must remain closed, but restaurants can offer dine-in services up until 9 PM, the newspaper reported.    Meanwhile, the state is reporting more than 1 million coronavirus cases and 19,559 deaths. That’s more cases than any other state, The New York Times reported last week. Video KFOX obtained shows El Paso County inmates wearing gowns, masks, and gloves as they loaded the bodies of COVID-19 victims onto mobile morgues. “I cry for El Paso,” Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist and health economist, tweeted Saturday.xWARNING: Potentially disturbing.KFOX has obtained video of El Paso County inmates loading the bodies of coronavirus patients onto mobile morgues at the medical examiner’s office.The inmates appear to be wearing PPE including masks, gowns and gloves.— Keenan Willard (@KeenanKFOX_CBS) November 14, 2020- Advertisement – While Americans are dying, President Donald Trump—who took to Twitter to brag about election wins in the state of Texas—is again patting himself on the back, this time for a coronavirus vaccine that by early trials is 94.5% effective. And far be it from Trump to exercise one morsel of humility or empathy for the victims who died long before the promise of the vaccine. The president tweeted Monday: “Another Vaccine just announced. This time by Moderna, 95% effective. For those great ‘historians’, please remember that these great discoveries, which will end the China Plague, all took place on my watch!”Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is falling right in line with the president and also offering up his congratulations. “The Moderna Vaccine announced today was found to be highly effective at preventing Covid,” he tweeted Monday. “President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is yielding phenomenal results that will save millions of lives. This adds to the drug therapies we are distributing today.”- Advertisement – RELATED: El Paso triples mobile morgues as COVID-19 surges, Texas governor sues to reopen El PasoThe Georgia runoff is Jan. 5. Request an absentee ballot by Nov. 18. Early in-person voting starts Dec. 14. And REGISTER TO VOTE here by Dec. 7.And give $3 right now to rip the Senate majority from Mitch McConnell’s cold dead hands.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Buyers are choosing apartments over house on the Gold Coast

first_imgMore from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa17 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoALLEGRA at Southport.“About 60 per cent of sales we made in the first quarter were apartments and townhomes, and there was quite a bit of activity at the top end of the market, which shows demand for this style of property is strong across the board,” Mr Taylor said.“We sold an apartment in Como Crescent in Southport for $3.22 million and, at the other end of the spectrum, five apartments in Labrador sold to a single investor for $140,000 each.“While house prices fluctuated in 2017, apartment prices remained stable and that has played a role in the continued demand for this type of property.”LJ Hooker Surfers Paradise also noticed the trend, particularly among local and interstate buyers investing in apartments in the $350,000 to $600,000 price range.Agency principal Anna Tooma said anyone interested in listing an apartment is in a good position. The Beach Apartments at Broadbeach.“The Gold Coast and more particularly the 4217 postcode area is very popular with local and interstate investors because they get great value for their investment dollar,” she said.“The Gold Coast can afford to embrace this surge in residential investment because of the direct and indirect benefits including job creation, boosting the economy and tourism plus community development.”Residential sales director Sam Mansy said those investing in central areas including Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Broadbeach would also capitalise on the development, lifestyle and the tourism markets. Research shows more apartments and townhouses are being sold on the Gold Coast than houses.MORE homeowners are choosing to buy apartments over houses on the Gold Coast, new research reveals.Data from the Queensland Statistician’s Office shows 8511 apartments and townhouses were sold in the March, June and September quarters last year compared to 6412 houses.During that period, the average price for a house ranged between $638,000 and $650,000 while apartments had an average sale price of $425,000 to $427,[email protected] director JJ Taylor said the company sold $46.9 million in property on the Gold Coast during the first quarter of this year – $26 million of which was apartment and townhouse sales.last_img read more

Contingent charging ban renews calls for scheme, sponsor DB advice role

first_imgChristopher Woolard, interim chief executive officer of the FCA, said: “The proportion of customers who have been advised to transfer out of their DB pension is unacceptably high. “While much of the advice we looked at was suitable, we are still finding too many cases in which transfers were not in the customer’s best interests. […] The steps we are announcing today will drive up standards.”Mike Smedley, partner at Isio, said a ban on contingent charging eliminated one of the major risks that could lead to poor advice, but that “there is a risk of over-regulation”.“The missing piece of the jigsaw is the quality of advice provided to stay in a DB scheme, and how many people miss out on a transfer by not taking advice at all,” he said.“We hope the new abridged advice process can fill the gap, but there’s a major challenge in making the regulation proportionate so that it becomes cost-effective and accessible for all.”Trustees, sponsors as advice facilitatorsReaffirming comments previously made by Barnett Waddingham, partner Simon Taylor drew attention to the role of DB trustees and sponsors in an environment of fewer regulated advisers and anticipated increased interest in transfers from scheme members in light of the economic fallout of COVID-19.“Since it will be harder for members to find a trusted adviser themselves, scheme sponsors and trustees need to be thinking seriously about putting a support framework in place for members wanting to investigate transferring, ensuring they’re offered independent and trusted advice which supports their short and long-term financial needs,” he said.“As we go through, and come out of, the current climate this is likely to be more valuable than ever to members.”At Hymans Robertson, partner Ryan Markham made a similar point.“We remain strong advocates of trustees and sponsors facilitating quality financial advice for their members,” he said. “A ban on contingent charging in conjunction with an increase in demand from individuals makes the business case here even more compelling.”The Pensions & Lifetime Savings Association has consistently called for a ban on contingent charging and master trusts policy lead Craig Rimmer today said: “With savers vulnerable to making hasty financial decisions during the uncertainty arising from the pandemic, our disappointment is that the ban is not happening even sooner.“It would be better to raise the quality bar for pension transfer advice now rather than wait until 1 October,” he said.Hymans Robertson’s Markham said it was positive the FCA had delayed the ban taking effect until then.The PLSA’s Rimmer welcomed the FCA stating that a workplace pension should be considered first as a destination for any pension transfer.“With generally lower charges and default investment strategies suitable for the majority of people they provide a straight-forward and affordable path for advised savers,” he said.Steve Webb, former pensions minister and now partner at consultancy LCP, gave a damning assessing of the state of play concerning DB transfer advice in a reaction to the FCA’s announcement.“Successful regulation would have left members with a wide choice of quality independent advisers,” he said. “Instead, poor conduct by some advisers and poor regulation means that the DB transfer advice market is simply not working.”FCA-TPR talk ‘plain English’ to DB saversThe FCA’s pension transfer advice announcement coincided with it and The Pensions Regulator today revealing a “plain English factsheet” for DB savers, including to remind them that transferring into anoher type of arrangement was unlikely to be in their long-term interests. Charles Counsell, chief executive officer of TPR, said: “Leaving a DB pension is one of the most significant financial decisions savers can make and so our joint factsheet is a really important tool to alert them to what they may lose if they take this step.”It also explains the key things to consider before seeking advice on a DB transfer.”To read the digital edition of IPE’s latest magazine click here. A ban on contingent charging on advice in the defined benefit (DB) transfer market announced by the UK regulator this morning underscores the need for pension schemes and sponsors to help members access advice, consultants have said.The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) this morning said that to reduce conflicts of interest it was banning, “except in certain limited circumstances”, financial advisors from charging contingent fees when advising DB scheme members on transfers out of their final salary arrangements.Under the contingent charging model advisors only get paid if the transfer goes ahead.The ban on contingent charging is part of a package of measures, including to require firms to consider an available workplace pension scheme as a receiving scheme for a transfer, and to enable firms to give “abridged advice”.last_img read more

Video: Messi pulls off genius assist from free-kick against Celta Vigo

first_imgJust watched Messi’s assist to Suarez on that freekick that was trying to stop him from getting a goal, he still found a way!! WHAT A CHEATCODE MAN FOOTBALL IS TOO EASY FOR HIM #CeltaBarca— Walid (@WMK39_) June 27, 2020 However, the 33-year-old Argentine superstar fooled the opposition players by curling in a cross to Suarez, who slammed his headed effort past Ruben Blanco. Lionel Messi caught Celta Vigo players by complete surprise after delivering a sensational assist to Luis Suarez from a free-kick. That was some cheeky assist by Messi and thankgod suarez finished that.— Sal (@fcb_sal) June 27, 2020 Barcelona travelled to the Municipal de Balaidos on Saturday for their La Liga clash and the Spanish side took the lead early in the first half. And Messi stepped over the ball from about 22 yards out as Celta Vigo stationed two of their players on the line to deny the Barcelona captain. Read Also: La Liga: Barca now relying on Real Madrid dropping points – Suarez Fans wasted no time in flocking to Twitter and praising the six-time Ballon d’Or winner for pulling off a magnificent assist for Barcelona’s opener. Barcelona, who are locked in a heated title race with fierce rivals Real Madrid, lead 1-0 going into half-time. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading…last_img read more